Scholarship be given to anyone based on merit


No matter where a scholarship comes from, nationality should not factor into the decision of who receives it, says Member of Parliament (MP) for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng.
"Whether they are a GLC (government-linked company), the government or a private company, they all want good people to work for them," he told Yahoo! Singapore in an interview on Thursday.’

Would any country go around giving scholarship to anyone regardless of his nationality? Is this the road Singapore is taking, using taxpayer’s money to give scholarship to anyone from any country and not to its own citizens? Whose money, and who should decide how the money shall be spent, to the children of citizens or to the children of someone, somewhere far away, that have nothing to do with us?

How many of you think this is the way to go? To me, personally, is damn stupid. You don’t take the taxpayer’s money and throw it around the world. Is Singapore a charitable organisation, a church for the people of the world? Come one and all, we will pay for your education if you are talented. Our citizen’s children that are not talented do not deserve to be given scholarships.

We have thousands of students who are straight As and definitely deserving of scholarships unless their straight As are unworthy, useless or fake. That cannot be. Their straight As came from our world class education system. Now I have great doubts.

And they are not deserving but students from the far corners of the world are deserving. What talking cock!

Why are our thousands of straight A students undeserving of scholarships?


Anonymous said...

When we say "why not help the needy Singaporeans?"
We are told it is "plundering the reserves."

Well since we seem to want to throw money around now, I say let's give it to our Singapore boys & girls.

Better yet, let's vote in a pro-Singaporean political party.
A political party that respects the citizens of Singapore.

A political party that respects our National Pledge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the 60.1% who give to them their unconditional votes. Well done!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Like I have said several times before: just because you were expelled from your mother's chow chee bye -- which happened to be in Singapore territory at the time of "expulsion" -- doesn't give you any "special rights".

Singapore is a meritocracy. You want something, just make sure you are first good at what you do -- otherwise shut the fuck up and go and become good first.

Giving scholarships based on birth-right is no different from UMNO policies in Malaysia which give Bumiputras more rights than other Malaysians.

Awards based on merit and merit alone are the most fair.

...bunch of motherfucking entitlement mentality welfare queens!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, your Tourette disease affecting you lately huh.

Lately you have been speaking through your arse.

Every year we have a few thousand straight As students and only a few hundred scholarships were given. And we are giving so many scholarships from third world countries where we don't have a clue how their school and grading systems are.

We have plenty of deserving straight A students waiting for these scholarships. And they are the children of taxpayers. There is no death of academic talents among Sinkies. It is only some Sinkies that rather called foreigners talent and rubbishing our own talents as non talents.

Yes it is the right of Sinkies to demand that national resources be allocated to our own people instead of some rubbish from unknown backgrounds.

This is our right as citizens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW. So glad you take the time to respond to my "arse talk".

Why the fuck are you trying to convince me? I'm not convinced. I fully support the idea of SINGAPORE BEING A MERITOCRACY. I am a Singaporean, so FUCK YOU redbean -- I can also make my "opinion" known, and defend it.

By taking your position you are promoting the idea of a welfare state, that just because you are born on Singapore soil gives you "special rights" (as if you are handicapped) in the theatre of ACADEMIC COMPETITION.

Sorry lah. I fully support the MP. Thank fucking god that he at least HAS THE BALLS to come out and defend the free enterprise, meritocracy system.

I dare say he's a better Singaporean than you are.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow you speaking like some party. A few scholarship for our children instead of foreigners and we become welfare state. Ask a few dollars and you will claim we will bankrupt the country. Ask for the return of our CPF savings and the country will sink.

Goodness, your are reeking of stale alcohol.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, you commit 2, perhaps 3 logical fallacies:

1. Ad hominem

2. Impugn motives

3. Poison the well

... and by doing so you weaken your position.

You still have yet to prove WHY handing out scholarships based purely on MERIT is somehow "unfair"? (when in actuality it is the fairest method of all)

CPF was a con-job from the begining. It was designed to fail. Don't fucking blame me mate, I'm just the messenger. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Scholarship should be based on merit and be competed for by the children of citizens. We are the taxpayers.

