A bad hangover

The ongoing saga of the underage prostitute and the 80+ high flyers of our society is top news for the day. Every evening the chase was reported in prime time news with those charged being hounded down by camera crews in their pathetic pursuits. It looked like great fun, great event, better than playing computer games. Who decides that this is great news to be fully covered in all details, with photographs splashing everywhere? Are they the witches or wizards of modern times, fit for the burning stakes?

After a few days, this thing has become bad taste. Yes, it is not a good thing for everyone. The customers of the prostitute are to be blamed for their plight and indiscretion, and infidelity. Have they not paid enough a price for their wrongdoings? Their lives have been ruined for a statutory crime that is an unacceptable social norm. Many innocents have been hurt just as bad, their families and friends and their institutions. They will carry this stigma for the rest of their lives and will be adversely affected in many ways.

We will need to find more talents to replace them as they will be temporarily indisposed except for those who are their own bosses. Those who need employment will find the embarrassment following everywhere they go. And if we cannot find replacements for their vacant positions, we may need to import more foreign talents to do the jobs.

How much more do these men need to be punished for a controversial crime, or sin? Should we leave them to the courts and not to brutally stab them while they are down? Where is the Yellow Ribbon? Or is it too early to think of that? Or shall we hang their photos everywhere for all to see and get the thrill out of them? Who is more mean and sinister?


Anonymous said...

Fully agree, the media circus developing around this thing is being done in awful taste. Some of the photos outside the high court show media photographers literally doing handstands to shove their cameras into the faces of these ruined men. Once again instead of focusing on things that matter the national papers have chosen the easy path of milking a scandal for all its unedifying schadenfruede. I really pity the guys involved.

Anonymous said...

the pimp should be hung out to dry. he may be a good entrepreneur, the kind spore needs, but his product is offensive to me, a woman.

why isn't he being hounded and exposed?

Anonymous said...

All these news are promoting an ugly Singapore culture and distracting people from issues of national importance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:56,

This is an unpleasant thing and is difficult for the ladies to accept. Here there will be wives and daughters and it makes things even more unpalatable and unbearable.

The pimp will definitely be hung unless he has turned prosecution witness and the punishment could be watered down.

agongkia said...

What is so wrong with those men who are helping the women by paying for their services?
There is no necessity to avoid camera crews.
I know of people who are more influential that visited those women.
Hope to have a chance to give them tips on how to look for chicken without being notice.
I have sympathy on them.Good in study but not street wise.
Please give them a break.

Anonymous said...

The winners are the lawyers and media...$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

GDP up again!

Anonymous said...

All this media circus is part of the functioning of a transparent society.
You have to take the good with the bad.

Laws may have been broken.
The public has a right to know.

The big question is why focus on these men and one underaged girl?

Why not the Committee of Inquiry on our MRT breakdowns?

This is where a free press competing in a free market for the attention of the public would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story:

Extraordinary men should have extraordinary self control like LKY. Otherwise, be like agongkia who can wear a chicken head and proudly stroll in and out of chicken coop..

Anonymous said...

It would be unimaginable if an MP is involved.

Anonymous said...

If you want to argue about the technicality of the law, yes, it does seem unfair to the men who may have been misled. But unfortunately, some of these men involved are no ordinary men.

The wise has to decide whether to breach the "technicality of the law".

In this case,I think it was a wise decision to be "unfair".

Matilah_Singapura said...

Poor buggers. Let's face it, one of the blessings/ curses of being male and guidedby primal biological instincts can, and does get many of us men in trouble.

If you had a look at the "merchandise" in question, you'll understand. Babelicious - one of those neologisms.

Fine them $100 each and scold them before cutting them loose.

No one was harmed here. It's abundantly clear the young lass was fully aware and wilful of her (very acive, wet, dirty, delicious) part in this scandal.

Let those brudders go lah!

Anonymous said...

Brudders got small got big. You small, no ploblem...go and screw your modder your own business...but dun screw your mother teaching kids with your fly down lah

Anonymous said...

put it this way...if the 80 men were agongkia or matilah...probably the authorities will close an eye.

but if you have an MP among the 80 men...well...you conclude lah

the 79 brudders can kpkb...and blame that "MP" lor...HAHAAAAAA

Matilah_Singapura said...

