The sins of yesteryears

The presidential election is taking on a different spin. It started off with who is more independent of the PAP. Membership of the PAP or ex membership became an issue. This then took on another twist with everyone claiming that he is independent of the PAP, and he can think and act as an independent President. PAP saw this trend and has so far distanced itself from the candidates, not willing to endorse anyone of them. This could be the first elected President that is not endorsed by the PAP despite the fact that all three Tans were ex PAP and with two recently resigned just to stand for the election. Stop that cynical smile will ya?

The main media has been saying all the good and kind things about the candidates, how refined and dignified they looked if they become the President. Everyone has a brilliant track record to boot and it is a matter of whose is more kilat. In terms of good look, none may be as photogenic as Harrison Ford, Bill Pullman or Denzel Washington, but passable.

The part that none of them was counting on is another side of their track records that are now circulating in the internet. Every human bean has a past, a little indiscretion or infidelity, a little nastiness or naughtiness. Just hope that the past is not heinous enough to destroy their chances to be the President. Would their pasts catch up with them and would they pay for their pasts?

It is a lesson that everyone shall take heed. Things always come full circle and what one did unto others will come around in the most irritating and crucial moment. It is now a matter of who did less and who the people would forgive. One of them is going to be our President.

Is the past important?


Anonymous said...

I listened to them intensely and SINCERELY, however is unable to make myself believe much of their(candidates) claims and vows(to work for and look after the people).
Past Presidents had made similar vows, but no Singaporeans has ever been helped or affected by any Presidential Initiative except those on death row. The ONLY link that past and present presidents had were with dead or those going to die by being hanged. The living ones never gain anything except disappointment about the impotence(power of office) of the Presidency.
Though I am not sure about the sincerities of the Candidates, I have no doubt that the Fish cannot be independent of the water.
If voting is not compulsory, Singaporeans will probably spend the polling day away from the polling stations. Most will not care a damn about who becomes the President.

Anonymous said...

anon, reminds me of the ills of Japan and its once feared and respected top rated government & bureaucracy. how the people feels impotent at all the problems of tai-chi and greed and their inability to address the dissatisfaction in governance. in short hopelessness.

we cannot change others. we can change ourselves. and look above the sun.

as i vexed over the failings of our nation and its leaders, then i prayed and read His word and got back peace and joy.

really thank God, for those who believe they can trust in Christ perfect coming eternal kingdom. what a blessedness!

Anonymous said...

can we keep the postings here secular and non-religious?

Anonymous said...

Three TANs for presidential election.
No more Na - tan please. The people have enough of him. Anyway he doesn't stand a chance and he will be booted out in no time if he is a candidate.