No letting up in anger

Housing problems continue to drive the angry home buyers up the wall. And the high but affordable prices of the newly launched flats in Tampines only add fuel to the already unhappy young couples. Boon Wan’s explanation that DBSS flats must not be seen as HDB flats was immediately dismissed by the affected people. No one believes or want to believe that DBSS flats are different from HDB as many of the HDB rules and regulations are still applicable to these flats except for the part of the developer.

Boon Wan’s explanation is going to go the road of his $8 open heart surgery. Can anyone blame the people for their anger and cynicism? The writing is on the wall for the govt. They have 5 years to appease the anger of the people and their expectation for a whole range of issues, from housing to foreign talents and the recognition that the citizens must be taken care of first. Haughty talks of telling the people to tighten belt, lower their expectations to fit their pockets are not going to be well received. Failing to address these issues will see the party being dumped into the pages of history.

Make no mistake about it. The previous hard nose and snotty approach to handling the citizens and brow beating them to acquiescence no longer works. No one in the govt has that kind of authority and stature to brush the people aside anymore. Any politician who thinks he can still behave and talk like immortals or gods got to prepare for the backlash that will come swift and fast. Talking cock and trying to pull wools over the eyes of a new people that have woken to their rights and the realization that they must take control of their own future and country will be tough going.

There is a sense of emancipation from years of oppression and intimidation. The political culture and climate are at a cross road, for more freedom of choice and expression or for the hammer to come smashing down and a return to an abrasive and intolerant past.

What would it be like in 2016 depends on the changes that are taking place today, a pro people govt or a govt that decides on what it thinks best, even contrary to the people’s interests and aspirations.


Alan Wong said...

Greed seems to be the hallmark of our PAP govt today. Everything they do, they are doing it for the sake of making more and more money at the expense of the people.

It seems that nothing can please them more than the joy of seeing their bank accouts getting bigger and fatter.

Are our PAP cronies any less different from those UMNO cronies across the causeway ?

Anonymous said...

Big difference. One takes legally, one takes illegally.

Anonymous said...

Lets give credit where it is due. The early generation of PAPers were really people we ought to take our hats off to. Yes, even LKY who until 2006 was making sound policies with his sound mind (pun intended).

Much unfortunately, the current batch of our aptly called supertalent only wish to enrich their own pockets. Khaw BW, may I remind everyone, proposed Singaporeans staying at old folks home in Malaysia so as not to tax the healthcare system here (also to tax his own bonus)...

Give me back the days of authoritarian rule anytime, as long as the Rule is Singaporeans first.

Anonymous said...

In any case, I am impressed that Straits Time published a seething response from a Patrick Tan to HDB (Khaw's) claim that HDB has no recourse over how a developer charges for the DBSS.

In doing so, HDB has benefited the developer at the expense of Singaporeans! So much for protecting the reserves yeh...

Kudos to you Patrick and god bless the editor who allowed the forum letter.

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporean

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like they said, can't deceive all the people all the time.

Yes the ST is opening up. In the past, all these complaints and different views would not be reported or heard, and some jokers would claim, no complaints. Everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean, please grow up. All I hear is NATO.

You missed your chance in the last GE to put more oppositions to pressure the Government on local issues. Even your three most hated Ministers were voted in. So regret and wait for your next chance. Talking now does not matter to the Government but the numbers of oppositions in parliament you voted in does.

Anonymous said...

LHL in his policy speech says they are to serve the people. Sound very hollow.

Anonymous said...

A lot of foreign friends quipped Singapore very rich country and rich people. I told them the only rich people in Singapore is in the government.

Anonymous said...

What Alan Wong says is absolutely right - PAP is just GREED today. Medical tourism is another PURE GREED - it is doctors in private & govt hospitals treating only rich people who can pay them filthy sums. Ordinary citizens with not enough $ got to wait long long or don't see doctor.

Anonymous said...

