Check the interests for your CPF savings

I just checked my CPF statements and found the interest rates for my Retirement Account is 4% but that of my Medisave is 2%. I have just posted an email to CPF for an explanation. I believe it should also be 4% as well.

Please check your CPF statements.


Anonymous said...

Bookmark here , anytime can refer.


Anonymous said...

lucky the interest rate for my medisave is 4%... What did cpf reply?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CPF replied that they have paid half of my interest in Aug. Now I have to go digging to check this out.

I know that they only credit the interest at the beginning of the year. How on earth it happened that they credit and pay interest in Aug?

I have an auto withdrawal instruction, but crediting and paying interest before the year is out is new to me.