Ex teachers commanding $1000 a day

The reputation of our teachers and education system is so high abroad that our teachers are in demand to impart our teaching skills and methodology to other countries including the US, Philippines, Chile, Netherland and Saudi Arabia.

NIE director Lee Sing Kong said, ‘the achievements of Singaporean students have been noticed internationally. “There must be something right in the way our teachers are prepared.”’

He is right and wrong at the same time. What is the point of our students being good academically but cannot be translated to skills that are in demand in the industries? Even in Singapore, they are only good as civil servants. In the commercial world, they are at best good at middle management level. Even at that level they are being replaced by foreigners from third world countries. The CEO jobs are unlikely positions for the products of the Singapore system. I think we would be better in producing unthinking robots.

And our people have an international reputation of being daft. And that is probably the main reason why so many foreign talents are here to help them and the country to grow and progress. Maybe the Singapore education is only good at producing students with good academic results but dysfunctional at work. All plain daft, good on paper but cannot perform.

The more I think about it, the more silly the situation is. Products of the best and very expensive education system, with the best facilities, but useless to the commercial world except the public service when there is little competition from foreigners. And more shitting on the heads of daft Sinkies.


Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing about Singapore culture in particular is to over emphasize the "competence" of Singaporeans and their institutions when recognition from international commentary "notices".

The idea is to get international "validation", because "international" judgement is always better than "local" assessment.

Singaporeans are not "daft". AFAIK they always look for "lobangs" to get a better deal for themselves. What the older Singaporeans tend to be is too conservative -- kiasu, avoiding risk, petrified by uncertainty. By being that way they sacrifice wild creativity. No one wants to be WRONG.

The fact is that you have to make lots and lots of mistakes, hopefully keeping the cost of those mistakes down and learning from bad judgement and error. No sir, not in Singapore culture. Being wrong and making mistakes is VERY FUCKING BAD.

Don't believe? Observe how unforgiving Singaporeans are when something fucks up. Notice how quick they are to blame someone, and seek the most unreasonable and often brutal retribution.

Yes, sir. They can be inhuman cunts. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are half right and half nonsense. You are right about the part of the average oldies who are afraid to make any mistakes.

The part that you are wrong is that some are great risk takers and losing $50b is no sweat. Can even boast about it as a shining medal of achievement.

Another part that you are fatally wrong. Singaporeans are damn forgiving. No one is being taken to task when the mistake is big or $50b in size. Even with the fuck HDB failure, Singaporeans moving on with no one on the stake.

If this is not forgiving then it is plain daft. Shit, everytime I see the word daft, it always reminds me of the daft monies in the CPF.

Anonymous said...

They are forgiving because they abused the book.

They much Sunday schooling maketh idiots out of you

Anonymous said...

TOO much Sunday schooling....

Anonymous said...

This one not daft , but bite the dust leowze.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ redbean 1143.

Wah. Redbean only tekans me for sprouting 50% nonsense.

Today he's in a kind mood ;-)

Anonymous said...

redbean, when u said $50b were lost and sporeas are daft, hdb failures etc, there is so much prejudice and hatred in your words. What happened to you along the way ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the first place I don't call Sinkies daft and I don't believe they are daft. In the second place I don't lose $50b.

Where have I been or where have you been got nothing to do with the above statements.

Anonymous said...

"No one is being taken to task when the mistake is big or $50b in size. Even with the fuck HDB failure, Singaporeans moving on with no one on the stake."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually the daft sinkies didn't know that it is their money being lost. If only they can co relate to their money in the CPF then they ill jump.

But maybe not. They are already numbed.

Anonymous said...

Daft sinkies know gahment lost some make some, aka stock market, make genting lost nol. According to you, gahment made net loss of $50 b for whole year ?

Anonymous said...

You just returned from Mars? You don't even know where this figure came from?

Anonymous said...

when u make an allegation, you must be ready to back it up. be clear in your allegation, not wishy washy .

Anonymous said...

Singapore education is a laughing joke in the world. If you want entrepreneurs, this is not an education system. Singapore education is to generate exam smart robots to feed the industry. It is not education.

Insiders will know NIE of NTU is also a joke. If not because of the so-called OSA, if it is transparent, you will know how it is operated. What sort of teachers NIE generated? You can then imagine what sort of students they nurture.

Do not waste time but send our child to overseas for proper education rather than exam skills.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16.

You not even dare to put a name on your comments and you talk like a cock.

what allegation, never read the news? The number is reported all over the media.

Redbean, you know where he is coming from?

Anonymous said...

why? ur balls shrink already?

Say within a year I made $1000 from trading in Genting shares, but lost $800 trading in NOL, I still make $200 net for the year right? It takes a twisted mind with a hidden agenda to highlight losses but unreporting profits made.

Anonymous said...

Actually what we should seriously consider is how money was lost in the investment. It appears that the $50b loss was due to wrong timing and bad decision. So also, if profit made from Genting was due to luck, we should be worried rather be glad about it.