Singapore needs a weather satellite

Several years ago when the heat was on haze coming from Indonesia, they recommended that they would need a satellite to keep track of all the fires in the huge archipelago. This sounded very reasonable given the size of the area to cover and the difficulty in locating the fire. It is normal for hundreds of fire to be burning without anyone knowing. With the satellite, they can pick them out on the computer screen easily, send a signal to Singapore or Malaysia and the two can parachute their fire fighters over the affected areas in no time.

We have an equally gigantic problem in flooding. Some ridiculed it by calling it ponding. But it is a very serious problem that necessitates ploughing millions or billions into it. A weather satellite seems to be useful to locate where the floodings are. If we have such a satellite, the flood prone areas or flood areas can be easily located. And when there is flooding, the affected people can be quickly informed and flood correcting measures be taken.

Such a satellite can also be used for many other purposes like tracking immigrants and population increases for the govt to build more supporting facilities for them. If we have such a satellite earlier, we would not have a housing shortage problem, we would not have hospital shortage problem, and we may not even have road congestion problem. It is still not too late to acquire a satellite to solve our problems. It is a good early warning indicator. It would tell us where the problem is going to come from.

We are a big country and we really need something in the sky, like the satellite to help us solve our big problems. Talking about the sky, maybe we should seriously consider acquiring an Air Force One for the Prime Minister to travel from the Istana to Parliament House, to Ang Mo Kio or Lim Chu Kang or whichever part of the island, by passing the traffic jams and ERPs. The PM could then be at any part of the island quickly and this will increase his productivity.

While we are talking about productivity, I remember the stylish and fanciful swimming suits wore by Olympic swimmers to shave a few mini seconds from their timing to beat the world records. The specialized suits are quite frictionless and will allow them to slice through the water at ease. I think the same principle can be applied to the flooding problem. The flood water is flowing too slowly through our drains and canals. If we can apply a frictionless material over them like the swimmer’s suits, the water will move faster and minimize flooding. They will get to the Marina Barrage at double quick time. But someone must open the flood gate to let the water out or it would make a flip turn and run back to where it came from just as fast.

If the walls of our canals can be smoothened, they can also be used by the skateboard enthusiasts to train and perfect their skateboarding skills when the water is low. No need to spend money on special skateboarding parks and equipments. Out smoothened canals will just be as good and saving on precious space too. Bukit Timah and Rochor Canal can be turned into tourist attractions like Shinjuku.

They say, win win solution man. So many wins. I am so excited this morning with my creative juices flowing unceasingly.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think Singapore has satellites if I'm not mistaken. Satellites are cheap now, so there no reason for not to have them and keep adding to the existing stock.

But S'pore govt very kayu -- it won't allow the people to have sat dishes. WTF? In any other "free" cuntree you can buy sat gear no questions asked.

Fuck the Singapore govt lah!

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, heh heh, I think your suggestion to acquire 'Air Force One' for use by PM (and for other ministers too?), if implemented,
would give them a good excuse for another round of demands for wage increases to compensate them for the increased mortality risk of traveling by air. And the potential productivity gain would be minute compared to cost of maintaining 'Air Force One', considering that the geographical size of Singapore is soooo big......., err, sorry I mean soooo small....!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are only interested in satellite dish for pornography.

We are concern if the money is put to go use. Sinkies no need satellites to tell them where it is flooding. They know where it is flooding.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean. You embarass us better Singaporeans.

I don't need sat dish for porn. In the free cuntry I live, my right to porn is protected constitutionally. It's available everywhere, 24-7.

If you had any idea of what youre talking about, you'd understand. Sadly you live in Singapore as an unfree agent of a self sabotaging culture.

Good luck with that ;)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The satellite dish may be more effective than all the perks to create more babies.

lim said...

Just put the money into bond that give your 3.5% return and your will will get 28 million out of prinicpla sum 750 million. Then every time it rains, ask the orchard landlords how much is the damage and lost of business and pay then 2 times more. I am sure 28 million can cover them all and plus only flood about 1 to 2 times a year very good chance of turning into a profit.

Red bean and many contributors and share the left over.

No eyes see, some more Dr Vivian is an eye doctor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Excellent idea. After all it is a fact that nothing much can be done and still want to throw so much money into it.

OPM is also money and must be accountable. Sekali spent all the money still got flood then how?

Sack the bugger also no use. It is a lot of money to play with.