The big guns are trained at Lim Chong Yah

The big guns have been rolled out and lined up with their cross hairs on Lim Chong Yah. This is the first time that a biggie from the establishment is standing in front of the firing squad. Ngiam Tong Dow did his fair share of criticism and seemed to get away with it. In Lim Chong Yah’s case, looks like he is going to be burnt on the stake.

Given his credential as a renowned economics professor, his past appointments and contributions as Chairman of the NWC, and his connections, it is intriguing to see where the attacks are coming from. Would it turn into a free for all whereby anyone from the winning camp will start to take potshots at the professor? And if that happens, what is the story behind it?

Has the good professor fallen out of grace, going to fall out of grace, or is his shock therapy shocking people out of their comfort zones? This is an interesting development to watch. It will reveal a lot of unspoken truths as the plots thicken. It could also be another watershed, with more thinkers changing side and more stepping forward to call a spade a spade. And the final moment will come when the people realize that the mandate of heaven has been withdrawn and a regime change is on the way. By then the cards will all be opened and a new alignment of forces will take place as has been the case in history.


Anonymous said...

LKY money has stopped a lot of people from speaking up all the failed policies.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to Hougang?

Anonymous said...

Suddenly all MIWs are expert enough to give the renowned economics professor a write off [no wonder they're all talented]

Veritas said...

Maybe this saga has a more personal dimension. Rumours abounded that his daughter was dumped by Lee Hsien Yang. (May be the couple has patch up now)

In my opinion, many elites are starting to jump ship. First, they have a more sensitive feel of the grassroot tone than LKY or LHL who surrounded themselves by ball carriers.

Second, while PAP's policy has enrich the elites tremendously, some elites may still harbour unhappiness about their share of spoils

The elites may has taken the flag banner speaking for people. In reality, its no difference than a internecine war.

The only way for happiness is to make people aware, to educate the people, about the class differences and rigged system.

When we have a critical mass of intelligent and well-inform citizen, then we will have a solution to all these problems.

jjgg said...

Aiya..very simple la..all who sold their souls to the devil also need to come to terms with themselves...there's only so much food n drinks u can have...

Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't need big guns lah.

This professor... What can I say? Probably is a nice guy, but as an academic: epic fail. Actually very embarrassing for the nation to have so called [insert your description of choice] as part of Singapore's so called 'brain trust'.

The guy is plain and simply WRONG, way out ofvthe ball

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Veritas said...

Yesterday, I came across a "Mad" person who hell bent on meritocracy. He told me I should screw his wife because my cock is bigger and last longer.

Then he told me he has starved all his sons to death and gave whatever he had to someone else son-- because of meritocracy.

I think he is really a fucking idiot.

jjgg said...

For years everybody toe the line..NWC gave recommendation to repress wage demands..all the Labour chiefs are in cahoots..civil service n GLCs grow bigger n fatter...peasants were in disarray?.then...started with OTC n it won't end with LCY...everybody wants their place in history n for sure....it's not a story which the Kingdom of Lee would have written....What the heck is happening!!!! Hehe

Padaly said...

Interesting indeed! Look at all the big guns! The way they responded is really pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Suddenly everybody is gonna get a pay raise of 50%. From cleaners, service staff, remisiers, self employed, hair dressers, taxi drivers , interns, chefs, assistant chefs, drivers etc. Business costs gonna jump. Your next cup of kopi and chicken rice will jump too. Never think of the solution ?

Veritas said...

JTC, HDB, Capitalland controls the rent. Before, PAP rig the rent price high with FT policy causing a de facto transfer of wealth from wages earners to landlord.

Now we can hike the salary, while ask these maggots GLC to reduce their rent-- in compensation. They are government controlled, so it can be done by fiat.

That will be more than enough to avoid inflation spiral.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you.

I was wondering if I was the only one in Singapore who is seeing the rising rentals as the root problem of;
a. across the board inflation
b. stifling innovation

And we all know who is the biggest asshole landlord in Singapore don't we?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fucker who revalued all the land as if they were prime land in the city so they can charge anything they want.

And they buat bodoh like they have nothing to do with the high inflation. And that joker kept pointing the finger at market forces.

Veritas said...

Today, all the elites blame inflation on the poor. These fat cats mentality is giving one cent of payrise to the poor will contributes to inflation, while the rich give themselves millions of wage hike.

Now, I got even a better way to control inflation. Inflation can be prevented by reducing the effects of too much monies chasing too few good. So while we increase the pay of the poor, effectively increasing the velocity of monies, we can compensate it by taxing the rich, and reduce their purchasing power. If we do it to the point where the amount of monies chasing goods remain constant, we would have no inflation at all.

Especially in the realms of property, the reduce of purchasing power of the rich lowers the price pressure of real estate, and the poor can have a reasonable abode.

Fuck the elites, every problem blame the poor, every social responsibility transfer to the poor.

In Singapore, the inflationary pressure by raising the elites income is being balanced by keeping many Singaporeans unemployed, and even more under-employed, and a greater amount of people salary depressed.

Anonymous said...

The Pro Alien Party are just a bunch of Pavlovian dogs trained to salivate at the sound of money and profit.
Woof. Woof.

Losing votes means they lose salary (money).
They can only understand and respond to this type of engagement with Sinkies.

So there really is no choice.
Die, die must vote Opposition.
Their ideology leaves no room for a meaningful discussion and compromise.

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