Xi Jinping visited Muscatine

A little time down memory lane. That was what Xi Jinping did when he was in the US for a preparatory visit to meet the American leaders before his appointment as the new leader of China. His trip included a side trip to a little town called Muscatine in Iowa, in the heart of America. He was there 27 years ago as a young govt official to learn about farming, agriculture and pig rearing from the Americans.

China started to open up 30 years ago and one of the most important countries to learn from was America. They have sent armies of young technocrats and govt officials, students and businessmen to learn everything they could from the most advanced and prosperous country of the 20th Century.

Today, practically everything American is in China, technology, pop culture, fashion, the cowboy jeans, American businesses and factories are in China. In a way China is more American than the Americans could ever believe. The Chinese are also producing goods at ridiculously low prices to feed the Americans and reducing their cost of living. And there is no anti Americanism in China. The occasional flare ups were mostly provoked by the Americans but the reactions petered off quickly. The noise made was more of patriotism and pride of a rising China than xenophobia and anti America.

The visit of Xi Jinping to America was to bolster ties and seek avenues for more cooperation and mutual interests. It is a relationship that is of paramount importance for the two countries and for the world. If the two countries can maintain a cordial working relation, promote trade and economic growth, the world could see more pleasant times ahead.

On a personal level the warmth between Xi Jinping and his hosts was quite genuine. Joe Biden was a great host, and so were the people of Muscatine. Obama also stretched out his hands of friendship. Unfortunately such gestures of friendliness often proved shortlived and the Americans would return to their anti China rhetoric in no time. And provocations, insinuation, bickering, accusations etc would return to the American media. And the coming Presidential Election would present a convenient stage for more anti Chinese jingoism.

The kiss and kill relationship between the two countries will go on and on and is not expected to die down for years to come. There is great rivalry for influence and power despite the need to cooperate and prosper in many other fields. As long as the bickering can be contained with kiss and make up along the way, there is still hope that the rivalry will not break out into open conflict. The alternative is unimaginable.


Anonymous said...

you mean they are tolerating each other shit and hopefully some good shit will come out of it?

hope they are happy making good shit and not throw shit at each other later?

Anonymous said...

Politic is diplomacy and diplomacy is politic.

Anonymous said...

How to trust the White American politicians. They are full of venom and very anti Chinese.USA started with thirteen states in 1775 when its forbears Imperial England granted it independence. The rest of North America then consisted of self governing native American Indian states.USA then by plot and cunning instigated the native Indian Americans to fight against each other. When the native American states were greatly weakened USA then used the most brutal and most inhuman methods to suppress all of them and virtually killed and massacred eighty- five million natives or almost ninety -eight per cent of them. Eventually the White Americans of the thirteen states took over all the native lands .

Then from 1840s to 1870s the White Americans of USA as usual in its inherent trait of savage aggression lured a weak Mexico to war.Mexico was defeated and USA took by force about One Million and Six Hundred Thousand square miles of Mexican territories comprising Florida, Texas, Utah, Dakota, New Mexico and California.

USA war of aggression did not stop at Mexico. It went on a warpath to conquer the Kingdom states of Hawaii, Guam and other independent island states in the Pacific Ocean.

Since the 1930s USA has always rebuffed Communist China's extended hands of friendship. In fact since those years USA is always bent on destroying China. It collaborated with the Soviet Union ( Russia ) to start the Korean War with the motive of dragging China into that war and thereby hopefully to ultimately destroy China. It interfered in the Chinese Civil War by stationing the Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Strait and thereby preventing the unity of Taiwan with mainland China. USA and other Western countries have always tried to separate and divide China.

Therefore don't ever trust the White Americans. The only way to deal with USA is for China to build up the most dynamic economy and the most powerful military to deter US savage aggression.

Other Asian countries if they are not careful they will suffer similar fate of the Native Indian American states.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese cannot keep on blaming others when they not able to be united themselves. They got to have ethnic pride and cultural dignity. Unfortunately, many are easily converted.

Anonymous said...

Read the below:

denk said...

fukus hypocrisy knows no bound

Divali said...

[Photos: Chinese VP meets with old friends in U.S. ]


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Divali, thanks for the link.

On a people to people basis, there can be genuine friendship and bonds built. But when politics get into the way, even an old friend like Kevin Rudd could act like a gangster and a dangerous enemy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And Denk, Obama is behaving just like Rudd, and worst. He is just playing his role as a politician. Killing the muslims and shouting about human rights at the same time is perfectly logical. Muslims don't have human rights to talk about as far as the Americans are concerned. The Americans only see oil and control.