But that's not how it happened. You are making up fiction!

Everyone involved knew what they were doing. But no one got harmed... until the kacau government invited themselves to the party, ruining everyone 's fun. Full consenting FUN!

The girl must also be scolded and fined $100. She has no worries for the rest of her life. She's got Super Pussy. She has a vagina so special that brings down captains of industry and community heavyweights.

With attributes like that, you can own the world :-)

Anonymous said...

the obsession here is not the pussy...is the big cocks lah..yours small...who cares...go go and screw your modder...lol

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'll never kena such a scandal. I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend money on rental of sperm repository. I jerk off for free lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah this anon fucker trying to tekan me.

Achtung said...

Somehow, if one dig deeper, our society and values seems to have deteriorate ever since the $ figure is attach to all things to be considered success or failure. This why the student deem that it is OK to sell her body in the first place.

Right from the PAP govt obsession with GDP figures(with the big $ sign)as equating to a job well done by them. We next have rich individuals, with some of them actually being pursued by the authorities of neighbouring country, able to park their money in S'pore with great big open arms and no question asked policy.

The whole ideal is that when one is rich, one is respected, irregardless how or through what means your wealth was accumulated. Look at how our leaders attempt to be on par with the foreign immigrant with their huge salaries and bonuses paid to themselves.

This teenage prostitute is but a tip of the iceberg with many young people not able to envision a bright happy future for themselves despite years of education under thier belt. This has also got to do with the PAP immigration polcy for foreigners. No?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Achtung, with her money, she must have lots of dignity, eating in the same restaurants and shopping in the same upmarket shops, flying same first class.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Everyone in jealous because their achievements cannot match up to the CELESTIAL POWER of a horny young girl with a rare, delicious vagina.

Ladies, give up hope now. Prepare yourself mentally. Your so-called "rational" man, provider and loving father... Is one day going to fall for Super Pusxy.

So spake I, Matilah, Oracle of the Parted Thighs

Matilah_Singapura said...

Moral of story: if you are average or below looking, you'd better study hard and achieve a high degree of aptitude and robust market demand for your MARKETABLE SKILL.

Anonymous said...

What talking you. Marketable also fiak la. To fiak or not to fiak is individual thing la. Got high level fiakers got low level fiakers. All kinds. Some like you, fiak own self...hehehe.

Victor and Vanquished said...

I don't think the girl should be portrayed with even an iota of victimisation.

Its not rape, its a willing economic exchange. She had to go through some level of self acknowledgement and had to know better whilst coming to terms with her decision.

If the situation were reversed, would a 17-yr old boy being paid to have trysts with 80 rich affluent women, be considered a victim?

Would we put 80 rich affluent women behind bars or fine them for having tysts with another willing minor like so?

Would the media spotlight incessantly be on them even though they claim they did not know the boy's age prior?

I like it when society is shellshocked now and then and then needs to take a hard look at things.

We cry foul when we see a report of an actual deed we disprove of yet we make not a sound when the essence of what we deem to be 'wrong' manifests in all its other forms.

Alfred Adler mentions:
It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. And i agree.

P/S: Dear Achtung, its regard/regardless, 'irregardless' is a flawed double negative many people use (including me at one time)

Anonymous said...

No matter, society will always have low regards for prostitution. It is a choice when there are no economic pressure to put your body on sale.

In Sin, our women are lucky.

Matilah_Singapura said...

But the men are luckier. Prostitution is LEGAL :-))

3 cheers for sanity!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, technology of the websites of the media enable them to assess which stories are sought after, which are the most emailed and they keep feeding stories on the subject. Net net, it is a 'commercial' decision, responding to market needs.

Unfortunately, the 'interest' reflects the bad/good aspects - I do not want to pass judgement.

Anonymous said...

This is a smoke screen so that other more important social issues like MRT COI, housing issues, etc become less of attention by the public. Even the 2 high ranking civil servants sex scandal has been silent though it has ben exposed much earlier. This is how msm being controlled to divert the public attention. Brilliant idea indeed. But, most in the public are blind by the smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

If these elites did not stand up for the Sinkies at GE 2011;
Why should they expect us Sinkies to stand up for them now?

