Self serving logic

Is there such thing as self serving logic? It is the kind of justification that people used to do silly things that they would not do without having some defensive arguments to justify their actions. An accident victim lying unconscious on the road and his money bag was on his side. The self serving logic would say, take it, if not, someone else would take it.

If we don’t go nuclear, our neighbours will. So the decision to go nuclear is made. QED. We don’t need to pay super talents to make this kind of decision with this kind of logic do we?

In the Singapore context there are plenty of such wonderful logics in use. The people will be corrupt. So how, pay them to prevent them from being corrupt. I also get paid by the way.

The people will squander their CPF savings. For their own good, lets lock it up for as long as possible. The people will all go for C Class hospital wards. So introduce mean testing to prevent such abuses. The higher income will all rush to buy HDB flats. So introduce an income ceiling to keep them away, so that they will go to the private market. Now my private property prices will definitely go up.

Water is a precious item. We must teach the people not to waste water. Charge them a higher fee and higher taxes for consuming too much. Is this self serving logic too?

The daft Singaporeans do not see these as self serving logic. They went along happily for decades. The not so daft Singaporeans remain reticent. But they turned them into party and private jokes among close friends. They are not that daft not to see walla when there is walla. Yes, not all Singaporeans are daft. The betterer dafters will be out there defending the self serving logic with all their might.


The said...

/// If we don’t go nuclear, our neighbours will. So the decision to go nuclear is made. QED. We don’t need to pay super talents to make this kind of decision with this kind of logic do we? ///

No, I think there are other better reasons for Singapore to go nuclear, and I think our policy makers are aware of it.

We should go the thorium route, instead of Uranium/Plutonium route. It is much more stable, safer and cleaner and the raw material are much more in abundance. China is going that route.

The US used to experiment with it, but because the by-products are not suitable for nuclear weapons, it was not used for power generation. Same with Japan - they wanted the enriched uranium/plutonium for strategic purpose instead of the cheaper, cleaner and safer thorium.

Singapore should seriously explore nuclear using thorium.


Wang said...

Agreed with THE although I note that the statement was to study and elaborated to study the impact.

Anonymous said...

A better study; why my costs are so high, and your pay so so high?

A bankruptcy of common sense under a pretext of ideas; like casinos in the city, now nuclear; greed knows no bound.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The fear and objection to a nuclear option for our energy needs are the concerns of radiation and the zero tolerance for a mishap.

If the Thorium reactor option can remove radiation and reduce the risk to 0, it will be a dream solution to our needs and the needs of the world for energy. The literature on the risk of this option is very vague though they imply that risk is very low.

How low is the issue. Until this is fully explored, it is still a WIP. Germany must have considered this route as well. For bigger countries, they have room for error, we don't have.

I am all for Thorium reactor if it is Failed Safe. I believe everyone will go for it too when it is declared safe.

The said...

Most of the developed countries have abandoned Thorium reactors because of the Cold War mentality - the need for nuclear-weapon grade enriched uranium and plutonium. Hence despite its scarcity, much higher risks and much lower quantities occurring in nature, nuclear superpowers and nuclear club member wannabes like Japan, Korea, Israel, India and Pakistan all went the uranium route. It would appear that China is at or near the forefront of Thorium research. Way to go, China!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The bad intent for choice of nuclear reactors to harvest weapon grade uranium will have its own consequences.

Anonymous said...

another good piece on singaporean thinking. thank u. i too am a victim of this constant bamboozlement.

i must say u'v really upped your columns since election time.

it's a bit late, but better late than never - i thought your piece on ministerial pay was superb. really really good.

Anonymous said...

My Singapore News has been a very enlightening Blog for many years and Its' Author simultaneously runs Redbean Forum which is more for transnational discussions and other Sites as well.
When comes to local social-political matters, this is one of the best site
available. Kudos to Mr Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng.
My Respect to You, Sir!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi guys, thank you.

Many of you can also write superbly if you want to. We are experiencing a kind of rennaisance in paradise. It has to be with the level of education of the populace and the sophistication in their world view.

There is an awakening among the people, especially the young. This must be good for everyone, except the devil. People who have their blinkers removed will be able to appreciate life more and live a more enriching lifestyle. That is the real progress of a people.