Accountability and conceitedness

I have written about how 44 men could change your lives or destroy them in an earlier post. In ancient history, countries or states were owned by kings and emperors who conveniently spread the myth that they were the sons of heavens and given the mandate to rule. Then, one man or one family ruled the country. We are slightly better off in having 44 men or women to rule us.

What the 44 men or women forgot is that their mandate is now from the people and for a term of 5 years, and subject to the people’s approval. What happened here is an unnatural development where the govt think that they really have the mandate of heaven for life. This allows them to think that they can do anything they want without having to consult the people. They know best and have the authority to rule the people.

The other myth is the myth of govt. Even the 44 men or women are a myth. The major decisions were not done by the govt or the 44 men or women. They are made by a few men or may be less. And these few individuals were conceited enough, with the arrogance of knowing it all, or with the mandate of heaven, to do as they please.

And they would tell the people in the face, we are in charge and we will be accountable and responsible for the decisions made. The question is who do they think they are? How accountable can they be and how responsible can they be? What accountability or responsibility if a bad decision is going to impact on several millions of lives and for generations to come. And some decisions may even lead to the downfall of a county? Can a few individuals shoulder such responsibility and accountability? What could they do? Make a public apology or cry over the TV?

Decisions like bringing in millions of foreigners and giving away citizenships freely should not be made by a few individuals or even a ruling govt. It must seek the consent of the people, the millions of people that share this country. Decisions to keep the people’s money in the CPF for whatever reasons cannot be made by a few individuals. It is not their money. Such decisions must have the consent of the owners of the money. Then the selling of properties to foreigners and driving up property prices to become more affordable?

There are many decisions that have very serious consequences on many people and should not be made by just a few individuals. The people own this country and must have a say, not a once in 5 years say, not signing a once in 5 year blank cheque.

Tharman has put in succinctly by saying that the govt is too much in the people’s face. ‘We took our incumbency too much for granted in the past and we were also too much in your face. The solution would be for the PAP to engage with the people “a lot more”, take nothing for granted and win Singaporeans over by giving them more say, he said.’

Hsien Loong has also spoke in the same vein yesterday. Is this going to be real, a real change? Or would it be another aspiration, another wayang? Would the govt seriously consult the people on major decisions that would affect country and people? The people will no longer keep quiet when their lives are seriously affected. The people want a big say in major policies affecting them, not the say or decision of a few arrogant men or women who think too highly of themselves.


Anonymous said...

What THEY say is all WAYANG.

Anonymous said...

agree with anon at 11.11.

agree with tharman too, who has also pointed out v recently: "We can't be a country of just office workers." he sees real increases in productivity coming from the blue collar boys. (and flats being bought by households earning $1,000 a month!!)

prob is the blue collar breed is disappearing becos so much emphasis has been placed on academic qualifications. there is no more pride in these skills. worse, if u don't have a degree, you cant move up in these lines. absurd.

in the past, you could, thru years of service and being good at your job. now, no matter how good u are, still stuck. where is the meritocracy? the word has such a narrow meaning now. pple's minds are so warped on this subject.

really, a major rethinking is needed. all these words n warnings n advice are useless. the pple who should be heeding them r those in the govt. and once they'r walking the talk, they can start on getting buy-in from the sheeples they govern. otherwise, we say one thing, they say all cannot. how? the govt needs to get its basics right.

meanwhile, i beg to differ on their consulting us. they do consult. but they also dun do anything we ask them to! so pointless to consult us. worse, the reasons they give for not doing so are so absurd and one dimensional. prime eg now is bukit brown. there's also the sim lim area. and tt's just in bldg and reconstruction. how about all the other areas?!