Losing a battle to win a war

There are many views on the merits or demerits of the dismissal of Yaw Shin Leong. Some argue that politically it is unwise to risk a hard fought seat in Hougang only to deliver it to the enemy on a platter. A better game is to hold on to the seat, keep it warm and safe till the next GE. This is just another way to play the game. It would also be an option that gives the ruling party the moral high ground, to question the moral standards of the WP and the quality of their MPs. It would be an Achilles heel to be rubbed at the pleasure of the ruling party.

The spread of comments and criticism in the main media and social media is raising the temperature. The WP will be put on the defensive from now on till the next GE and would be ridiculed all over and over again. And they would look very sheepish if they just remain reticent, and looking very helpless.

By dismissing Yaw now, it will take the sting from the attack. They will have a temporary set back of losing a hill but could possibly fight to win it back. What the WP is looking at is further down the road. It is positioning itself as a morally upright party with integrity and respect to challenge the ruling party on high moral grounds. They have won the first battle with Chen Show Mao proving that money is not in their mind. This is a big victory so far.

Holding on to Yaw would greatly compromise their carefully guarded position of high moral and high ethics. In fact they could use this strong position to challenge the ruling party to maintain the same level of moral righteousness which they know would be a tough act to follow. From a defensive position, the WP is now on the attack. And the ball is now back in the PAP’s court. Who is more morally correct? Who can stand tall with heads held high when personal conduct is in question?

The critique will be muted and frustrated that the target for taking pot shots has been removed and nothing to hit at anymore. And the WP’s camp could be lining up targets instead.

Hougang is just a battle, but there is a war to be won in 2016.


market2garden said...

Mode of Political Maneuvering and Tactics: From "WeiZheng", "Strange Proposal (not strange at all after Scrutiny)on Ministerial Salary" to "Yaw-Gate"
WP is to Weiqi / Go / Igo / Baduk
PAP is to Chinese Chess / International Chess

Anonymous said...

The cow is driving the screwdriver deeper to get into the cow dung. They know it is smelly.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story? You don't need concrete evidences to slaughter someone. However, you need solid proof to kick ass if the person is in denial.

Anonymous said...

Beauties and sex had been used, is now being used and will be used as a means to lure the enemies to destruction. Who knows if the females involved with Yaw Shin Leong might have been planted by desperate parties especially when some women have lose morals and are ready to be made used of for monetary returns. The ancient Chinese had observed that a hero will always find it difficult to overcome the barrier of beauties and sex. So it is no surprised that a weaker character will always succum to such scenario. Other parties should not think they have the high moral ground to take this opportunity to blacken the Workers Party. Workers Party leaders can hold their heads high for taking the painful but right decision to sack Yaw. One thing is for sure the people still have full trust and confidence in the Workers Party especially the constituents of Hougang and Aljunied.


market2garden said...

[Continue from the previous comment 4.15pm]
Of course the Yaw-Gate was not planned and expected. If not for social perception, WP could just leave it as it is. Unfortunately, WP had to face this crisis. By sacking Yaw, turning the crisis to good opportunity (serious about transparency and accountability), sacrifice a pawn to attain moral high ground.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> deliver it to the enemy on a platter <

This is not Fallujah or Iowa Jima lah. It is just another small "district"/ ward in a very small island.

"Enemy"? I consider all politicians my enemy. ;-)

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Excellent analysis ! Well said. It reminds me of - To attack rather than defend. Meaning to attack your enemy as s means of defending your position.

以攻为守 (yǐ gōng wéi shǒu)

The other side is now thrown in disarray. The ball is now in their court. All eyes are on the other side. It's their turn to blink! Lol!