Some embarrassing questions for Parliament

When the next Parliament begins its session, there must be plenty of questions that could be asked by the MPs. Hopefully the investigations into the two objections during the GE are settled by then, otherwise, the disqualification of the opposition team in Tanjong Pagar GRC and the police report of Tin Pei Ling’s internet postings will get a hearing, I think.

I have read some articles in the internet forum questioning the roles of LKY and Chok Tong as MPs, or more than that. Questions that bloggers were asking are the staff attached to them like principal private secretaries and press secretaries and the cost associate to the two MPs. The people may be curious to want to know if the two MPs are serving the people by holding meet the people sessions like all MPs are doing. These are definitely issues of public interest as tax payers money are involved.

Some are asking how much they are getting which I think is superfluous. As MPs they should be collecting the same MP allowances plus the pensions computed from their last highest salaries. I think this is also applicable to those ministers who are now MPs.

To avoid people making all kinds of guesses and unpleasant comments, and to preempt the opposition parties from asking embarrassing questions, maybe it will be better for Hsien Loong to make a press statements to clarify these matters. And if there are special privileges extended to them, just say it with justifications and I am sure the people will understand and accept it. Transparency in such things will kill all the gossips for good.

Of course there will be many other questions that the new MPs would be eager to ask in Parliaments to enlighten themselves and the curiosity of the people. The protocol list will be quite amusing. Will the ex MM/MP and ESM/MP be in the same grouping with Hsien Loong and the ministers when receiving foreign dignitaries? Or will they queue at the tail end with the MPs? Where will they sit in Parliament, in the back rows like back benchers?

These are very interesting developments in our political scene.


rex said...

rex comments as follows,

as far as protocol is concerned, it is a DEMOTION plain and simple. From a Minister to an MP is a demotion, just as true as the reverse MP to Minister is a PROMOTION.

In the working world, when you are demoted, you either swallow humble pie and work within your new job specifications (because you need the money to pay your 30 year mortgage) or else you sack your boss, that is to say, you resign and part ways in as amicable a way as practicable.

You can't just demote a person and then after that pretend nothing happens and that person gets exempted from doing the normal things expected of him/her within the job specs of the new less glamorous posts.

Demoted officers are still human beings and do deserve some respect. But they must remain humble and accept the new job and not think too highly of themselves to do the old low level jobs. This is not the first time in history that people are demoted, but it would be the first time in history if after demotion, they are still effectively the Boss of those who demote them. Absurd logic.


forgetmenaught said...

I'm waiting with abated breath for the new parliamentary session to begin sometime in August if I'm not wrong. It's no longer two to begin with. They now have to face a very strong pact of eight plus one high tensity spot lights to reckon with. No more just three dim lights like before.

For a change, the qualities of questioning and debates set forth by the sole opposition team is not to be taken likely. They are there with a strong mandate and unified mission, they really fought every inch of the ground to finally earned their rights to be there. They are there to speak for the people. They are there to serve. Saliently, they are there to proved their worth of being voted in and last but not the least. They are there to score more goals for the next election. This is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I have high expectation on the 8 Opposition Members Of Parliament in playing their roles as representatives of the people. They are also expected to be exemplary in propriety.
I have even higher expectations on our rulers. They must be man and woman of the highest integrity and respectability. And they did claim and swear to be people of such propriety when taking up their offices.
How much our leaders can be trusted shall depend on how much they earn the trust from us, the people.
There are much that the people are waiting for the leaders to enlighten.

Anonymous said...

Let's just pray hard that they will show Parliament debate LIVE and not "live" where debates are edited to the advantage of ruling party and disadvantage of opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Would the pair even turn up for parliament sittings?

Anonymous said...

they will be joined by two more ex ministers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

opps...i dun know how come my post (10:33) come here...sorry.