A taste of their own medicine.
You die your business.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've been observing the action and content of Singapore oriented blogs and forums, and then comparing those opinions with my own assumptions, but most importantly, my own "real world, real time" experience out in the public spaces of the world's most UNIQUE island-republic.

i.e. Is what's written online consistent with the facts out in real word Singapore, or is online commentary bullshit or at best, hugely exaggerated? I am always skeptical about unsubstantiated online opinion. Therefore I'm swayed toward the 'bullshit' camp. Reason: no proof. Only wild-assed probably drug-induced SPECULATION.

I can say with a relative amount of certainty that The Hotel Isle -- despite UNPROVEN CLAIMS of conspiracy and infamy from some nebulous bogeyman called The Elites, the life at my favourite hangouts in HV -- wala2, Baden, Tango.. my life at least is sweet here in district 10.

What the fuck are these naysayers on about: you can achieve virtually anything here if you applied yourself. The playing field doesn't get any more LEVEL than this.

I've had to deal with some government business. All very efficient with the least amount of disruption to one's day. I did all my government business in one morning -- and that includes travel time between and waiting in queues. Where else in te world are you going to get efficiency like that? Nowhere, that's where.

If you are not making it here, that could be for many reasons -- some, like good old-fashioned bad luck, is simply beyond your control. However if you're not making it and COMPLAIN that some bogeyman, scape goat or gremlin is causing yourbepic failure, then you sir/ madam are a complete ASSHOLE and needs a nice spatter of shame and self-loathing to wake up your fucking ideas!

I look at the people after hours in places like Club St Ang Siang area... I woud say your typical English educated, well travelled, opinionated young Singaporean is the main clientele also in the Jalan Sultan area. Wah... Beautiful Singapore gals lah. I am a grand uncle. And my thoughts were probably "twisted", but I had many erections during every visit to any of these hip night hangouts.

Everyone I met and spoke with was happy. Quite genuinely happy. Most folks doing alright, some better, some not so good, but the spirit of optimism and positivity about the future is there. Most of the young people enjoy freedom and capitalism and are suspicious of too much government control.

So, wake up people. Fuck the government lah. It doesn't matter WHO wins an election: the GOVERNMENT always gets in!!

A very happy bo cheng hu to all you free infidels. From the establishments at Holland Village, Matilah bukkakes his unconditional love all over your tormented Singapore face!

Anonymous said...

The law in Singapore says that having sex with a girl below 16, paid or unpaid, is a crime, because 16 is the age of consent (aoc), she is still a minor. Having sex with a girl between 16 to 18 (underage) is a crime if it is paid, but is not a crime if it is not paid (concensual). The reason given is that the law is to protect the underage from sexual exploitation. Having sex betwen boys/men of any age is illegal because Singapore is against homosexuality.

In this case, obviously the girl, an underage, does it willingly to earn big bucks, so the men are guilty in the eyes of the law. But is it sexual exploitation when the exploitation is the other way around, the girl is exploiting her youth on the men. Ironically if the men had not paid if she is, say, a nympho, they would not be guilty because it is concensual.

Here then, is the law right? Are the men guilty? Who is the one being exploited? Is the girl so sweet and innocent? I leave you to form your own judgments. But I am not condoning the men's actions, because I think they are horny lechers with too much money to burn, and deserve what they are getting because they did it with their eyes open, when they should have been home doing their national duty to raise Singapore's total fertility rate, as what LKY has frequently exhorted. Maybe home cooking is not so "song". Stand up for Singapore. Majulah Singapura.

Victor and Vanquished said...

But thats a tad myopic of a conclusion to come to if you say that oh, as long as the watering holes have decently happy attractive people, governmental business is smooth, therefore as long as life does not superficially seem bad it is de facto good?

As long as there is no direct acute reason for failure or shortcoming, we should be happily lavish being obtuse because the system condones it? (really?)

There are times we can be happy, but we should not halt that part in us that wants to actualise good to others and seeks prudence of spirit and action.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the real intend is to protect minor though some need protection and thus the law. This particular underage prostitute, fully aware and responsible for her action, is just a means to clean up misbehavior of high profile people in the community and with one single stroke of the legal letters.

No point disputing over the letters of the law - in this case.

They already achieved their objective in shaming them.