Why so many Singaporeans do not see realities with their eyes and minds liked our leaders really baffle me. Or it is because the Leaders are indeed the only talents that are able to understand Singaporeans.
Let us start with housing, one or two generations had already benefitted tremendously with their HDB Flats. Those who bought their units at a fraction; those at Jurong for example with 4 Rm Unit under 20Ks in the 70s, now own or can sell their units for over 300Ks. Without having to work for it, a cool 200+ K profits from the wisdoms of the Leadership Policy.
If 1100 square feet is worth 880Ks today, Singaporeans know that it will be worth over a million dollars soon, still a profitable investment. And mind You, many are still on the waiting list bemoaning missing their chances.
Our leaders will not disappoint those on the waiting list, they will build more, according to the applicants' wishes in designs and locations, albeit they will cost more than the last batch and maybe smaller.
Meanwhile, those that could make hundreds of ($)Ks can now plan for a car or move to newer estates, possibly a great improvement in achievement. Talking about cars, do Singaporeans noticed that though families have gotten smaller(less members), cars are getting bigger and more luxurious in Sin??? Compare to larger countries where their people have for practical reasons, are owning smaller and fuel efficient vehicles, Singaporeans are tagging prestige to their car ownerships. See how affordable Singaporeans are though they complain and complain about the prices of everything???
The Leaders have done a good job in trying to calibrate everything from having more ERPs, COEs, multi-storey carparks, high fuel cost and taxes. Less intake of foreigners, foreign workers and what not, yet Singaporeans still can afford to splurge. Not only can Singaporeans splurge and splurge, Sin now houses the most millionaires on its' tiny dot. The best proof that the Leaders know what the people have been living in.

Anonymous said...

Want to complain some more? The Leaders will welcome You to do so, they know how to respond.
To make You feel better, measures such as means testing, building more infant and childcare centres to allow both parents to work harder and longer to earn more to make You more affordable and to enhance your possessions. See this; a $880K 1100 square ft property is definitely far more precious than a 1300 square ft unit at $100Ks with wider spaces in between blocks, in Tampines in the 80s, dont You think so? Though the buyers own a smaller house, the owners own a priceless prestige that comes with the price tag leh, a glory money cannot buy, You know???
To cut it short, please end your misconceptions about hardships and what not living conditions in Singapore. Though some of You make much noises in Cyberspace, Singaporeans have no qualm hunting for parking spaces or equipping their houses and cars with high end and costly adornments despite everything said in Cyberspace and at markets and coffeeshops.
Please have confidence that our leaders know best as they really monitor You well.

Anonymous said...

Asset prices have their cycles. 1950 to 2010 (probably end near 2020) Singapore is in a major up cycle, accentuated by huge influx of capital and human capital. Both are and will peak. The best part of Singapore uptrend is probably behind us.

The current younger generation and future generations will be in a major bear cycle, just like Japan in the past 20 years.
When they reach retirement age, they will likely incur huge capital losses, not gains.

Straight linear thinking in asset prices, have destroyed many investors.
Do not be too cocky and assumptive in investments, stay humble and expect the unexpected. Putting your bets on politicians is a fast way to poverty in due time.

Very high priced cities will be much challenged due to the advancement of Internet and proliferation of 2nd & 3rd tier cities globally. Singapore with its hot weather and very high asset prices probably is in the midst of the last leg of its super bull cycle, due to its intense injection of financial and human capital, which is unsustainable.

The adverse side and downside risks of this policy will show up when the cycle turns down.

Take care; in this world there will be trials and tribulations.

Be content, be patient; let's hope policy makers not bring unnecessary harm by loading young Singaporeans with massive debts.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to trust politicians who chose to pay themselves millions every year, and even not disclosing them. Something not right with sincerity and accountability.

Anonymous said...

Got anger meh?
Many angry meh?
Wrong lah!
60% the Last Election.
It will be 69% in the
Next One.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying, "Fools and their money will be parted".

Is it foolish to trust policy makers in the 1960s who are paid $3,000 per month, when they can earn $15,000 per month?

Now in the 2000s is it wise to trust policy makers who are paid many millions a year, when many in the true competitive private sector (not GLCs or army) probably will earn about $200,000 to a $1mln a year on average?

Anonymous said...

why get angry? get even.


that will teach the smartass developer a lesson.

we need to do what we once did when taxi fares were upped. pple didn't take cabs the day the new fares started. the fares came down almost immediately after tt.

meanwhile, we should bombard khaw with criticism for trying to divorce hdb from dbss flats. this kind of old-fashioned taiqi should no longer work or be practised. the govt has no control? my big toe!! he needs to 'wake up his ideas'!!!!

