The President’s Cup – The missing third key

The SIA Cup carries the biggest prize money in the Singapore horse racing circuit. But this pales in comparison with the Presidential Race that is scheduled in late August. The prize money is a cool $24m minimum, with options of doubling or tripling that sum to $48m or $72m if performance bonus and growth bonus are included.

With this heavenly sum of money to be won, it is unbelieveable that till now, only two entries have been confirmed. One is an outsider and another ‘an also ran’ coming from the most successful stable. The defending champion, a two time winner, has yet to confirm if he is defending his title. In the meantime the stable has previewed another thoroughbred that could possibly be their front runner for the contest.

The bookies have put up a reasonable odd of 1 to 10 for the outsider to win the race. The breakaway entry is given a higher rating in view of his past association with the famed stable. This makes it imperative that the stable must put up a good fight and not to take the two outsiders lightly. The ageing two time winner with too much weight handicap may be rested for good. And there is no room for a dark horse to run and to think of winning.

Why is there such a dearth of entries in probably the richest race on earth? Someone has locked the door and threw away the key. It is of paramount importance that this key is found and the door reopened so that a proper race can be run with every good contestant be given an equal chance, at least at the starting block. It cannot be a race when practically all entries are ruled out or locked out from the race.


Anonymous said...

Be it the cups, the money or the honour of the titles, they are all empty, false and nothing to those who want or expect nothing from Sin.
All that we Lay Singaporeans want is the Honour and Respectability of the Man. BUT, THE MAN HAS DONE NOTHING TO BENEFIT ANY SINGAPOREAN SO FAR, NOT EVEN A BIT.
He is no better than the statues in the places of worships, dumb and for show only, ironically, there are more dumber worshippers around.

Anonymous said...

Based on qualifying criteria, probably not more than 100 Singaporeans can meet criteria.

Anonymous said...

This kind of two legged horses are so rare that they can only be bred in Singapore.

Needless to say, I have yet to see a two legged horse anywhere else in the world, so nothing strange that only two exist to run against each other. They are specially bred in unique Singapore only.

Singapura Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Based on the criteria it is so easy to disqualify even those who qualified if there is a little blemish in the person's private life.

Anonymous said...

If they want to, a few dollars stamp will suffix, like Dr. Chee. If they won't, even revealing confidential Government information is excusable, like Tharman.

So, what is the criteria?

Depends on whose gang you belong to?