Act I Scene 2 – More sleaze in Sin City

The Sin City is getting more oomph than is welcomed. The latest news that hit the island is that about 80 people were rounded up by the police for internet prostitution. And among them a principal from a top primary school and several senior civil servants. Not sure if they were patrons, customers or operators.

This episode is more than just personal indiscretion between consenting adults. It is something that infringes on the law of the country. Prostitution is illegal though tolerated to some extent as a necessary evil with so many single foreigners working in the country. In this case the parties are Singaporeans in respectable professions and the education of the young. The latter makes it that more sensational. Of all the professions a school principal of a primary sent discomforting signals to the parents of little children.

Would there be Scene 3 and Scene 4?


Anonymous said...

Err...commercial sex is legal in Sin. However, it is illegal to turn the city into full fledged brothel.

Anonymous said...

Yes redbean.
You made a mistake.

Prostitution is legal.
Pimping is illegal.
Soliciting for customers is illegal.

Lawyers can you please confirm?
a)Man makes offer and suggestion to a girl is legal.
Girl makes offer and suggestion is illegal.

b)If you post online ratings on the girls' performance ... is this pimping?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the clarifications.

Anonymous said...

Moses' Flock went crazy with money, wine, greed and debauchery.

Singaporeans are going worldly with their money. What's money if one does not have it and what is money whence one does not spend it?
Singaporeans are now making money by any means and spending them buying momentary pleasures and some feeling good just accumulating money. A natural curse will beset any country obsess with money and pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I think Singaporeans care more about money than sleaze.

Without money, sleaze will be without. Must be a lot of unaccountable money in the house.

Anonymous said...

Sleaze ? This not sleaze(y) enuf.

MATILAH bro , this one , for your update and reading pleasure.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey redbean, prostitution is legal lah, but there are conditions that have to be met, in the same way many other enterprises are also legal but there are laws and statutes you have to follow.

Prostitution won't be legal under any of those "opposition" parties becasue of the influence of femni-nazis...i.e. Singapore wome who are hell bent on outlawing any form of commercial sex.

The PAP are many things unpalatable to Singaporeans but at least they are RATIONAL ENOUGH to keep prostitution LEGAL, and CONTAINED in specific areas. also they have managed to disregard Absolute Moralist Motherfuckers from making Vagina for Rental illegal, banned and outlawed.

10 out of 10 for that effort. I fully support Commercial Sex, like I do Commercial Food and Commercial Transport etc.

Anonymous said...

And commercial religion - the biggest mother fuckers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Infidelity == breach of contract, that is assuming the "arrangement" -- marriage or gurfren-boyfren is understood and agreed to be monogamous.

There are also such things as "open relationships".

I support commercial sex, and wild hot sex between consenting adults regardless of gender or orientation.

I do not support infidelity of any kind. That is just being totally dishonest to your partner so you can get a little "extra". If you want "extra" sex in your relationship HAVE SOME FUCKING BALLS and be honest and open with your partner. Show some fucking character lah.

Bot Shanmugam and Yaw are not to be trusted. Any man/ woman who dupes their partner for extra relationship sex CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

Anonymous said...

A man can buy sex and said to be fine.

Can his wife buy or give sex when her need comes?

Anonymous said...

It goes both ways. If either party don't like the arrangement, don't get married.

that said, you are free but there are consequences. how wise are you?