To talk about merit across the whole wide world for our taxpayers money is ludicrous. Insanity!

You got your CPF so can laugh at us. Don't worry, the people will find a way to get their money back unless they are really daft.

Kaffein said...

This scholarship for foreign students sounds so ridiculous and moronic that I can hardly talk about it without wincing.

You see, the people who reaps from these scholarships are the countries whom these scholars come from. After the bond, the home country will ensure that these 'creme la crop' comes back home. Which countries in the world wants their scholars or top students to work and contribute to other countries? Maybe exception for Singapore.

It is basically using taxpayer's monies to freely give to other countries who will benefit from them.

Sometimes I wonder if my ministers really think about the implications and the effect of their policies.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kaffein, never see your post for a while.

I think many sinkies are pissing mad about this especially parents who have to cough up so much money for their children's education when the money was given to foreigners in such big numbers.

As a country's contribution to help other countries, a number of 30 or 40 students or even 100 could be acceptable. To go in the thousands and spending millions while our own people suffered for it will definitely make the people angry.

Santa Claus at the people's expense and interest.

Anonymous said...

It all voice down to sg Chinese fucking but not reproducing, and the papies found out that it is actually cheaper to import FT(Talent & Trash) than to produce to maintain the %%%, thus the current shit hole for all of us....

That's why I lost4ever since 911 and the papies open the immigration flood gate...

Veritas said...

Hi Redbean

I close my blog. Foreigners told me they are extremely painful and hurt looking at my blogs.

Singaporeans are being put into difficult positions by PAP. We are normally gentle and tolerant.

Foreigners need just to look across the causeway and see racism over there.

I may be back, if I cannot endure the choke of PAP. I hope you keep on fighting.


Anonymous said...

Whoever says that scholarship should be given to anyone regardless of nationality, then this person should pay for the scholarship.

If tax money is used to pay for scholarship, then this money should only be used for the benefit of CITIZENS only!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must learn fro M_S to make money from abroad and from Singaporeans and spend them anywhere.

He must have spent much here, his favourite hotel and contributed greatly to Sin. Other Singaporeans should be doing likewise.

Anonymous said...

Charity starts at home. For a start, give our deserving retirees back their CPF first then talk lah. PUI !!!

Anonymous said...

When our boys serve National Service;
that means Singapore is living on the welfare contribution of 2 years of our boys' life.

Our boys are subsidizing our Singapore with 2 years of their lives.

So what is so wrong about Singapore subsidizing our boys in return.

Who should make this decision?

The Members of Parliament make this decision with their votes.

So vote in more Opposition Members if you do not want your sons to sacrifice 2 years of their lives.
And get nothing in return when they apply for scholarships.

As a citizen, you are unlikely to get a fair deal from the Pro Alien Party.

Anonymous said...

MP Baey:
He said that a scholarship should be awarded based on meritocracy, and should not be allocated specifically to locals or foreigners.

If that is the case.
National service should also be based upon merit and not nationality.

If a foreign mercenary can perform the task of national service better than our local boys, than we should hire the foreign mercenaries to protect our assets.

(Actually I think the Gurkhas are already doing that)

Anonymous said...

MP Baey must be thinking Sg is larger than Oz.
But hor, Oz does not suka suka give scholarships leh. Obviously he did not seem to know wat he was talking.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Only in Singapore we treat FTs and foreigners with red carpet. That is another FIRST in the whole world. Remember the curry issue? We have not forgotten abt that.

Of late, I notice the PM is sort of “lame duck!” He doesn’t give one (certainly me) the impression of an decisive general in charge. He is shifting his stands and views too often. Not much of decisiveness. Procrastination esp Hougang by election issue, transport, immigration etc. His MPs one after another ie Baey is the latest one also seem to be losing focus and talking nonsense. No clear direction at all. This is very disturbing. Doesn’t bode well for us. Sigh … Where’s the talent despite being highest paid politicians in the entire civilized world?

Using your might to sue and threaten those innocent bloggers who express their own views as scare tactics will NEVER win you respect at all. Instead it will create more bitterness and hatred leading to more division and cynicism!

