Tears of a War Secretary

Robert Gates cried. In his two terms as Defence Secretary, he had signed 3,400 condolence letters for American boys and girls killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Multiply that number by 50, there could be 150,000 wounded, some maimed for life, for the wars that the US is conducting in the two countries, and more to come in other areas.

The US has been a warring nation since the end of the Second World War. It has been at war with other nations practically continuously since then. At the same time it has been screaming to the world that it is the most peace loving nation. And while I am typing this, it is in the process of starting another war in the South China Sea. This time it is egging on Vietnam and the Philippines to take on China, with the US behind them.
This obnoxious war mongering country cannot deceive the world forever.

And it was reported that Gates ‘publicly questioned the need for the US to join the Nato air war in Libya…’ Who would believe that the Americans are the angels and not the devils that are dictating the conduct of war in Libya? Yes, publicly questioned, but what is his position behind the public eyes? The fact that the US continues to engage in more wars and trying to start more wars is testimony of what he stands for.

And he shed crocodile tears for the innocent boys and girls he sent to wars and came home in black plastic bags. ‘There’s probably not a day in the last four years that I haven’t wept, and it’s mostly when I’m doing those letters.’ He was referring to the condolence letters he had to send to the bereaved families. No amount of tears that he shed could make things better for the families of the dead American boys and girls. The world will be a more peaceful place if the Americans stop waging wars. There will be wars among the smaller countries, but would not be in the scale near to what the Americans are doing.

Should the Americans and the people of other nations that have died during his terms of service say, ‘Don’t cry Bob, you are such an angel. God loves you for your compassion?’ Did he shed a single tear for the 'enemies' and the 'collateral damages', innocent people killed by his acts of war?


Anonymous said...

It is good that the Americans always go to war. The military expenses will drive it into more debts. It is good that it will eventually go into faster decline since it has already declined. The decline of USA actually started at Korean war that it did not win. And then later a true lost in Vietnam war. Now, its economy is in real decline and it is using a Chinese credit card to go to wars. Without a dominant USA in world power, it is believe that the world will have less wars. Will less war mean a better world in future? God will know I guess.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Redbean, without the US policing the World, there would have been more infightings within all the other countries. The US involvements in others state affairs are no joke as You had clearly indicated; American military personnels are killed and maimed and the US's only gain is the markets for its' military wares. And the American Economy does not seemed to do well despite it's arm sales.
Americans, by the way, could have lost their sense of identity and if not, it will soon. Patriotism in a capitalistic and materialistic society does not make sense to a pragmatic and practical populace made-up of different Races and from different lands.
The Blacks(from Africa), the Hispanics and the Asians that made-up the US population are, despite the 'evolutions' in their cultures, as different as the colours of their skins.
The US is due for internal re-organizations, politically and economically, if it is to avoid its' own collapse. The wars the Americans fought will soon be in its' own home ground, other than the foreigners coming into America to fight the US, the Americans will be fighting amongst themselves. The poor will fight the rich, the different Races against one another, economically(commercials), culturally and politically. The American politicians will also have their own fights and as a whole the Americans will have to fight more natural disasters to come.
The US will have its' hands full and its' legs will soon find that it cannot support the upper body anymore.
THE AMERICANS CAN BE EXPECTED TO MIGRATE ELSEWHERE as many have already done, mostly to where money is aplenty. Don't we see more angmos in Sin?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many of the wars the Americans got involved needed not happen. The parties could have sorted themselves out quicker and with less casualties.

Anyway, it is good that they spend their money and young American lives in the battlefield, to guarantee their own demise.

Anonymous said...

The US may be a warring nation since the end of the Second World War, but long before that they were not much better compared to some African Dictatorial regimes, slaughtering the Red Indians almost to extinction.

After that, they became angels in
the eyes of the world, condemning all and sundry for human rights abuses as if no one remembers their past.

What can we say?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how cruel they were to the African slaves and deprived them of all human rights.