The Sick Man of the Middle East

A warrant of arrest was issued by the western dominated International Criminal Court for the arrest of Gaddafi and his son Saif Al Islam and the Intelligence Chief for crimes against humanity. The arrogance of the West knows no limits. They are the masters of the Arab world. They can send in their armies to kill any Arab leaders at will, and now issuing a warrant of arrest for an Arab leader as if the Arab states were their colonies.

Though legally the Arab countries are independent countries, the de facto rulers of the Arab world are still the West, comprising Europe and America. And what crimes have Gaddafi committed? The presiding judge, Sanji Mmasenono Monageng had this to say about Gaddafi and his son, ‘conceived and orchestrated a plan to deter and quell by all means the civilian demonstrations’ against the regime…’ Wow, quelling civilian unrest is a crime against humanity! Then many Asian and African leaders will also be in the ICC’s list of wanted criminals.

What about those leaders that sent armies and bombers to attack and bomb other countries by acts of rash and dumb wars and killing many innocent civilians and calling them collateral damages? The Libyans have protested that ‘Nato has been committing crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya now. They have never considered investigating the killing of many civilians in Iraq, many civilians in Afghanistan, many civilians in Libya.’

So, what can the Arabs do about it? The West controls the gun and can point it at their heads at will. What can the Arabs do about it? Absolutely nothing. They will remain the conquered and ruled states of the West.

They are the sheeples at the international level, can only whine and suffer in at the hands of the West. Weakness is sexy and attractive and inviting, to be raped, and to be ruled. Yesterday was Saddam Hussein. Today it is Gaddafi. Who will be next tomorrow?


Anonymous said...


The United Nation supposed to be the International Police, BUT, It is not doing it's duty nor exercising it's authority.
The Re-elected President, is over the Moon declaring he is doing public duty to the World, just that he seems impotent against International Bullies. He is more a friend of the Bullies.
In any case, the Arab World is asking the Bullies to help too, so cannot totally blame the US and Its' Allies. And why do the Arab Leaders bully their own people?

Southernglory1 said...

The worst terrorists in this world come from US and the Western European countries. The political and military leaders of these Western countries are the head, soul and spirit of these well organised terrorist groups. They attack other third world defenseless countries with impunity and in their wanton attacks thousands of innocent civilians are being killed remorselessly by bombers, missiles and unmanned drones. In fact one Western white terrorist is equivalent to or more lethal than hundred thousand Arab or Muslim terrorists. The Western countries always carry out terrorist attacks and regime change for spurious reasons . They also instigate and stir up trouble and fights or wars among unsuspecting third world countries so as to act as merchants of death in selling weapons to the warring factions thus enriching themselves. Who will bring these Western political and military leaders to justice? Who will arrest them and hang them for all the evils they have been doing for decades. Look at how Hillary Clinton and the Pentagon gangsters have been trying persistently to stir, instigate and goad Japan and other Asian countries to go against China and eventually to start wars among these unsuspecting countries. The South China Sea and the East China Sea issue is all cooked up by the Evil Empire , US of America. Western aggression seems to have no limits. Western and American imperialism is making a come back to attack and rob the rich resources of the third world countries especially the oil and other mineral resources of the Arab countries.US and most of the European countries economy are in shambles and their finance is in deep shit. So to make up for their economic woes and financial debacle they resort to wild aggressive barbaric wars of aggression to rob the oil rich Arab countries and to sow seeds of dissension among Asian countries so as to eventually reap rich financial rewards in selling weapons to the warring factions. If the Arabs and the Asians do not wake up and unite they will be colonised and enslaved by the white people again. It is time that the Arabs and all the third world countries help Libya to defend its freedom and defeat Western imperialism and aggression. The time must come when we need to arrest all the political and military leaders of US and the West and hang them for their hideous crimes against humanity. Southernglory1

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Southernglory1, you seem to have read my mind. I have written an article on chef Hilary and her secret recipe two days ago and waiting to post it in redbeanforum. Think I will put it out tomorrow.