Screw those with entitlement mentality

No one is entitled to anything. There have been many strong remarks chastising young people for wanting to buy bigger flats as if it is an entitlement. If you can’t afford bigger flat, buy smaller flat that is within your means. This is the haughty reply of the successful. The losers, please take note, you only got yourself to blame for not being able to afford bigger and more expensive properties.

Today, young professional couples were told to buy smaller 4rm or 3rm flats with 2 incomes. Their aspiration for a bigger flat was doomed with the high prices in public flats and profiteering of private developers. Compared to their parents, a taxi driver or technician with one income could comfortably buy a 5 rm flat. Some even could afford executive flats. So what went wrong? The quality of housing has gone down. A 3rm mickey mouse flat is for mickey mouse and not for bringing up family.

Don’t even mention about those 500 sq ft shoe boxes. No matter how well furnished, they are good for pets only, not for human beans.

The expectation and aspiration for better housing and bigger housing are not entitlement mentality. Everyone wants to live better, has a decent place to bring up family. And they elect MPs to Parliament, to form govt, to look after their interest and aspiration. If the govt cannot fulfil the needs and aspiration of the people, they can piss off. The people are not going to take no and rubbish for an answer. If a govt cannot deliver and rebuke the people for better and higher expectations in living standards, and rubbish them as entitlement mentality, the people must remember to vote them out in the next GE.

What is entitlement mentality? Entitlement mentality is expecting to be paid several millions a year, even when one has no executive responsibility, no ministry to run, no tangible portfolio and no army of people to manage. This is the kind of entitlement mentality that should be debunked. Entitlement mentality is expecting to be paid as much or more than one’s previous job when they are totally unrelated or irrelevant. What skill does a professionally trained person in medicine, law, science or whatever brought in to the govt other than basic thinking and management skill? Why should one then be entitled to the same kind of remuneration?

If you don’t pay me, then I would not serve. Thank you, good riddance. There are plenty of talents out there who can do equally well in govt and would not have the entitlement mentality of wanting to be paid in millions. Screw those with this kind of entitlement mentality. Don’t vote for them in the next GE.


Wally Buffet said...

Your flats are getting smaller because you've to share available land and resources with the droves of foreign talents they let in by the millions.

As simple as that.


Wally Buffet said...

How can the already screwed be screwing those who have screwed us?


Anonymous said...

It's location, location and location. In a free market system, you sell your flat to the highest bidder.Let say you,as an owner(not the government), who owns a 5 rm HDB in the heart of Orchard and you want to sell it. Would you sell it to someone for 1/2 million when someone else is willing to pay a million dollar for it?

Think before you talk!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the downside of the "home asset enhancement" policy is starting to bite the policy-makers' backsides.

It will drive a wedge between the "Have-houses" and "Have-no-houses".


forgetmenaught said...

Just learnt from my housing agent neighbour
that the number of hdb resale flats coming
into the open market has dropped significantly.
Check in the advert to see for yourself he said.

Experts out there, could you care to comment!

Anonymous said...

No letting up in anger!

Anonymous said...

People in power should not be wealthy, if not they will inevitably (even unconciously) be spending time looking after their wealth, and skewing national policies to pro-asset inflation to the detriment of the masses.

Worst still if the wealth was made from "public" service.

This is what happened when you have ministers and top civil servants (GLCs included) who were paid millions a year, since 1995, in monopolistic and oligopolistic semi non-competitive entreprises.

Anonymous said...

In other words, you also want your cake and it it too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi forgetmenaught, welcome to the blog.

Not only that the housing bubble is bursting, look at some of the foodcourts and even hawker centres and you will find empty stalls. This is telling a story.

Anonymous said...

when one votes for a politician in Sin, it does not necessarily means he/she is voting for a representative to represent the voters' interest. It is because the voter is required by Law to vote. However, the voter does have the choice to vote for Alternative Party Members.

As to politicians voted in by the electorates doing little or nothing after the Elections, well, there is no law to say they have to. Is there any such Law or Rule?? If they entitle themselves to 'gaji buta'(paid for doing nothing), that's because the ELECTORATES have given them the MANDATE to it mah. Is it not the case?

We see plenty of calls to boycott purchase of expensive/costly public housings. BUT, do You know they are in short supply? Why? When no one was forced to buy.

The Stockholm Syndrome is now part of the Sin Culture, the sadists have found that Singaporeans love to be tortured, screwed and make to suffer to find living meaningful. It was not an overnight change, it took over four decades for Singaporeans to learn to enjoy such an educated(doctrinated) culture and Singaporeans are happily at ease with it.
Yes, they love to be screwed as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

Entitlement Mentality

I'm still waiting for George Yeo to prove you wrong.

By getting a higher paying private sector job.
Just to show you and other ungrateful Singaporeans how underpaid he was.
And the opportunity costs he incurred by accepting the burden of being our Foreign Minister.

Looks like a long wait.
Pass the potato chips please.

Anonymous said...

