We are Singaporeans, dare you abuse us

The ill treatment of an aged patient in Nightingale Nursing Home was shown on prime time news last night. The old lady was left topless for half an hour as was reported, in an air con room. She was then bundled by two assistants, looking more like FTs, and dumped into her bed. She growled because of the pain and was smacked by one of the assistants.

The family paid good money to the Nursing Home to take care of their loved one. What she got was not care but being manhandled in a very bad way. It is pitiful and disgusting to see our senior citizens being treated this badly by their caregivers. No matter if they are locals or foreigners, they must be severely punished as an example to protect our elders who are entrusted to caregivers whom we believed are kind and trained professionals paid to do the job.

The case must be swiftly dealt with and all guilty parties punished. If they are foreigners, they must be banished from our homeland for ill treating us, their gracious host, providing them with shelter and the opportunity to earn good money. I say to them, piss off from my country.

For those who are still here, please be reminded that you are guests at our pleasure. Some may open their arms to embrace and kiss you, but we expect no less in return for our kindness. Any Singaporean apologists need to be gorenged by all Singaporeans. This is our home. We are Singaporeans and cannot be victims to foreigners


Anonymous said...

As I said, the crunch is getting worse.

Foreigners mistreating locals? There goes the oft suspected saying of paying peanuts and getting monkeys to do monkey business.

I thought it was really bad enough for some Singaporeans having to drink foreigner's bath water and semen, when they washed in our rooftop water tanks after sex, but we now obviously need to pay them to mistreat us, as if they are taking a leaf from the immortals themselves.

Well, in a way they think they are now above lesser mortals, because they are openly sought after by the immortals to grow the GDP.

What is drinking a little dirty bath water and some mistreatment from our imports when the most important thing is to grow the economy?

I just wonder how much honesty they have when they say they are now making Singaporeans their first priority.

Anonymous said...

This is a private matter. Find your own lawyer.

Wally Buffet said...

All these problems with foreign trash has its roots in the misguided and now with the benefit of hindsight, imbecilic idea of the stop at two and fascist eugenic policies rammed down our throats in the not too distant past.

All the problems we are seeing today, from high property prices and overcrowding transport woes are the result of importing these trash cocking a snook at us. We are really dumbfucks and deserved to be abused.

The lame press release from the Ministry of Health which amounts to a slap on the wrist for the Nightingale Nursing Home is an insult and a disservice to all aggrieved inmates.

Criminal prosecution and the revocation of the Home's licence seem more like it.

In the event that these Guantanamo guard type care givers are our ubiquitous foreign trash, we should jail them, cane them and then repatriate them with no possibility of return to our fair shores. Show them who is the master and servant. If no laws are enacted to protect inmates in such homes, the new parliament should immediately table some for the first sitting. We were really fast on the Parent Maintenance bill now law. Let's move with equal speed because the current situation concerns Sinkapooreans' parents too.

I just gave some foreign trash my nastiest restaurant behaviour just yesterday night. Treating them like dogs and yelling for them to come over with my middle finger wagging. Show them they're not welcomed here. Don't worry, that's after the food has been consumed and I have no intention of returning to the shithole.


Anonymous said...

Good lah, bring more here lah. Still hug them and kiss them some more. And now they think own this place and treat us like slaves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please allow me to take a contrarian view to fit in with the self serving logic.

The old inmate must be grateful to the FTs. Without the FTs, no Singaporean will want to do the job. Then no one would bother to throw her into her bed and change her soiled clothes.

Like my self serving logic: )

Anonymous said...

Those shitwhores involved in the ill treatment should be rightly condemned, punished and packed off to where they come from.

at the same time, we must not damn the many other foreigners working in old folk homes and similar institutions and earning their keeps.

Anonymous said...

these FT is just learning from our leaders... the way they are handling our citizens.

"you vote opposition... then you repent"

Anonymous said...

The govt has already given PRs/FTs the rights over citizens. E.g. singles are treated worse than PRs/FTs for they can't even purchase HDB flats and no help is rendered to them. Clememti PRC hawker couple who beat up Sporean family went unpunished (no reports so far). No wonder FTs/PRs are here to bully and beat citizens up.

Anonymous said...

Well, fact is that the 2 pinoys who aboused the old woman has been let off with just a verbal warning and still continuing to work in the nursing home.

Apparently this just goes to show that foreign trashes are one level up the hierarchy of singaporeans haahaa.

Anonymous said...

Next time the sinkie inmates would have to apologise to the FTs for being a nuisance to them.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that changes all round are in the air, or should I say the air is changing. That means, nothing actually changes.

So, in terms of ranking, Singaporeans still lies at the bottom of the food chain.

Fancy, punishing humans for mistreating animals but letting off foreigners for mistreating locals. That is where we rank in the eyes of the rulers.

What in the world is happening?

Anonymous said...

"The old inmate must be grateful to the FTs. Without the FTs, no Singaporean will want to do the job. Then no one would bother to throw her into her bed and change her soiled clothes."

If her children are willing to put her in a home in JB or Batam, then such a thing won't happen here but over there and MOH is absolved of all blame and without having to waste time with regular inspections. The stupid singaporeans don't realise that Khaw was being a compassionate Buddhist when he suggested the lower cost alternative. Now that this has been exposed, MOH has to quietly condone it as taking a sticter stance will raise costs for the nursing home. The FTs are still here and Nightingale is still in business or the patients will have to be dumped out onto the streets or they will start to embarass MOE when they go around collecting cardboards and alu cans?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans will soon have to wallow in self-pity. A pitiful lot indeed!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the past the elite will shout, they deserve every bit of it. Today the elite will quietly smile and say nothing.

But the leeches around the elite who could not tell that they are not elite but lices on the elite's bodies, will shout, losers, don't complain. Try to be like arse, oops, I mean us, and be winners.

Eunuchs sometimes think that they are the emperor's households.