High COE for cars

The prices of COEs are going through the roof again. Some car owners or potential car owners are starting to feel the pain. Some openly questioned whether the govt is going to force people not to buy cars. The answer is obvious. If you can’t afford it, take public transport.

And the situation is only to get worst with COEs going higher and higher. Many will just have to take the govt’s advice to take trains or buses. And one thing for sure, the quality of their life will never be affected. This is how the middle class of a first world city will have to get use to, living in mickey mouse flats that cost a million or more, and taking public transport to work. With the millions of new citizens coming in to boost our population and economy, the outlook is quite predictable.

What is going to kill, or who are going to be hit hard, will be those who really need a car to get around. There will be parents who have a few children to send to school, or old folks/medically handicapped that cannot conveniently hop onto a train or bus. Then again, what to do? Life goes on. Just be thankful that you got a first world city to live in and a great govt to manage it for the good of the people.

Many people are waiting at the door for a chance to come into this paradise. Be grateful and count your blessing.


Anonymous said...

The cost of being a "world class" city comes at a heavy price to the citizens-crowded street,jam packed trains,exorbitant high property prices,high COE prices,competition with foreigners for jobs, etc.

Anonymous said...

We can afford to bring in another 5m people. The current COE price is too low.

Anonymous said...

Historically High COE usually portends a Top in stock market cycle .. you've been warned

Anonymous said...

Only the rich and the highly paid FT can afford

Matilah_Singapura said...

The COE is an out-and-out TAX.

I've lost count of the number of cars I've owned, but I can categorically say that most people do not require a car in Singapore. All you need is a mobile phone and be a "registered" cab user.

It'll probably cost less too. I expect fuel to hit over $3 a litre this year. Good luck with your car, assholes ;-)

Anonymous said...

The COE price should be charged on the basis of the individual bid, rather than on the highest winning bid.

Therefore, if I bid $10,000 and I am one of the highest bidders to qualify for the quota, I should be paying $10,000 and not, say, $50,000, which is the highest bid.

This would be a fairer system, and will not change the number of COE's that the government has already decided upon.