The daft Sinkies are still not thinking

The govt is going to spend billions to help the people. $1.1b will be spent to buy 600 buses. More technology acquired and trains be bought to improve the train system. Top people deserved to be paid in the millions in both private and public. One simple question is, where is the money coming from, or who is the ultimate paymaster?

There is no running away from it. You, the daft Sinkies will pay for all these great stuff and the high pays of the great talents in one way or another. Look at the pathetic state of the CPF savings! Is it still your money or other people’s money? Why is your money be kept away from you? You find the answer. For your own good or someone else’s good?

Do not be happy when public organizations are spending huge sum of money in the name of improvement. Make sure that there is a real need for improvement and that there is improvement with the money spent. If there is no need to spend the money, then the money should not be spent. It is always your money that is being spent and you will have to pay for it. Even the pay of top honcho employees of public companies are paid by the people unless they are making their money from overseas. If they are making money from the people, the huge profit is what they made from the people to pay themselves.

And don’t be too happy about the hundreds of billions in our reserves and sovereign funds unless they benefit the people. If they just benefit the few who are managing them, then it is nothing but like the CPF statements, good to feel but cannot touch. And worst, the reserves must come from somewhere, the sovereign fund’s capital must also come from somewhere. Make a guess.

As long as your CPF is being held captive against your will, never be happy about it. Either the CPF savings are returned to the people or the people must elect a govt that will return them to the people. There are just too much of the people’s money being kept away from the rightful owners for all kinds of excuses.

The daft Sinkies are still happily in dreamland. The bulk of the Sinkies that need their savings are deprived from using their savings. Like Gintai said, the minimum sum is going to be bigger and bigger, and so is the Medisave. What is left for the owner of this money? What is the point of saving, or why call it savings? Saving for who?


Anonymous said...

Dun need to play the board game / computer game "Monopoly" , Sinkapoore is one big "Monopoly" game.

Anonymous said...

Increase bus because of further intention to allow population growth though this time round % increase in bus is greater than % population growth.
Or else, why govt so busy body?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans must speak up strongly against increasing the population further. It is a deadly game of no return. The bigger the bubble is blown, the greater the tension and the possibility of it bursting that much higher.

Anonymous said...

Clever or rather willy and cunning politicians will always be able to convince the daft citizens that black is white and white is black and they too will believe and be happy until it is too late to reverse the awkward disadvantageous situation.

You never know the con man until you are conned. To be conned once is excusable. To be conned twice shows utter negligence and carelessness. To be conned all the times show an idiotic unsound mind which the bearer should exit from this world and the con party to be booted out forever.


Anonymous said...

Quote SouthernGlory : " To be conned all the times show an idiotic unsound mind which the bearer should exit from this world and the con party to be booted out forever. "

The is exactly what sinkies have been subjected to. Conned left right and centre but still blissfully happy to be conned ... so , you stated an irony. The bearer is currently exiting via population replacement ... you are absolutely correct ... this is old man's grand plan all along. As long as the FamiLEE is around , it doesn't matter if the present cohort of suckers die cos there's one sucker born every minute. Better still , import , import , import. Wash and rise , the cycle continues

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are the new DODO birds. Remember what happened to DODO birds ? History doesn't repeat but rhymes.


Matilah_Singapura said...


> > Singaporeans must speak up strongly against increasing the population

Absolutely. As a Singaporean, I'm exercising my right to speak by encouraging the increase of population to 9 million and beyond.

Keep those borders open, and keep attracting the willing and able to keep the great wheels of market meritocracy churning.

BTW, there's no such thng as "CPF SAVINGS". It is not your money because you ultimately have no control. Also CPF is a TAX. Get over your illusions. I'm getting tired of reminding you stubborn fuck heads.

Anonymous said...

Change the term CPF to central provident tax ( CPT ) , then , it may be very painful in the short term , but I assure you , it would be for the good of the national psyche. In this way, sinkies will forever shut up and accept it as tax and the poodles will never have to worry about this as an electoral issue. Win WIn . So it begs the questions : Why hasn't PAPPY done that yet ? Got guts to do it or not ? Got lumparr to do it ? I guess not .... why ? because , CPF has been painted to be the peoples' money in the first place as touted by PAPPY.

Anonymous said...

Lim Suay Suay say very happy when looking at his CPF statement. It is already a message to sinkies lah .... see no touch , just like in topless bars in the US of A. Want to touch ? be prepared to pay !

Anonymous said...

Sinkies Blood Savings -> CPF -> Gov Bond -> Temasick + GIC -> sovereign wealth fund / suckers fund -> failed investments / dud investments.

the very thought of this is just toooooo depressing.

So for the sake of their mental health , many sinkies choose to be daft and unthinking cos the truth hurts ... ouch , I have a headache now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

9m people in this piece of rock? siao ah?

But it is definitely very good for economic activities. Each HDB flat will cost $2m and a landed property will be $100m. A hamburger $200!

All the minimum sum in CPF will be as good as toilet papers. Just a minute, by then minimum sum will be $1m.

Anonymous said...

when this place has accumulated 9M , i would hope that I am in a better place by then. Amen

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is just 'xin zai le huo'(happy to see calamity) in his wish and hope for Singapura to mati lah. So are many other Singaporeans.
Matilah knows very well that at 9million in population, Singapore will pop be damned.


