Peking duck road to sure death

The Peking duck has to be fed and be bloated to look good on the table. The only way for that to happen is contant stuffing, regardless of how fat it has grown. Some may think that the duck could turn into a goose or maybe an elephant. There is no concern about overfeeding, about being too fat, obesity.

This idea seems to resonate in our growth policy. We need growth and growth and growth. And how to achieve this? Keep feeding it with more people to keep the growth numbers respectable. If we can’t produce more babies, we just have to import more foreign workers. This is the only sure win economic formula for growth. There is no other formula that works.
Never mind if our limited land and infrastructure are straining and breaking. Never mind if we can’t put more cars on the road. Never mind if we need more land to build more flats. Never mind if the cost of land and housing is escalating. Never mind if essential services are also straining and the competition for such services is driving up the prices.

We need growth. Nothing else matters. And GDP growth is the only way to go.

Why is there an obsession to growth? Why is there only one solution to our economic problems? No more ideas, no better ideas? Or is it that the banyan tree is just too thick and cutting out all the light beneath that nothing else will grow? What happens to thinking out of the box?

Innovation, creativity, productivity? Our million dollar talents cannot find better alternative solutions? Then pay for lower pay foreign experts and specialists for more recommendations may work.

Are we suffering from a dominant idea that is snuffing out all new ideas? Or there is really no one with a better idea that increasing our population for growth?

The reverse phenomenon to Peking duck is the SAF’s fight against obesity, thinking that obesity is bad and curbing the body growth is good. Leaner and thinner are good and healthier for a better and more productive life.


newhik said...

Its obvious the so called "talented " ministers had run out of ideas so very long ago. Look at their so called vision to carry Singapore forward, its just a rehash of what we have been doing all the while. Even though that path had not been successful, but as long as they can "justify" their enormous paycheck, they will continue to slide down the slippery path

Anonymous said...

Old man has to be seen of still being useful and whatever come out of his mouth no one will dare to oppose or can kiss goodbye to their million dollars pay .

Anonymous said...

Now we have "The government will take care of everyone."

Gary said...

The govt will take care of everyone? Those may be loaded words!

Go watch a Youtube movie entitled 'Soylent Green' (spelling?).

People who are no longer needed can choose to be converted into food for the rest of the population!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Gary, thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

The opposite of growth is stagnation or wither.
What do Singaporeans choose?

Anonymous said...

Really? Only those whose income are raised much higher than inflation are benefitting from growth.

The rest at just like dogs chasing its tail, going round and round in circles.