Hougang opening up a big hole for all

Many people see Hougang as a great opportunity to get into Parliament. Tan Jee Say was quoted in the media as a potential candidate. There were also suggestions that Ong Ye Kung could be given a chance to find his place in Parliament. George Yeo was also mentioned as a come back kid.

The speculation is getting wilder. Most see it as a chance to sneak into Parliament. Can’t blame them, everyone who aspires to be an MP would not want to miss a by election or any election. It is like the line of hopefuls queuing up for the Toto tickets. What is there to lose as long as there is a wink of hope.

So, would Hougang be turned into a free for all show for opportunists, the die hards, the gamblers, the desperadoes, the party’s gambits or would sanity and strategic interests still the nerves of all the aspirants?

The most sensible statement to emerge so far is from the SDP. They are opting out to prevent a multi corner fight that will weaken the position of the opposition. Their stand is to keep Hougang away from the PAP. It is a very selfless and admirable decision that is good for the opposition parties. Would others bite and do the same? Would there be some cranks that will step forward to throw a spanner into the works?

Hougang is a carefully nurtured constituency of Low Thia Khiang and the WP. Would the opposition parties show some deference to him and the WP to avoid a fracas, a riot? Anyway, the people of Hougang are strongly behind the WP and Low and any attempt to mess it up will not only reflect very badly on the adventurer and worst, would even fall flat and shuffle out in the most ungraceful manner. Any opportunists attempting to enter the fray could do more damage to their own standing and reflected badly on themselves.

What about Desmond Choo? Does anyone care about the feelings of Desmond Choo for fighting so hard in the last election? Would he be dumped to make way for another bigger chip? Or would the PAP think the ground is sweet to put in a bigger chip into the contest?

There will be a by election in Hougang soon. With only a few months into a new term, not having a by election is deprivation of the Hougang people of an MP for almost a full term is intolerable and unacceptable. If Hsien Loong would to decide not to have a by election, it will only show that he has a weak hand of cards. It will show that the PAP is afraid to take on the WP. The PAP cannot afford to display weaknesses and would want to prove how confident it is to win back Hougang, and now the door is opened again.

When will be the by election?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

is Desmond Choo a relative of the infamous ex-MP Choo Wee Khiang who is trouble with the law? How come this ex-MP's character flaws was not detected by PAP n he was not sacked by PAP ?

Anonymous said...

Just bcos Choo Wee Khiang was convicted does not mean Desmond Choo must be tainted! Unless You're able to show evidence that Desmond himself has flaw.

Please be fair!

Anonymous said...

"They will have a temporary set back of losing a hill but could possibly fight to win it back".
yes, WP may lose a battle and ends up winning a war.
with its' small army, it will not be able to gain much territory, so it will be a long time for it to take over from the Present Regime. Shall i say reducing any stake of the Incumbent can be taken as victory by any Alternative Party.

Yes, a big hole now exists in Hougang and it is much easier for everyone to have fun there as there is nothing to lose. There will be no loser though there will be one winner. May the best give his/her best to the Hougang Residents.


Matilah_Singapura said...

In politics, in business and also in life...when opportunity presents itself, exploit it.

There'll always be some no-action, no talent motherfuckers on the sidelines making silly comments anyway.

However if you want something, go for it, and smash the competition.

Anonymous said...

Jee Say wants may want to run in Hougang. It will be the biggest mistake in his life. He will lose a lot of support from the people who thought he is worth supporting.

Any opposition or independent candidate running against the WP in Hougang will have his credibility stained.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

NSP is reported to want to stay out of the fray for opposition unity. This is the kind of politician and the kind of political party that Singapore needs.

If opposition parties are just opportunists and want to try their luck at every opportunity with no concern about the outcome, they don't deserve the support of the people.

Jee Say and any other politician must think very carefully in what they are saying. Many people who supported him and think highly of him during the PE may change their mind and write him off totally.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

"Yelp. Hope they don’t put George Yeo there. Let’s hope that PAP will not pick up the pieces. I loathe this will happen –
(yù bàng xiāng zhēng,yú wēng dé lì)
The fisherman will benefit at the end of the day!"

PM has to call for a by election. He can't deny HG the chance cuz the next GE is still far away.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean should go there and ga jiao.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, I can go there and provide free ang tau tng.

Anonymous said...

@Chua Chin Leng, I am not so sure that NSP is not going to involve itself in the fray at all. A friend of mine in the NSP actually said that he is encouraging Tan Jee Say to contest in the by-elections! Talking about opportunism, at that moment my secondary school friend said that, I lost all respect for the NSP....I just hope that the leadership of the NSP is not as silly as to do exactly what that friend of mine is doing.....It is not only a case of spoilers, but simply a case of the opportunists at work. Sore LOSERS!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The contest for Hougang will expose all the charlatans.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Presidential elections last year already exposed some degree of charlatanism per se, if we remember the debacle that occurred in the media between Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian. It highlighted that the motives of either did not seem as pure as they seemed to be, especially Tan Jee Say's.