SPP’s renewal plan

Chiam See Tong said he is aggressively pushing for leadership renewal for his party. The departure of the 6 promising young men and women is a big set back to the Party. It is not reported that the party is aggressively trying to bring in people in their 20s into the CEC. Chiam is now 76 and still young if other politicians can still be active in the late 80s. So Chiam has another ten more years to bring up the youth in his party to fill his shoe.

What is a bit unfortunate is that at this point in time, there is hardly anyone to fill his big shoe and to take over the party leadership just in case. Chiam may have very high and demanding standards for whoever to succeed him. Such a person must be difficult to find for him to take so long and has to look at the twenty somethings. Maybe with Lina Chiam in charge, there is still plenty of time as she is only 62.

LKY also has a big shoe to fill. And being a giant in his own right, finding anyone to fill his shoe was a near impossibility. But he managed to find several to fill it. It is really no mean feat to find someone to fill LKY’s shoe.

I hope Chiam will be able to find someone quick to fill his shoe as well, no matter how big it is, or how difficult it is to find someone good enough. Filling political shoe is a very demanding task as the expectations are extremely high from the incumbent’s perspective. The emperors generally found it easier to have their own sons to fill them. The North Koreans are still doing it. In a democratic process, it is a bit touchy when sons are expected to fill the shoes of fathers, and of course, much easier to fit in.


Anonymous said...

Think out of the box and kill party politics. But then, clueless right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Chiam See Tong seems to have problem attracting talent with leadership quality for his party.
he could have problem having a talent or two from his own family to take charge of his party, to succeed him so to say.