Anonymous said...

They overturned the cabinet, yet it seems what is inside is still the same old habits of greed comes first.

A leopard never changes its spot. Well, if you are unhappy and did not do the right thing at the recent polls, you asked for it. No sympathies for those who voted for PAP! As they say, none so blind as those who do not see.

notanotherspinstory said...

Its deja vu. More of the same shit again. Smells of Mah's horseshit.

Anonymous said...

When we buy things nicely packed inside beautiful printed boxes, we should know that packaging is very important nowadays. But what is inside? The same old shit stuff that taste even worse than the old grubby stuff that used to come packed in gloomy looking cartons.

We are at that stage now. Things are wonderful to look at on the outside, but nothing is good inside. We know we are not buying good stuff, but we still go for it because it looks enticing.

Voters beware. Nothing effectively is going to change from the inside. We have to make the changes from the outside. And that means not buying the crap sold as good for you and for your own good.

Lessons are meant to be learned, not forgotten, the moment candies are thrown to buy our votes.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
They overturned the cabinet, yet it seems what is inside is still the same old habits of greed comes first. ///

Aiyah, be fair lah. The cabinet was only overturned last month. That poor KBW inherited the problem. That land was sold a couple of years ago.

If KBW is smart and serious about change and meeting people's expectation, then he should call a complete stop to DBSS - damned bloody stupid scheme.

Anonymous said...

I call upon all Singaporean to boycott this bloodsucking tampines DBSS. Let us stand united and teach the greedy developer a lesson . We have the power to make their so called goldmine into a ghost town. ....any one knows of any website to register my pledge for the boycott, pls share.

Anonymous said...

Kbw stop telling us that DBSS is only a small portion of public housing selection. It is after all public housing and the high pricing definitely has a great impact on every resale HDB and private property in Singapore. Even the market Aunties can figure out this? U think we stupid or what?

Before GE , pap told us they are sorry and they will ensure housing is affordable. u call $880k affordable? Ya only if u earn millions like the ministers. Now after GE, they tell us if we think it is too expensive then don't buy. So if we can't even buy public housing launched by HDB? Then what else? Go to Malaysia like what KBW has suggested for healthcare when he was the health minister????

Anonymous said...

You guys talk as if all flats are priced from$800K upwards. Hello? There are plenty of under $400K price region I. The market. Those DBSS flats are for richer singaporeans. If you don't have that earning capacity, stay out of the game.
Similarly, average joes don't think about owning properties in orchard areas. They are too happy to live in CCK or woodland. Woodland is only half an hour downtown via MRT which is acceptable.
Just buy something within your means and leave high end homes to those who can afford.
We should see these high priced flats as indirect tax on the rich.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I see you're still belly-aching about the same-o same-o stuff.

Trust me, when it comes of public housing -- everyone wants their 'entitlement', and thus acrimony and narrow self interest will rule. Or you can just put it down to fear and greed.

Anyway I just stopped by to announce -- if you haven't already heard Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G, Borat, Bruno) new character: The Dicatator.

god bless all the dictators, for without them the world would indeed be boring.

Anonymous said...

What about my entitlement to $3m and $4m salary and 12mth and 24mth bonuses? Everyone is talking about entitlements from top down.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tampines Centrale DBSS 4/5rm flats slashed by $100k amidst public outcry. See, if the people don't kpkb, the young couples would be forced to cough out another $100k which could be a year of two incomes for nothing, or at least 5 years of hard savings.

The buyers should boycott expensively priced projects and don't be made into suckers. Boon Wan is building more flats so no need to be forced into buying ridiculously priced flats.

And I hope Boon Wan would remove the silly $10k ceiling to save the young people from being forced into the pirates den.

Boon Wan, you listening? Can you see how atrocious is this $10k ceiling and how it is bleeding the young professionals? No more savings, how to bring up children, how much left for retirement?

Anonymous said...