Truth is, even hawker centres are becoming expensive, not to talk about food courts.

And the hard truth is that as the prices become more expensive, the quality of the food becomes horribly less palatable.

Yes, stalls are empty because customers get screwed once and will never come back.

Anonymous said...

The confusion is the housing term created by our govt.
The way I see it, privately owned properties should be called "private". So HDB is as private as your privately owned car, your privately owned laptop or your privately owned pair of jeans. Things private is subjected to seller's pricing, not Govt.
Govt can sell you cheap. But who is to stop the owner from asking for high prices?
In a free market system( we are not communist you know) the govt cannot dictate prices unwisely. If they sell cheap and the owners sell high, who is the fool?
For housing, we need to achieve a balance. The state cannot be made a fool. The key is to optimize the value of land. Land and housing prices will rise with rising affluence of the people.
The fact that we have the most millionaires in world attest to our affluence.  And this is one of the main reason why property value has skyrocketed here.

DBSS caters to the richer populace. For the not so rich, there are plenty of around $400K(half the price of DBSS) housing to choose from.
Leave those expensive housing to a niche populace. Why should we help them to obtain premium housing in a premium locality cheaply?
So they can sell high and make a tidy profit later?
If they buy at $1m, you think they can sell at $2m?
The higher they pay for the flat the smaller a profit margin for them, assuming property value rises.
But the cheaper they acquire the property, the greater the profit margin for these sellers.
Put the real blame on those you are trying to help.
Yes, you are trying to help yourself to greater profit when you slam the govt for "unaffordable homes"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are not a communist country. Neither are we a kingdom nor a totalitarian state. We are a republic, where the country belongs to the people, and all citizens are meant to be equal, and each a co owner of the country. The state is a non entity, just a collective name.

The govt is elected by the people to look after the people, to distribute the wealth of the country and opportunities to as many people as possible. What is the use of the reserves or the riches of the country if they are not there to benefit the people, or to benefit just a few?

Political system of the past where a few rich dominated and claimed the wealth of the country, leading to extreme inequalities ended in chaos and revolutions where the masses took back the country and power to redistribute the wealth.

A govt that does not distribute the wealth of the country well will only create stress and tension and it is a matter of time when a new equilibrium and status quo will be demanded by the majority losers. Even a communist country aims to distribute the wealth of the country equally, in theory and as a policy. The abuses are due to human greed, like what is happening everywhere, every system.

The govt cannot say it can't do anything. If that is their attitude, they will be removed. The govt is now trying to do more for the people today. They know that they will not last if the majority of the people are unhappy.

The paper millionaires are aplenty but are they happy with the state of their well being? The elitist uncaring face can go on to snub the losers. The losers will overturn the buffett table when they find life unbearable.

Anonymous said...

"The govt cannot say it can't do anything. If that is their attitude, they will be removed. The govt is now trying to do more for the people today. They know that they will not last if the majority of the people are unhappy". Unquote

"The govt is now trying to do more for the people today". Unquote.

Hi Sir, not all rogue govt can be removed; that for sure. As for the latter quote, shall we say that the Sin Govt had been doing much for the past near 5 decades. At least this is something that's claimed and repeatedly vowed. And the people are saying that the last 2 were horrendous; is trying to do more for the people means making the people more disgruntled and grouchy as is happening to Sin now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to 60% daftees, Sinkies' lives will need to become worse before things get better. Expect more expensive HDB / condo, higher cost of living, more crowded public transport and roads, more foreign workers competing with you for scarce jobs, more expensive hospitals and healthcare......

Sinkies have extremely large tolerance for top-down screwing, unlike what some PAPies and elites tell you. But by the time Sinkies cannot tahan anymore, things will be real bad already. How bad? Property market and stock market down by 80%, and real unemployment rate of 25%.

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like some PAPer is reading your blog. Hope your words can convince him that he is voting wrongly!

Though from what I know about PAPers, they are not the best at listening...

Pity the daft Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

DBSS is twice oversubscribed. Now who are the fools here?

Certainly not the buyers.

Anonymous said...

After $100k discount. Wait till the subscribers sign on the dotted line then know how many will take up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

These flats are potentially worthed at least $1m. In the long run could be $2m. Wise choice to buy them at a steal now.

Anonymous said...

More than half the world needs to be lifted from poverty. There are plenty of opportunity to sell modern appliances and electronic products to these people. With that huge a market, imagine one's earning potential?

$1M home for a premium locality is peanut to many successful people.

Anonymous said...

How many believe that the DBSS flats are two times oversubscribed?

Anonymous said...

WTF... It is very common for people to feel that those in authority or those that are successful owe them something. This kind of thinking can be seen in many situations. A good example would be the beggar in the street who feels that because you are driving a nice car you should give him something for a meal... and if you don't he will give you hell... real story at Redhill...

PaPa would most certainly like to give u free gifts every day but how the heck can he??? when PaPa does not have infinite resources and he will need to save for rainy days as well???

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