Nuclear power plants for sale

Germany has decided to scrap all its nuclear power plants. The French are also pressing their govt to do so. Japan is on the way too if the Japanese could have their way. Potentially there are at least three countries that may lelong their power plants to power hungry countries.

Asean looks like the best candidate to benefit from such fire sales. Politically they are more acceptable to the West to be recipients of this dangerous technology. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are quite advanced in their research on nuclear technology and the harnessing of nuclear power for commercial use.

This is a golden opportunity to send a joint delegation to these countries to buy over their nuclear plants, lock, stock and barrel for a song, including their experts and technicians. Where else can one get such a turnkey project without having to reinvent the wheel? And all three can become instant nuclear powers with nuclear fuel and enriched uranium for sale. They can gain international stature by joining the elite nuclear club.

All that is necessary now is to get some nuclear experts to swear that nuclear energy is perfectly safe with all the safe guard measures built in from the experience in Fukushima. Everything that can go wrong will not go wrong anymore. All taken care of.

Malaysia can site their nuclear plant in Johore, Indonesia can site theirs in Batam and we put ours in Tekong or Ubin. We can call it the Asean nuclear triangle of the three Asean nuclear powers. Locating them together will cancel each others concern of nuclear risk and radioactive fallouts. I risk you and you risk me. Fair and square.


Wally Buffet said...

Locating them all within a radius of 20km with the epicentre in Pulau Ubin is the best solution to bring down property prices notwithstanding the genius of the $8 heart surgery mintster.

Congratulations! You found the solution to your pet peeve, high property prices!


Anonymous said...

Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The three Asean countries should go ahead and build their own nuclear power stations. With the expertise provided by Singapore, we can prove to the Japanese that we can build nuclear stations that are so safe that there is nothing to worry about.

Then not only we can sell our expertise to the world, we will be seen as better than the Japanese, more professional and able to provide and build turnkey nuclear plants for the world.

Our ability and confidence to build the nuclear plants in our little country with no place to run will be the best testimony and guarantee that our nuclear plants are built not to fail.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Singapore can build a few under-water nuclear plants for all that it needs to prosper. With the sales of power supplies to the region, leaders will not have to sell Sin to make Singapore viable.
And in case of reactor problem, let the sea helps to solve it.
Isnt my idea good?

Anonymous said...

Soon, red dot will become green dot. Glowing green, I mean.

Then, as Wally said, properties sold by 'lelong' also no takers.