Sinkies lack drive, are daft

Sinkies are daft and lack drive. Foreigners are hungry and willing to slog. Foreigners are better. These are the sweeping statements that were made by intelligent people in high offices. How real are they?

Sinkies put their children into nurseries at the young age of 3 and many studied till the age of 21, ie 18 years of formal education and spending several hundred thousands of dollars, only to become taxi drivers. That is definitely daft but not lacking drive. The nursery or kindergarten fees for the good ones which Sinkies are willing to queue overnight or involve in community work, cost a bomb. This is not drive?

And the children grew up fighting for places in the best schools to score straight As. Getting 6As and above is now quite normal. They got these grades without drive, like buying from the street vendors? Heard of private tuition from pre school? And they will continue to pursue their degrees in local and overseas universities. And they are found wanting, lacking in skill sets and experience, and are replaced by foreigners from the third world who spent lesser time in make shift huts called schools, half baked teachers and teaching system, and some probably bought their degrees from the streets. Many have questionable academic papers and work experience printed in their CVs. This is extremely daft but Sinkies got no drive?

And they worked so hard, always stayed late in the office, delayed getting married, and if married, delayed in child bearing, to concentrate in their careers only to see some foreigners walking in to be their bosses, in their own country. This not daft, but plain stupid driven.

And they saved for a life time only to see their money in monthly statements, without any right to touch them unless the authority says so. This is not daft, but silly. Their hard earned money and other people control and decide how to spend them. Yes, no drive to get it back.

And they are expected to live a life in one of the most expensive countries in the world with a couple of thousands of dollars a month as salary and think they have a life when people are complaining that anything less than $55k pm will affect the quality of their lives. And the Sinkies still think they have a damn good life, even the poor daft Sinkies are the envy of the world. Or at least that is what they were told. And the daft Sinkies believed. Yes daft indeed.

And because they lacked drive, they will have to work till they die, be it 70, 80 or 90 years old. And because they are so daft, they believe that this is the way to live their lives, to work and work and work, with money in their savings only to feel good but cannot spend. The 70 or 80 year old uncles and aunties working as cleaners in food courts lacked drive!

Sinkies are really daft, aren’t they? Got drive or not? This foolishness of branding Sinkies as daft and got no drive reflects badly on those bloopers who spoke without thinking. They are all parroting the words of god like blind believers. God is unquestionable. Bunch of unthinking idiots. No wonder they need to recruit foreigners to fill the top management positions. And with the million dollar salaries, they need to pay jokers earning less than ten per cent of what they are getting to solve their problems with kindergarten recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Supporting proof of LKY's belief that Sinkies are daft and got no drive;

1)Despite all the abuse, Sinkies keep voting for the Party Against People.

2)After 45 years, Sinkies still have no drive to create and support a strong 2nd political party that can replace the Party Against People ... when the Party Against People becomes senile and too greedy in their salary demands.

3)Even when LKY states in no uncertain terms that Sinkies are daft and lack drive ... 60% of Sinkies still don't get it.

Are we waiting for LKY to stand next to us in the polling booth to show us how to vote Opposition?

Simply daft. Deserve to be exploited by the elites and new immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Not only are Sinkies daft and no drive, according to this China University Professor, Sinkies also are inferior and sluts..watch at 6;05m


LKY can continue to bring in more such talents into Singapore and watch SG Inc turn from red dot to black spot. What are you going to do about it?

Got spine or not?

Anonymous said...

Jizzus Cuntry shall be your savior

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are driven by sleepy drivers to the spot where they are today.
Whilst the drivers were just sleepy, the passengers(Sinkies) slept all the way
even now have not fully wake up.

Blame who huh?

Anonymous said...

Go extended family gathering. Seems that those above 50s still support PAP and I have a heated exchange with them.

Some are jobless, all face terrible tension in workplace. They cannot see that their life have been mess up by LKY.

My auntie even say she will cry if LKY die.

These people are not only reactionary, they have no brains although they may have some education. But one thing I am sure, they are always concern about the value of their property. These generation of Singaporeans mostly have properties.

Their sons are screwed up big time by property inflation, but for them, their property value is supreme concern.

We need those displaced young singaporean to increase in number and those above 50s today to wither out enough, to have a meaningful change.

The inflexion point is within this decade.

Anonymous said...

They came out of a factory. Safe and one dimensional in functionality.

Boring creatures.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sometimes it is wise not to respond to obvious provocative statements clearlt hostile in their intent.

I always say "Living well is ths best revenge!!" :-*

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mati-lah.

Out-living your enemy is even better.

Anonymous said...

Death is the best equalizer.