Programming minds without the victims knowing

If you are those who hate North Korea, Iran and any country the US hates, you may want to read the full article by Stephen Lendman in World Affairs column under the thread 'Wake up or sleep with the curse of the evil West/US forever in www.redbeanforum.com. Below are some extracts from his article on Weapons of Mass Deception.

Selling War: "You Furnish the Pictures, and I'll Furnish the War."

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, January 27, 2012

Throughout its history, America glorified wars in the name of peace. From inception, they're perpetuated against one or more domestic or foreign adversaries.
They include mass killing, assaults and abuse. Pacifism's called sissy or unpatriotic. Propaganda insists America's peace-loving. In fact, more than ever today, it's addicted to permanent war and violence....

In April 2007, Washington Post writer Tom Shales headlined, "A Media Role in Selling the War? No Question," saying:
"It's always depressing to learn that you've been had, but incalculably more so when the deception has resulted in thousands of Americans dying in the Iraq war effort" based on lies.
As in all wars, the more people rely on television for news, the less they know, and more susceptible they become to government and media propaganda.
In their book, "Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq," Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber showed how manipulative propaganda sold the public on war.
Combining PR and media deception, Operation: Iraqi Freedom was created. Deconstructing the process, they showed how top Bush officials planned war prior to his election, but waited until September 2002 for "product launch" to inform the public.
Using 'big lie" tactics, they associated Saddam with 9/11, forged documents to allege WMDs, and worked secretly to create the opposition Iraqi National Congress (INC). The PR Rendon Group coined the term. It got millions in funding and worked closely with CIA operatives. It became a driving force for war....

A Final Comment
Things remain the same. Deceptive reports manipulate the public mind on Syria and Iran. "There is no doubt that the mainstream media are crucial in this idea of selling that the US is going to be in a perpetual war."
They're key in making Americans believe military intervention is vital. Robert Parry said:

"I've worked at Newsweek as well (as AP) and other major US news organizations. And what I saw, especially at places like Newsweek, was this idea that the media was actually part of the establishment. It was that the American people were to be guided more than informed."

In fact, "political solutions" are alien to America's vocabulary. War profiteers demand jingoism. A century ago people were manipulated to accept war with Cuba. William Randolph Hearst hyped the big lie about Spain sinking the battleship Maine when, in fact, a coal bunker explosion did it.
Hearst, however, told his Havana illustrator: "You furnish the pictures, and I'll furnish the war." To this day, lies launch them. They're all based on lies to get people to go along with what wouldn't be possible otherwise.


denk said...


Matilah_Singapura said...

3 principles here:

1 You can't cheat an honest man --

i.e. if you get conned by your govt it is your fault and it serves you right for being such an asshole to begin with.

2 The People Get The Government they deserve

i.e. People in large groups tend to be stupid. Stupid people in large groups are downright lethal -- stay well-clear, move to another cuntry if possible, and only come back for short visits.

These idiots will incessantly complain about being ass-jammed by their govt. Thru the ecstasy and pain of their sustained, self-inflicted anal rape, they cannot see the fact that the government is a direct result, a reflection, a consequence, a spontaneous creation of who the people really are. Complaining and screaming for "transparency" is futile.

3 The neuroscience of the human brain.

It is quirky. The default settings are:

1. Belief (not knowing; faith is a way to trustworthy knowledge)
2. Pattern seeking (many phenomena appear to repeat therefore they have "meaning")
3. Agent seeking/detection (everything has a "cause")
4. What I see is "real" (ha ha ha)

1,2,3,4 are all WRONG, but clever con artists learn to use the very NATURE of the human brain, to get it to fool itself.

It is not really that difficult to delude a bunch of big-brained scared monkeys who are already for the most part walking around DELUDED.

so...I don;t see a problem with this. I certainly wouldn't call the people who get fooled "victims". By doing so you soften their lot.

