PAP sponsored Presidential candidate

Two interesting developments today with Nathan saying he has not decided if he should run another term and Tony Tan surfacing as a potential PAP sponsored candidate. This brings me to ponder over the selection process of a PAP sponsored candidate. Will it be similar to the Tea Party used to screen potential MPs for GE, where the candidates will go through some kind of interview before being offered to run? This would also imply that the final decision to field a candidate is decided by the PAP and not the candidate who says, ‘I want, I want.’ Or is it that a candidate first decide if he wants to run and then informs the PAP of his intent?

How would the few candidates fit into the PAP selection process or scheme of things? Presumably Tan Kin Lian and Tan Cheng Bock would not even be considered if they inform the PAP of their participation and hoping for the party’s support. What about George Yeo? Would he be considered a candidate for sponsorship?

If the PAP decides to sponsor George, and if Nathan also decides that he wants to run, and if Tony also comes into the picture, would we then have 3 PAP sponsored candidates to choose from? Or can the PAP say no to the candidates and only select one while the others can go and run as independent candidates like the two Tans? Interesting if both Nathan and Tony say yes and PAP says no to any one of them. It can also say no to George if he asks for the party’s sponsorship.

Then if they go ahead to run, they would then be running against the interests of the PAP or running against a PAP sponsored candidate? Now would that runs against the vein and ruffles a few feathers in the process?


Anonymous said...

The permutations of the possible candidates are getting rather interesting. Definitely much better than another walkover.


notanotherspinstory said...

Squealer, the mouthpiece of Napoleon.

Tony Tan is much hated as the head of the spin doctoring SPH.

PAP would be a fool if they put him as candidate.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must be daft that they believe EP would be able to check on the government. EP is just another cunning scheme like GRC, NMP or NCMP to fool the people. Abuse of constitutional amendments to advantage one is indeed a corruption act. EP is designed to perpetuate the PAP's single party rule of the red dot. Now, EP seems to backfire on its inventor. To the better future of Singapore, EP should be a non-PAP or pro-PAP person so that he/she could really question the government. It looks like this PE2011 or PE2012 is another wayang of PAP.

Singaporeans should vote wisely. But, do Singaporeans really have a choice? If there is no real freedom of choosing their EP, I would suggest let LKY be the first real EP before he is gone. This will save money and time on PE2011 or PE2012 wayang. LKY is well qualified. After all he is the inventor of this EP system and we do not have any legislation on conflict of interest. We should honor him by giving him the position to make few more $4m before he is gone. He could then reveal our reserve details (since he knows best) as our real EP and this will remain in history as his contribution.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is looking like the election of the Tans. Tan Kin Lian, Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Tony and Na Than: )

George will not stand a chance, cause he is a Yeo.

Anonymous said...

The President is a walking example of how people can work and work till 100 years old and be very happy to go on and on. He shall give a pep talk to all the ah pehs and ah mahs in the hawker centres and foodcourts on the joy of working.

Anonymous said...

<...George will not stand a chance, cause he is a Yeo...>

Aiyoyo...I mean Ai yeo yeo, Mr redbean, you are right!


Anonymous said...

What election? It is all a family affair, it seems to me. This is a classical wayang in the making.

Maybe the PAP is thinking that Prataman has done his job so well, without raising a sweat or causing any problems for the PAP by being obedient, he deserves another term.

But, seriously, if the incumbent were to contest, loosing is unthinkable. I think he better step down and save some face for the PAP.

Or, if he insist on staying and the PAP decides he has to go, well, what do you think will happen? We know from history what happened to Devan Nair and Ong Teng Cheong.

Taiwanese and Korean soap operas are not that messy by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to buy the idea that LKY will make the best President. That will be the best way to keep the reserves all in the Familee. LHL manage GIC; Ho Ching Temasek and the Father protecting the reserves from fritering away by an off chance profligate government. What better way to kiss goodbye to your CPF?


Anonymous said...

Prataman has been enjoying himself for so long and still thinking to carry on. Pls lah. Even few months before his term end and now still go for holidays. Waste of tax payer money.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of the yoda joining the show? If people start talking about it, maybe it will come true. We asked for it, they will say.

It will make the plot for the opera rival the great Italian, French and Dutch Masters put together.

Anonymous said...

Striking toto is like 1 in 50m chance and only $600k. This one looks like 1 in 4 chance to win $24m and most Singaporeans are not allowed to participate. KNN.

Anonymous said...

You must be PAP sponsored to participate in the 1 in 4 chance to win the $24M lottery.

