Child adoption could promote crimes against children

CNA recently screened several documentaries about child adoption and the crime of child snatching to feed the needs of childless couples. A child could fetch tens of thousands in places like Quangzhou. I was particularly touched by the documentary ‘I love mommy’, about a little orphan girl from Quangzhou, if I can recollect, being adopted by American parents. There was a little difficulty in the early period of adjusting into a new life. But love by the adopted parents conquered everything and the child grew up quickly into her new home and new parents. It was a very happy ending, with both adopted parents and child having a wonderful union living together as a family.

Many children, especially the girls, were abandoned in China, and in many poorer countries. It is a very good thing for couples with no children to want to bring them home to give them love and shelter. The problem is child snatching to feed the adoption industry. The fear and anguish of children and parents being forcibly separated is a very cruel act of crime. It is simply unimaginable and intolerable. The number of child snatching in China alone comes to a few hundred thousands annually. It is a very serious problem.

There must be very strict laws and punishment for child snatching. The criminals, child snatchers, are inflicting so much pain that lasted a lifetime on their victims.

While the adoption of orphaned children is a good thing, an act of compassion and love, it must not lead to a growing industry of crimes against innocent children and their parents. When the criminals see the demand, the more they will be tempted to snatch children. Parents must be extremely careful when looking after their children, particularly in red areas when child snatching is a common state of affair.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If the main stream media doesn't keep on finding ways to sow feelings of negativity and scare the shit out of people, it would soon go out of business.

Bad nesws sells. Everything has a downside, even though people take the upside (benefits) for granted.

These dyas the culture is to focus on the concentrate on the downside until people (like redbean) become so neurotic they even mention the scary stuff on their blog.

... But in the meantime, for most of us, life just chugs along daybfter day after day.

So... Where the fuck are all these so-called "problems"?

I rarely see any.

Ok you negative cunts, snap out of your shit consciousness and spread the love, motherfuckers... Happy valentine's!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I know you have been staying in a western country in Asia. But Quangzhou is not in Singapore you know?

Are you faking to be another angmoh and think Quangzhou is in Chinatown?

Ok guys, please forgive him. He forgot to take his medicine.

Anonymous said...

Many decades down the road, Matilah Singapura will still be showering his love for everyone and everything.
A man capable of love is great in spirit.
One who cares for the well-being of others is even more respectable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If only he has a little child or a grand daughter and got snatched away.

Trying imagining how frighten will the little child be and the mother's despair just thinking and longing for the lost child?

Such criminals must be beaten and stone to death in a public square. No mercy. The pain inflicted is beyond anything describable.

agongkia said...

I agree with your title.
Even surrogate is not so perfect.
Best is to allow polygamy if one need more children instead of adoption to reduce such crimes

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why do people over-react when bad shit happens in China?

Bad shit happens in China. Why? The math -- large numbers, so the chances of bad shit going down are definitely higher. Plus everybody likes to bash China.

China is also a developing cuntree where social institutions haven't yet been properly established. So, what do you expect?

Get over it lah.