KBW pls take note that how you resolve the housing issues will determine the outcome in 2016. LHL don't say sorry again when time comes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now who is suffering from entitlement mentality?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, nobody is forcing you to buy a Jaguar. If you cant afford a Jaguar, buy a Nissan instead. Leave the richer Singsporean to pay a premium for up market property which is a SCARCE SUPPLY.
All these kbkb is just benefitting the RICH.

Imagine. Half a million dollar Jaguar now down by $100K. Who is laughing to the bank now with all your noises when still end up with a Nissan AT THE SAME PRICE?

Who is the bigger fool here?

Take the EC, for instance. Those who bought at $300+ psf are selling their units at twice the price - even higher than some private condominium prices.

Who is laughing to the bank? You who can only buy a "Nissan" and making all the noises of highfalutin prices or rich Singaporeans who can afford but want to buy cheap and SELL HIGH LATER.

Why are we helping the rich to be...richer?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually everyone must think positively. $880k if price doubles, becomes $1.76m. Now they reduced to $780k, double means $1.56m.

The buyer must have confidence that prices will only go up, so the more expensive it is, the better, as the profit will be much more than if the price is cheaper.

The people should not keep complaining. Just buy at the market price and waiting for the price to double in 5 or 10 years time.

Anonymous said...

People tend to think extreme. There is such a thing as...thrash hole of pain. I can't imagine a day when a 3 rm HDB will cost $10M SIN money - unless our money becomes worthless.

I think we have reached the thrash hole of pain for the average citizens.

So two segments(or maybe three) of housing will develop. Housing for the underclass, the middle class and the upper class will be more acute.

Each segment will have their own rightful space.

The problem we are facing now is that those who belong to the middle class want to buy into upper class housing at middle class prices( and some have the audacity to depress prices to under class prices).

Should we pander to these opportunists?

Sell them cheap( they call it "affordable prices") so they can sell high and make themselves a tidy profit later?

Who are the fools here?

Anonymous said...

Someone pls tell Kbw that the common economic rules of demand and supply not longer work in Spore. Kbw hv to think out the box to solve this housing problem as our country is leading into a slippery road. Drastic and effective rules have to be implemented soon to ensure affordable housing for ordinary citizens. We are a small nation with limited lands hence strict policies have to be enforced regarding home ownership by outsiders. We must not allow others to have free hands to manipulate our precious assets.

Anonymous said...

Stick to driving your...Nissan

Anonymous said...

To sum it up,
must say that
it is damn
foolish to teach
talents and elites
how to work and
Are they paid millions
for You to teach or
guide them?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To be honest, the housing policies of Mah Bow Tan was nothing brilliant but extremely effective in generating more income for the HDB/govt through high prices of land, flats, fees, property taxes, and ensuring that the CPF money withdrawn goes straight back into govt coffers.

It is simply effective and efficient from the govt's point of view and interest.

Anonymous said...

In the final analysis, it appears that most Singaporeans want to work after retirement age, so what is the problem? Cannot pay for more expensive housing, just continue to work until you drop. In this way HDB will forever be considered as affordable right?

The question that comes to my mind is do Singaporeans really want to work after retirement age, or are being forced to work after retirement age to survive? Can someone do another survey to get the correct picture? Or do we accept the findings of the quoted survey results as the absolute truth?

Anonymous said...

I did survey some working elderlies and like to state here that most, well over 80% said they liked to work because they have nothing to do.
When asked if they have friends and families to spend time with, the answers were usually 'nothing to talk with them'.
This 'all myself' trait of Singaporeans will only lead to 'every man an island unto him/herself.
Sin does not seem to be a human society, not even comparable to the lesser species of the animal world. Singaporeans are mostly destined to die a slow, lonely and difficult death.

Anonymous said...

Please. You can't retire because you lived foolishly and not because our housing is expensive.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the new MPs said this or something like this. Going down the road, many oldies will have to pawn, sell, reverse mortgage their flats just to live on its expensive value when the cost of living is sucking away all their savings.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
Redbean, nobody is forcing you to buy a Jaguar. If you cant afford a Jaguar, buy a Nissan instead.
June 22, 2011 11:26 AM ///

You mean if I cannot afford a Jaguar XF at S$227,000, I should buy a Nissan GTR at S$310,300?


Anonymous said...

Duh, a Nissan march.