Samfoo not allowed in church

This lady in her beautiful pink samfoo was shocked to be told that she would not be welcomed for Sunday mass at the Church of St Anthony in Woodlands. The church has some dress code like wearing of skirts that should not be more than 5cm above the knees. The samfoo is a proper Chinese pant suit that ended 5cm above her ankles.

Let me see what is so offensive about the samfoo. Maybe the warden mistakened 5cm above the knees as 5 cm above the ankles. Maybe the samfoo is offensive to some people. Maybe the samfoo is offensive to God. Maybe the colour pink is offensive.

I really dunno why the samfoo is offensive and not allowed in a church. From the picture of the lady in her samfoo, it was an expensive dress for the Chinese New Year which she must be very proud to be in.

If I am not mistaken, samfoo could be worn something even in formal occasions by the ladies. Hey, it is not the cheap black and white samfoo worn by the Ah Ma chehs of the past. Nowadays many rich ladies are flaunting with their beautiful designers samfoo to look graceful.

No other reason was given except that the samfoo was against the church’s dress code. Maybe the church has its own good reasons. But one thing, please do not insult the beautiful samfoo as it is a popular dress of the locals. If other kinds of dresses are allowed, what is so offensive or demeaning about a samfoo?


Anonymous said...

KNN, what if they ban sarong and sari how?

theonion said...

Frankly, too little information and unlikely due to pant length.

was the samfoo translucent, or slits upto thigh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A picture of the lady in her pink samfoo is in the mypaper today. Prim and proper. No slits, no transparency, very formal.

Anonymous said...

God wasn't offended with just a leaf.

Anonymous said...

Many of our mothers and grandmothers wore samfoo throughout their lives. This is very insulting. Women wearing samfoos are offending God or his caretakers?

Anonymous said...

Hey, the said lady will be very welcome to any temple.

Is there any mix-up between samfoo and cheongsam in this case. Samfoo are very simple attires wear by mainly housewives. It is Cheongsam that has slits and also usually tight fitting to show off curvatures.

Are Singaporeans familiar with Samfoo and Cheongsam? Most Singaporean Chinese do not get to see the samfoo nowadays! Most are used to shorts and jeans.

Anonymous said...

Conclusion: The ones who came up with the rule is from the 60% daft Sinkies? Not surprising...

theonion said...

This is a case of overzealousness by one young person.
who may or may not vote for the 40% in the 1st place(the young remember??.
noted, no issue prior week, only now.
so basically, guidelines became rules?
or maybe, since no interview with the young person, some sharp words?

Anonymous said...

Some people just can differentiate traditions from religious practices.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with God. Just someone make themselves higher than God .

Anonymous said...

I don't think they allow pussies in church.

No pets allowed.

Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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Anonymous said...

The people must demand to know the identity of the person issuing the order to ban samfoo from church. This is cultural discrimination.

If the person is a foreigner, send him/her packing. We don't need to be insulted by foreigners. And if a local, we also want to know what kind of shit he/she has inside his numbskull.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I guarantee everyone that I am MUCH MORE OFFENSIVE than a samfoo can ever be in a church.

A samfoo, properly worn casts the "attractive female bits" in a favourable light.

Me OTOH will make verbal reference to human genetalia, relating especially to jesus and his mum.

Does the pope give god blowjobs?

Anonymous said...

Matilah, the little cunt lasher

The said...

To the lady in samfoo - don't worry, that church won't let God in as well.

denk said...


denk said...

whats worst than an evil empire ?

an evil empire that's dripping bs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The govt should say something with regards to respecting difference culture and dressing style. No organisation should be allowed to show disrespect to other people's culture or dressing that are decent and proper.

Would someone be thinking of banning sari because it bears the middle part of the body? Sari is a respectable national dress of the Indian community and very well regarded in all parts of the world.

Basically, no one must be allowed to show disrespect to other people's accepted way of life under whatever excuses.