Now, a certain candidate is already talking about the President being bound by the constitution and highlighting what he is supposed to do if elected, such as all the 1) possibilities and impossibilities 2) what is allowed or disallowed to be disclosed 3) what can or cannot be accounted for.

Now, if we have all those regulations in place, plus a Presidential Council looking over the shoulders of the President on behalf of the PAP, why the heck not allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to contest if he or she satisfy the simple criteria of being a citizen?

Or just being called daft and a lesser mortal means we can forget about all the fat hope of striking the lottery.

Peasants will remain peasants, whatever the servants tell you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the best thing for the people to do now is to call for a referendum to do away with a decor piece that is never needed at all.
Anyone who believes a Sin President overseeing and supervising 87 top talents and best brains in the Land with more power than him(Prez) must be a moron or mentally unsound.

Anonymous said...

This is the puppet show Singaporeans have never been largely in favour of, even now, but have been forced to embrace, just like all the other self serving logic of the rulers.

Anonymous said...

One an ex President will write in his memoir that he knew it was all along a joke but enjoy the ride and the money that comes along with it.

The said...

/// Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is looking like the election of the Tans. Tan Kin Lian, Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Tony and Na Than: ) ///

You forgot Mah Bow TAN.

The said...

I do not think Dr Tony Tan is in the running. If you analze his words carefully, he seems to be sending up the trial balloon for the real contender. He is saying that given the uncertain economic situation in the coming years, the President elect should be someone with a firm hand and knows the complexity of government.

Now, who fits such a bill? You got it - LKY or GCT. But the firmest hand must surely be LKY.

Personally, I think it will be good for Singapore if LKY is elected as President. And he will garnered tremendous goodwill if he cuts his salary to $1, a la Lee Iacocca.

Anonymous said...

The Presidential election is no joke, but it is turning into a joke.

And the whole world is watching our first world Presidential election. Wonder what they think?

Anonymous said...

Give thanks. Instead of once in 5 years PAPies show, this year is good extended version. Enjoy while we can....the show must go on. 3 Dog Night.

Anonymous said...


Enjoy....the show must go on

Anonymous said...

Everyone talking about $4m pa. You guys know what was the total payout in 2010? $10m? $12m?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The, don't really agree with Tony Tan on the impending crisis ahead. If the president has to play a part in the affairs of the state, the country would have collapsed long before that.

There are so many brilliant and talented politicians and top civil servants running the country. If it has to come down to the last man in the Istana with no executive power to lift the country up from the longkangs, most of the rich people and their wealth would have leave our shores.

Too late. Just keep the Presidency as a ceremonial role.

Anonymous said...

Flipping prata is a hard job. The thing is they have made it into a ceremonial role, with a fat cheque to match.

No wonder so many are eyeing the profession now, whether can flip or not.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The PAP is in a bind. My reading is that they would want to put up a Malay candidate this time. Now with several ex PAPs volunteering themselves without the party's blessing, and with Nathan still thinking of running, their candidate of choice may not be elected.

One solution may be to have a GRP, Group Representative President. Two Presidents will be elected at one go. One from the majority plus a minority candidate. One will be First President and the other Second President. The $4m will be shared by the two Presidents, both relatively equal in status, no big, no small: )

Anonymous said...

Party losing control. Ex PAP want to run. Not sponsored also want to run. Past sponsored also want to run. The one the party want to sponsor now dare not run.

No one is listening to the Party anymore.

Anonymous said...

With so many running for the job, in time to come maybe they need to create a few more ceremonial positions, eg. Senior President, President Mentor and Emeritus President.

You see, we have to create more millionaires in case we slip in our rankings.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, the president has no executive powers. He will act/sign on the advice of the cabinet, approve key appt holders etc etc.

The above is issued by my press secretary. I told him not to explain why the president still needs to be paid so many millions to do such an honourable job.

I also heard that Chiam See Tong may be contesting for the position. According to the criteria he will not qualify.

Can't imagine him being the president and because of his physical condition today, PM and ministers would have to kneel down to talk to him. Otherwise they will be talking down to him, which will look very rude.

Anonymous said...

TKL & TCB are sabotaging the PAP by donating all or almost all of the super high pay to charities. This act of public service will make past super well paid ministers look really bad & greedy. Will put a lot of pressure on current ministers regardless of Review Panel outcome to donate chucks of their pay. Leadership by example is powerful.

This is the ultimate sabotage on them; public service?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.

If they really do so by donating most of their high pay to charites if elected, it sure does throw a spanner into the works of the PAP machinery. That makes it sound like there are still many people willing to serve the country without the sky high salaries, and will put to rest the fallacious argument that we need high pay to attract talents to serve.

It is going to kill another one of their self serving logic.