Anonymous said...

GE 2011 forced a U-Turn Budget in 2012.
An "inclusive" budget.

GE 2016.
Let's force a U-Turn in CPF policies.

Vote Opposition to register your demand for a return of your money.

Anonymous said...

If you want GDP growth, you can have increased population. More people more demand and more economic activities. Unfortunately, there is not much choice for Spore. There is no bright future for Spore.

You can imagine the future in Spore like: very expensive, overpopulation, congested, floods, hot and humid. Do you like to live in a place like this?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah patriot. I must take issue on your mind reading attempt to 'figure out' what my motives or intentions are.

I have no wish to see Singapore mati-lah. I have a long standing prediction that Singapore will eventually mati lah because the people will sabotage themselves and eventually their beloved cuntree, due to their negative spirit based on FEAR instead of REASON, RATIONALITY and a sense of kinship based on good feelings for each other.

Instead you get ongoing sagas of Singaporeans smashing each other up.

As for 9-15 million population, I like the bustling big city. As long as the cuntree is first world and rich, (or heading in that direction), rest assured big, densely populated cities are ROCKING, EXCITING and AWESOME!

9 million? Bring it on, ASAP!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, we are already a great city at this point in time. But to push on with those crazy idea of 6m or more people here is going to destroy this great little city.

This is another kind of unthinking greed. We are seeing many signs of stress and they will burst into the open.

While it is still within control, it is time to take stock and ponder how deep we want to go before the point of no return.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense redbean. Many ofmy architect friends -- experienced in high density planning -- tell me 9 million no problem, 15 million is quite possible.

You have no scientific basis to back up your claims of "impossibility ". Granted at 9-15 million, very little of what you know as present day Singapore will remain. The city will be completely remodelled.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your objective and unbiased and professional approach or those of your professional friends are as biased as mine.

I can even agree with 30m pop. But what kind of environment and lifestyle will it be? My views are based on empirical knowledge of living here and experiencing the inconvenience and the things to come with more and more people. Even if it is a personal view, many would feel the same as I do.

How comfortable we want should be decided by the people who live here like the Aussies determining how comfortable they want in that island continent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Australia has many of the same problems as Singapore. When it comes to immigration, it can be just as contentious. The context here is LEGAL immigration. I'll leave commenting on "illegal" immigration for another time.

Granted, we all have our biases. That's the human condition. Scientific reasoning and/or critical thinking/analysis weeds out (to a great degree) most of those biases. I defer to professional opinion in this case as these guys have the experience of building in densely populated areas to achieve a high degree of "modernity".

You say you base your opinion on empirical data. That is incorrect. Just because you happen to "live here" doesn't make your data set "empirical"...it is ANECDOTAL.

i.e. there is a high degree of certainty that you are talking rubbish, and basing your opinions on the negative emotion you feel for the influx of foreigners, high price of HDB, displacement of .sg worker etc etc...all your well-known cognitive biases.

If you want REAL EMPIRICAL data see this table, as you can see Singapore is #29 on the list with only about 1/4 the population density of the world's most densely populated places.

Therefore there is still PLENTY OF ROOM to move...excuse the pun ;-)

You are trying to make a case here on your blog against increasing the population of Singapore to (say) 9 million. But apart from your emotionally-based and often xenophobic rants, you offer zero evidence to support your arguments.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans simply got to learn from M_S. Treat Sg as just a hotel. Problem over! NT SOLVED.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the experts will build a model based on their assumptions which are based on their own values and biased. Just like someone saying small would not change the quality of life. Or shoebox flats are good.

Come off it lah. All are intrinsically biased and subjective. What so scientific about 10 people living in a room and 2 people in a room except that you take a ruler to measure it and can tell exactly how much elbow space each with have.

Whether acceptable or reasonable is SUBJECTIVE. Or more scientific way, calculate how much air is needed to be alive in a crowded room.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You are getting unnecessarily complicated. Remember Occam's Razor -- you are just adding more (unnecessary) complexity to explain something simple.

No 'calculation" is necessary. Simple observation will suffice.

The FACT that there are more populous cities than Singapore -- which are doing fine, prevailing and growing -- is real world, immediate, and irrefutable data which supports the case for a massive increase in Singapore population.

WTF are you talking about being subjective? I've provided hard-numbers which suggest that there is plenty of cope for Singapore.

You are too emotional lah. You just resisting change and by doing so dragging the cuntree down, and worse still, playing on the fears of average Singaporeans.

Singapore can go much further and be much much better. People either rise up and face the future squarely, or curl up and die quietly in some corner. ;-)

Anyway redbean, I am not interested in "winning" an argument with you. I am glad you have this blog which will be a permanent record of discussions.

In 30 years the Singapore skyline has radically changed. Things will be changing radically as the population heads toward double the present number and beyond.

I have a feeling (ahh! subjective!) that my "prediction" of radical increase in population is going to be true, and any opposition from redbean and the rest of the "nay-sayers" will be futile... i.e. regardless of their whining negativity, those borders will remain open and people with skills and resources will be settling in Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Provided nothing radical changes in 2016.