Don’t forget that the clock is ticking. By 2026, it may be too late if it carry on like this. The time bomb (figuratively), will surely explode!

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Off course scholarships must be based on merit. It shld be merit for our citizens! I'm NOT saying we don't give to foreigners. But NOT to such ridiculous extent like a Santa Clause! Why shld we? We can't even take card of our old citizens - they are bending their backs collecting dirty plates and cartons or rubbish! Our own ordinary students keep in paying more n more school fees. We can't even give our tertiary students subsidized fares. And here we have a govt throwing money to foreigners! They don't appreciate and turn around calling us "dogs!" Then we got an MP telling us to "reflect" on ourselves!

Hey WTF? Where in earth do we get idixxs in the govt? You tell me? You see for yourself. Go and sue us for speaking the truth!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, you must not give up your blog. Keep posting and keep going. Confucious said, whatever you are doing, do not stop. The moment you stop it is over. The blog or internet allows us to speak to the world. There will be people with you or against you. Between black and white there will be a very big range of grey.

Anon 7:22, you said it right and simple. Whoever wants to give scholarship to the whole world, please use your own money. The taxpayers money is not your grandfather's money.

The govt is accountable to the people, to serve the people, not to serve the interests of foreign talents. Instead of spending our money on our children, it is spending on other countries children. What good really comes out of it?

Gintai, our children have been shortchanged. I hope the govt will make an explanation on why so much money were spent on foreigners instead of our children and the real return to our country.

It is unacceptable to deprive our people, the oldies of more charity and our children from more scholarship.

The govt of the people, by the people and for the people.

Or is it the govt of the people, by the people, but for foreigners?

Matilah_Singapura said...

When you pay taxes, the government of the day can LEGALLY use that resource in anyway it deems fit.

FYI, education should not be in the realm of the government. All edu should be private.

when the govt gets involved in edu, this is the result -- 1 group "happy" andother group "unhappy".

So fuck you all. I totllay agree that giving away scholarship based on MERIT and MERIT ALONE to whoever may qualify is spectacular policy.

Don't agree? Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

If I understand MP Baey correctly;

If I want my children to have a better chance at getting a scholarship, I should vote Opposition.

If I want to give my children a better chance at getting into university, I should vote Opposition.

If I do not want university tuition fees to go up anymore, I should vote Opposition.

In that case, the choice is clear in GE 2016.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Anon 10:29
I'm definitely with you. I think many are with you. We are not alone! Yes, we will deal with it. The govt can do what it like and we are free to choose who we want. I won't choose a Santa Claus for sure.

Anonymous said...

No charity and handouts for citizens but for foreigners based on merit.

Anonymous said...

Bad cow and bad horses.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Alas! I decided to blog on this issue. Redbean is also on my blog. Pls take a look and comment if you want to. Thks.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Matilah...

Please wake up your farking ideas understand...

You keep crapping about welfare entitlement or all that crap...

Please open your farking eyes and ask yourself...isn't the PAP living off the people of Singapore...Aren't they themselves living on welfare...what about those pension schemes, super cheap medical benefits, body guards etc ... all paid by the people of Singapore...

So how...are you really that farking stupid or worst...really leetated by LKY and his cronies huh...

Fark you understand parasite! What leecritocracy shit you yapping about...

Crazy blind and ignorant farktard!

Fairplay said...

redbean, this CCB matilda, must be a parasitic PR who suffers from a serious brain disease called Fuckolosis, a perverted sick animal who gets withdrawal symptoms if he doesnt use the F word & enjoys being arse-fucked by equally perverted nincompoops.
To say matilda's character is rotten sewage is an insult to sewage! Serves no purpose responding to sewage.. just send shit-matilda to the sewage works.. at least fertilizer is useful!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Fairplay, welcome to the blog.

That is a fair comment. One of the bloggers discovered earlier that he had Tourette's Disease. So it is a compulsive behaviour.

Well, he gets what he deserves: )

Anonymous said...

If one foreign scholarship costs the gov $25k per year, how many Singaporeans benefitted from the same sum of money? 4 or 5 students since no housing allowance is needed?