60 men and a minor, a call girl

"The men include a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of
a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, a primary school principal who is married with a child as well as a scholarship recipient." - The New Paper Report

It is a simple straight forward case of committing a crime under the law of the land, having sex with a minor. But it is not to be so as the luminaries involved could be like the sky opening up. The appointments said that these are senior men in high offices and many could be very well known or related to the very well known or to families of very well known.

Now there will be many red faces and embarrassing moments for many that are related in one way or another. It is going to be very tricky how to handle a situation like this. In Diary of a Singaporean Mind, the views were quite diverse. Some wanting the law to be applied whether it is one man, one unknown man, or so many important people. The law must be fair and square. No one is above the law. Some were more compassionate and understanding and the fear the consequences on the lives of these dignitaries.

I am not any wiser either. There is the consideration of a law for everyone, king and commoners. There is the compassion and the also the sympathy for the violators. Some may not think so.

The human nature, the urge and the lust for the opposite sex, or just for the thrills of having sex, can be a very strong pull for men to err on the wrong side of the law. To err is human. What is surprising is that these are very senior and serious people. Is it the fault of human nature, or is it the failings of an individual, a character flaw, or something that is so irresistible that they are helpless and willingly committed such an act? Would these people be able to think rationally that the obsession is irreprehensible that they should pull themselves away from it?

Looking at drug addictions, the obsessive urge of paedophiles, the temptations seem irresistible. The psychiatrists could interpret these as abnormal behavior, a flaw in the personality, a mental disorder. 60 men are going to face the music one way or another. Given the seniority of their appointments, not thinking, unthinking or a moment of folly is not going to win any grounds. It is going to be real tough on every one of them.

I am not passing any judgement as I am no god or immortals. I am just an ordinary man that could also fall victim to all kinds of temptation as well. When this case goes to court, it is going to bring down the roof. The jaws will drop.


Anonymous said...

I won't be interested in the news. Anybody can break the law, whether he is somebody senior, lowly, rich or poor. For everybody is human and will end as a human. I would rather spend my time on how to better myself and be rich.

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious matter.Many capable and high office people have already been implicated and many have resigned in shame. Why should we destroy so many men.Destroy so many careers.Destroy so many families and relationships. Simply because the call of Nature and the urge was too over-whelming.They did not really commit a "crime".They did not know the girl was under-aged.They were lured into the trap by their own urges which are inherent in all of us. We should prosecute the pimp and the "minor" for she is no longer a "minor". Why destroy so many men in one swoop? We're killing our own people.Having sex is a natural thing.Was anybody harmed? Was anybody killed? Was anybody abused, exploited or cheated? Spare the men - they do no wrong.It's simply the call of mother nature and the men have channelled it to the appropriate place without harming anyone.Let the men go.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. But I have no sympathy for these 60 "high class" men.

Geylang is always there, 7 days a week.
They could have gone there like Matilah, whenever nature calls.

But no. They choose not to.

The pen may be mightier than the sword.
But the hole is mightier than any pen(is).

One Seventeen year old girl: 60
60 pillars of Singapore society: 0

Anonymous said...


A naked little girl and a naked little boy were trying to see what was the difference between a boy and a girl.

Little boy says "Ha!Ha! I have a penis and you have none."

Little girl retorts:
"With my one little pussy, I can have as many penis as I want."

Anonymous said...

If you take 60men x say avg 4 pax for the affected family members , 60 people will be looking to emigrate. SG just lost 60 voters..

Not to mention all those loansharking coolies being caught and sentenced...more to come..

The extermination is working and on plan..

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean 60 x 4 = 240 pax

Anonymous said...

240 pax.

But 60% of them voted PAP.
No big loss.

Anonymous said...

The girl involved must be shown so no singaporeans will be punish in future.Why is the court trying to hide this girl photo.She is a idiot who has give so much problem and ahe must be punished

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 600

That's right. Gey Land is but one taxi fare away. No need to break the law. No need to exploit children for sex. Gey Land is LEGAL under S'pore law. It serves the purpose for men to direct their natural biological urges in a relatively safe way.

One of the important things the govt of Singapore has done is to legalise prostitution.

Now they need to legalise drugs, and then same sex marriages.

Prohibition is the most harmful of all govt policies.

Anyway, back to this stinky scandalous situation:

Lady Justice is, and should remain BLIND. One law, OBJECTIVELY APPLIED to everyone -- equally -- regardless of social rank.

Paedophiles should be put in prison, labelled and identified, and not given any protective custody. They need to suffer. Horribly, and for a long time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I remember when I was a little kid and listening to the adults talking about their hunt for that priced little virgin. They spoke in glee, without any sense of wrongdoing or guilt.

They sounded like the hunters after the bear or the game fishermen after the marlin. It was all great fun and thrill. It was fair game.

But those men were the illiterate workers whose world view of life were quite basic. It is shocking that such perversion or obsession for the little girls could continue to exist in worldly wise, and highly literate men.

Anonymous said...

There is a price for everything.

To become a pillar of Singapore society, a 17 year old man has to study hard.
No time to date 17 year old girls and do the things that nature intended them to do.

20 years of hard work later, the now 37 year old "pillar of Singapore society" wants to make up for his lost youth.

But it's really too late.
No amount of money can buy you back the carefree youth.
Just ask any rich and powerful 80 year old man anywhere in the world.

60 well educated men seem to have come to that conclusion.
Carefree sex with a young girl seems to be worth the risk.

They should done all that when they were young.
Instead of being so anal retentive and joining the Young Party Against People.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think our law covers having sex with minors overseas as well. This is really punitive. The wrong in this case is a person's moral value and the offence under our law.

And cannot even sweep it under the carpet as too many people are involved. Pardoning one will mean pardoning all.

The lawyers are getting rich pleading for their clients. It is a really shitty thing to happen. No one die, no one got hurt, a willing buyer willing seller case, but now a few hundred people will be hurt either directly or through relationship.

Amnesty for all?

Anonymous said...

Tell that to those Ah Peks who have been charged and sentenced for having paid sex to an under 18 who under the pre-text of 'social visit', forged her passport to be above 18 and prostituted herself.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, this girl is not acting like a minor or a little girl.She is a full blown adult physically,mentally and sexually. You may be 16 but you are sexually 20 and above.Can the defence lawyers use this as a defence. I remember long time ago, there was a case of statutory rape and the good defence lawyer convinced the jury that the girl was not acting like a 16 years old! And the accused was acquitted! You know who was the lawyer?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The problem here is the Penal Code itself.

Age of consent in Singapore is a very reasonable 16 years old. However add the commercial sex aspect to it, then it becomes 18.

This makes NO SENSE at all, and is bound to cause problems - case in point, the lne we're discussing.

The PCode gets worse: it outlaws male-on-male teenage sex altogether. However female gay sex is ok.


agongkia said...

This is nothing unusual,Mr Bean.Unusual is that you think too highly of highly literate men.I have more stories.

I oso hope to get myself a minor one day ,not for sex but to play five stone and pokkimon cards with me.Dun know whether ok or not.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, not advisable. The little nymph may just scream, rape or molest and you jump into the yellow river also no use.

Anonymous said...

Man are man. Their reason for committing such shame is always the same. What if their woman do the same like them? Will they take the same excuse from the woman? They are crap, if they can't keep only to their wives, I suggest they hv themselves castrated to help themselves and the society at large.

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