PAP’s presidential candidate

With the amount of publicity in the main media, it is almost certain that Tony Tan is the likely PAP candidate for the presidential election. So Nathan would likely be stepping down. For those who are looking for a Malay President, the hope is fading away fast.

There should be no issue about Tony’s credential and qualification for the presidency. His only weakness is his PAP badge even if it is taken down. The mood of the people is for a truly independent president, not just because of his great credential and track record. If Tony is defeated, it is not because he is not good enough.

The bigger issue is who to fill his position of Executive Director in GIC. From past experience, no one is good enough, I mean no locals will be good enough. They all lack international exposure and experience. Very likely another yoda will be wheeled to fill the post. If they can’t fill any yoda that is still kicking, maybe the next obvious choice is a foreign talent. And there are plenty of foreign talents available. If need be, just offer the candidate a citizenship badge and call him citizen. That should do the trick to soothe the nationalistic fervour.

Any true blue Singaporean hopefuls eyeing for the job will only be disappointed. We just don’t have that kind of caliber candidates today. Anyone under 60 belongs to a generation of straight As and first class but good on paper only. Maybe good enough to become politicians. The real talent will likely come from a little village somewhere around the world, preferably in a third world country, hungry and willing. Never mind if his primary or secondary or even first degree is not from a branded top notch school. Never mind if there are no straight As. Ability and talent are not written in a straight As report card or first class degree from the Ivy League.

There must be many dark horses waiting to fill Tony’s shoes. Or maybe a white stallion from the US or Europe will also do. Sinkies, forget it. Just my reading after gazing too long at an old crystal ball.


hot said...

Dr Tony Tan can asap return to GIC if he lost in the election. Don't waste his talent. Better to get Independent Insurance Tan Kian Lian to put lots of moral pressure on PAP ministers.

Tan gives more than 90% to poor Singaporeans, take about $300,000. Ministers took about $3mln to $10mln (cannot verify, no transprency) a year. Ministers will be very "lau qui" if more cock ups in policies and mistakes.
Big moral pressure on Ministers; get a bit of same medicine they put on Singaporean students, workers and families.

Anonymous said...

"The mood of the people is for a truly independent president, not just because of his great credential and track record". Unquote.

By the Definitions, Condition Of Office and Assignment Of Duty, there can only be a lame president in Sin.

Only Singaporeans with nothing better to do will harp on the Sin Presidency. It is better to go Hong Lim Park(Speaker Corner) to watch events there or just enjoy the quietness and peace in the centre of the city. It will be much more meaningful.

Or if one is religious, go to any places of worship and say your wishes to the deities. They are better than a moving statue.

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Mr Chua, there are a few Singporeans who are top global standards in financial mkts & fund mgt; but they are not the Yes-men, LKY-know-all PAP type. There is no shortage of Singaporean talents; they are all over globally.

Anonymous said...

Dr Tony Tan's biggest problem is he is wearing the PAP badge.You have to be politically correct and above all a YES MAN to survive in GIC or Temasek-all the Ivy League qualications are secondary.
Come on Singaporeans,raise the bar for other presidential hopefuls but not their salary

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi hot, welcome to the blog.

It is now 99% sure that Tony will be PAP's candidate. The WP or SDP or another party should come out and sponsor Tan Kin Lian or Tan Cheng Bock as their candidate.

Anonymous said...

Although I like Mr Tony Tan, for Singapore sake I will likely not vote him. Singapore needs a low pay President to tell all those crazily super paid ministers what is public service.

Anonymous said...

I share the view that the mood of the people is for a truly independent President. Do not talk about track record or credentials. They mean little to the ordinary guy because it is beyond their understanding. They can only understand that the President must have the guts to ask for answers to important questions that the people are interested in.

Now, whether Tony Tan resigns from the PAP just to stand as an independent candidate is of little consequence. He is still a PAP man inside out, from top to bottom. Just because he resigns from the PAP does not mean he will ask all the important questions. Far from it. He may just be there to continue the hand waving act while wool continues to be pulled over peoples' eyes.

The wayang is playing out the way many people have anticipated.

Just enjoy the show!

Wally Buffet said...

Between an insurance salesman, a medicine man and a politician, I guess I'll just play scissors, paper, stone with myself and chose accordingly.

Pathetic choice if you ask me.

Now, if he could hack it, I think CSJ would make an ideal President.

Plenty of drive and gusto plus balls.

And he sure would guard our reserves like it was his grandmother's heirloom.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The current mood of the people, Chee Soon Juan has an outsider chance of getting elected if he is eligible.

Though the diehard believers may think otherwise, they are only 30%. There is a 40% swing vote out there that will vote for anything that is not PAP in a presidential election.

Anonymous said...

I used to think Dr Chee was the least suitable and unstable, but now I think I have to change my mindset.

Between a PAP, PPA, APP, there is actually no choice, so Dr Chee is indeed the best choice, if suitable, rather than all the puppets on show.

Anonymous said...

This is embarassing. Even a President must be either ex-PAP or PAP supported.

Unbelievable! But true!