Asean disarming the Number One Gangster

Asean has proven that dialogue and diplomacy are the way forward. Interference in other country’s internal affair through threats, sanctions, and regime change are not acceptable and will do more harm than good. Myanmar is a feather in the cap for Asean and the Way of Asean.

What has the Number One International Gangster achieved in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and those countries that it invaded? Nothing except bloodshed and destruction. And it is still gearing up to invade more countries with Iran and North Korea on the list, and with new troops being deployed in the Asia Pacific region.

What Asean has done in Myanmar is the best proof to the world that the way of the Gangster is not the way and unacceptable. Now, would the Gangster and all the small gangsters stop bullying the weaker countries and lift their sanctions on Myanmar?

What is surprising is for Asean to make a statement against the North Korean’s launch of its satellite. What has that got to do with Asean? Is not Asean trying to interfere in another country’s domestic affair, particularly a country that is so remote from Asean in all counts? Or is Asean’s arm been twisted that it has so say something or else? It is a pity that Asean has to cower under a foreign big power’s pressure to mess around with another country’s peaceful pursuit to send a satellite into space.

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