Presidential Election – A test case for PAP

With the PAP back in power, the Presidential Election is looking set to be a test case to see whether the people will blindly support the proxy candidate of PAP. In the past elections, a vote for the PAP sponsored candidate was a vote for PAP. In the case of Nathan, there was no election to talk of.

It looks like there will be a contest in this Presidential Election with at least three independent candidates indicating intent to stand. The PAP has yet to announce its candidate. It will be interesting to watch how the voters will vote this time. A defeat of the PAP sponsored candidate will be a big blow to the ruling party. It will be an emphatic NO by the people to the all embracing power and control of the govt. It will also be the first defeat of the PAP in an election. If that be so, PAP will have a problem to fix. It will be the clearest sign of a change of time that the wind in the PAP sail is off.

Would PAP be able to put up another sure win candidate, or is there such a candidate in the PAP camp? Or would this be a contest for separation of power, which means that no matter who the PAP puts up, he will not stand a chance? The unilateral decision of George to want to stand could undermine the PAP’s plan as it may have its own candidate in mind. It is getting more interesting to see the contest of ex PAP, old PAP, defeated PAP and sponsored PAP contesting against each another.

The rationale for an independent Presidency to control the second key against any raid of the treasury by the incumbent govt is anti thesis to a PAP candidate from its inception. The logic is simple and clear, unless the people are plain daft for not being able to see why there is a need for a truly independent President. This will be the test of the people’s will, whether they are independent thinkers who will decide what is best for them, or just daft sheep blindly listening to self serving logic. Then they can be contented with just grazing happily in the well crafted field divided nicely into little sheep pen.

The pathetic part is that the rest of the population have been excluded from standing for the Presidency. The winner will still be one that used to wear a PAP badge before.


Anonymous said...

Supporters of George Yeo claimed that he had served the Aljunied residents for many years and the residents are ungrateful. Look at it another way, he was collecting millions for many years.

Anonymous said...

With the kind of mindset of the electorate after years of indoctrination by the PAP, my hunch is the PAP backed candidate is going to win.
Notice the countless issues and general unhappiness in last GE, the PAP still managed to win 60% of the votes, which by measure of all mature democracies, is a landslide. SMCs should be easy pickings for the oppositions but they only got one.
Maybe in another generation, things will change

Anonymous said...

I think Singaporeans will be taken for a ride. George Yeo? Tan Kim Lian? Tan Cheng Bok? All ex-PAP people? And who will be the other PAP supported candidate?

Gosh, it is starting to be an all in the family reunion. Only a question of which one is openly supported going against those supported behind the scene.

The Indonesian 'Wayang Kulit' is fast becoming the national 'shadow puppet show' of red dot.

Singaporeans sure are starting to get hot under the collar.

Much ado about nothing, actually!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Europeans were emancipated more than a century ago. We are still living in shackles or still choose to be living in shackles.

Asians in general, Singaporeans in particular, like to be ruled. They worship authority, their knees wobble in the names royalties. The oogles at kings, princes and princesses even if they were duds or ruthless demons.

Asians deserved to be ruled, until the day they liberated their minds to be free people, and masters of their own destiny. There is no such things as royal blood or blue blood or born to rule.

Anyone that is able and elected by the people shall have the right to rule. No one can be excluded from this right unless his has committed a serious crime. Not being a perm sec, not being a minister, not being a CEO of a $100m company is no crime.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your point that anyone able and honest should be allowed to participate to rule. This is just common sense and fair. The current criteria are so biased.

I don't see how George Yeo can be anything else other than the appointed PAP candidate.

Both Tans' glimpse of indepence can be a bit of trouble for PAP.
Auditing GIC and scrutinizing key appointment holders are important check and balance roles.

Anonymous said...

i actually think the PAP govt will not openly endorse any candidate this time, but you can be sure that if george yeo stands for election, he is the endorsed candidate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nathan is still deciding if he wants to stand. And Tony is appearing on the horizon. George will have worthy competitors to face.

In answering to anon's view on SMC, the opposition parties concentrated their firepower on the GRCs this time. Thus those left to fight the SMCs were not that strong.

The voters are still particular with the quality of candidates. Some of the good candidates could stand a good chance if they stand at SMCs instead.

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans are not politically mature and most of them do not understand what democracy, check and balance are. This has explained why such an internally rotten ruling party can last so long. Until today, these daft Singaporeans still consider highest candidate quality (paper qualification) is a must to be a politician. They have ignored the biased political system put in place by the ruling party to perpetuate its rule. They have blindly trusted the ruling party for so many decades. because of all the above, this PE2011 or PE2012 is just another wayang. A complete waste of time and effort! When will daft Singaporeans wake up?

Anonymous said...

So our elected president does not really have any useful function except to serve as a puppet on a string where every of his action and movement is commanded by the master, the puppeteer. So why bother to have a president? Why pay him Five Million Dollars to goyang kaki or Chia Liow Bee, just wasting people's money. If the post is only titular in nature just nominate any honourable citizen of high standing to the presidency and he will feel so proud and honoured that he may not even want to accept any payment at all. At most he will only be too happy to accept only a small honourarium.

Well, sad to say the ruling elite bathe in wealth and splendour while a large section of our people live in miserable3 squaldour. In such a situation won't a revolution raise its ugly head one day?