The bloody fools deserved to get fooled lah. Had they been paying attention and done some training, it might have turned out differently.

BTW I've been saying for a long time how Asian governments love the US to play "globo-cop".

"You protect me, I allow you access to my cuntry, where you could move in your corporations and exploit my cheap, productive labour, repatriate the profits or buy my cuntry...and pay low tax...10 year tax holiday!"

Welcome, Uncle Sam, you big strong and handsome white daddy you...Me ruv yu rong taim, fucky sucky ok?

denk said...

hello chua

thought u might be interested

linh dinh is a viet yank, a swell writer n photographer, just like u :-)

in case u're wondering
in my previous post
i was laughing at this orwellian world..........
war is peace
black is white
might is right....

n...its not only white men who speak with forked tongue

Anonymous said...

It is good that Bush Jr started to drain down US reserve and build up national debt by starting Iraq war and afghanistan war. Decline of USA eventually brings more peaceful world in 21st century.

India, Philippines and Vietnam are daft to be used by the USA in 21st century for conflict in Asia with China.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of some 2 countries were kidnapped in another country. One country sent in a rescue work group comprising only diplomatic personnels. The other country sent in its army to rescue the victims. The 2 countries involved are USA and China.

Which country sent in the army and which sent in the diplomatic personnels to rescue their victims?

Which country actually threatens the world peace all the time? Judge for yourselves.

denk said...

*Which country actually threatens the world peace all the time? Judge for yourselves*

n that country happens to be the master of false flags n back ops
*Pick any ongoing conflict in the world and see if you do not see the secret hands of the fukusi busily at work fanning the flames. These flames are the legends *
[hint fukusi = us+uk+israel]

ever wonder why, while the *great satan* is bombing crazy all over the world, its china that get the *blowback*, its the chinese who're getting picked on by the *terrarists* in africa, me, asia ?

Anonymous said...

China got to know its' weakness. And if it does not, then blame not the enemy.
China has its' own history and culture that are longer than almost all other nations, YET it had fallen time and again to much smaller and younger nations. Why?

denk said...

*homs "massaacre" by syria forces
over 200 civilians dead, activists say, russia n china veto un resolution*

so screams today's headlines
those who never read alternate media, which means the 99%, would get this msg, viz, china n russia the two *rogue states*, are blocking *humanitarian intervention* by the samaritans, ie,. fukusi

war is peace
black is white
might is right

Anonymous said...

Watched the 3 Hour China Got Talents Programme in full.

Like to say; saw nothing Chinese in said programme except the Four young 'kungfu' pugilists that were not very sure footed and panting worse than leopards outran by their preys.

Only a young Mongolian Boy truly represented his native culture. The Rest were at best lost souls wandering in others' cultures.

Culturally, China is infiltrated and has lost its' soul. She has failed very badly in the most important and essential character of nationhood, the SPIRIT(identity) OF TRIBAL OWNERSHIP OF SPACE AND CULTURE. Eventually, the Chinese will give themselves away to foreign influences as the Talent Show had shown us.

The CHINESE WILL FAIL in keeping its' racial and cultural indentities much faster than it has ever happened, even when China was occupied by foreigners. It is no more able to 'fa yang guangda'(spread and glority) its' ancestry(native character) anymore even within CHINA ITSELF.

Losing ones' national cultural identity means the demise of a nation just like conversion means the abandonment and death of the original.

Just feel that globalization seems to have been embraced fastest by Chinese and China. Maybe Chinese do not need to have a China to be a Chinese anymore and Chinese need not be Chinese too. In fact, anything is fine for the Chinese from now on.

denk said...

*Just feel that globalization seems to have been embraced fastest by Chinese and China. Maybe Chinese do not need to have a China to be a Chinese anymore and Chinese need not be Chinese too. In fact, anything is fine for the Chinese from now on.*

may be this is already too late, the horse has already bolted

Anonymous said...

The samfoo is already banned in church.