CPF Poll - If you have a choice

I have added a poll on what the people would like to do with their CPF savings. Poll is at top right corner of page.


Anonymous said...

Of course I want to take all lah.

You should do a poll and see what people want to do with the money assuming can take all out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51 , What people what to do with their own money is their own business lah ... why so busy body , poll for what ??

Anonymous said...

Curious mah.

Anonymous said...

Polling no use.

I plan to to Vote Opposition to register my desire for a CPF policy review.

Matilah_Singapura said...

100% agree with present scheme.

@anon 855: The money doesn't belong to any people. So stop talking about "doing stuff" with the money. You can't touch it, because it is not yours.

WOW! Are people dumb, stubborn or just wishful thinkers...or all 3?

Langgar said...

If we vote out this govt then we shall see the CPF belongs to whom? As simple as that. It will happen soon. Don't worry. Just go to coffee shop and listen to those citizens you will know. Unless u are daft or thinking that it's your birthright to suka suka "rob" ppl's life savings and increase state reserves!

Anonymous said...

CPF is our blood money.

CPF doen't belong to PAP.

We want our CPF back to its rightful owner, the singapore citizen.

CPF is not government tax , it's our blood savings.

Anonymous said...

I plan to vote for Opposition because this morning I was late for work and I kanna scolded.

Anonymous said...

CPF is SWEAT and BLOOD of Singaporeans.
Now, Singaporeans have to beg, some with tears flowing inward, to have it returned.
Why are Singaporeans being treated like dogs by their Rulers?

Anonymous said...

remember CPF is our blood money. It is not a Tax like what some pappy dogs in disguise on this blog want you to believe.

Rememeber, you can use part of your CPF to pay for mortgage, so the CPF is real money , not a TAX.