A need for a referendum

Before the plague of 900,000 locusts hit our shores, it is urgent that the people, the stakeholders of this piece of rock, make their stand clear to the servants of the people that they do not want to be swarmed and die of suffocation.

When we were 1m there was fear that we were too small to survive. We survived. When we were 2m, the same fear was repeated. We survived. We survived when we were 3m, 4m, in fact we prospered even with the smaller population. Now at 5.5m, one corner of the truth is that we need more, 6.5m maybe 7.5m or more to continue to grow the GDP. What about economic growth at the expense of quality of life and living conditions?

Is there an option for smaller GDP growth, or GDP growth without the plague of another 900,000 locusts? There must be a way, lower GDP from lower influx of foreigners but maintaining the quality of life. There must be alternative models to development and a better life for the people.

It is time to call for a referendum. The people and the opposition party representatives must take the initiative before everyone has to jump off this piece of rock. This high population policy is like the high cost of living and high housing price policy. They must go together. With a huge population, other plagues will fall in line, concrete jungle, need for jobs, infrastructure, services, energy, water. The nuclear option is a consequence of this high population policy. If population goes up, nuclear option becomes a Hobson’s Choice, or no choice.

The masters must have the final say, not the self serving servants. This is our country, for our children and their children. Why should we allow a few elected politicians to determine the future of our children? The people must tell the govt where it must not go before it is too late. The people must pre empt the influx of another million or more foreigners here. Say no to the ballooning of our population.


Anonymous said...

Referendum: To increase Singapore foreign population by another 900,000?

People's campaign: Say no to more.

Anonymous said...

At the same time, decide whether cyclists or pedestrians have the right of way on pavements!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many issues that should be decided by a referendum. The politicians are there for a 5 year term and must not be given a blank cheque to decide for the future generations.

There is an obvious conflict of interest between short term KPIs and long term goals. In corporate world, people often sneered at the destructive short term goals of max profits by CEOs which left behing a long trail of bad consequences.

As far as the CEO is concerned, he only needs to look good on paper for his 3 to 5 year term, and his big bonus. After that it is someone else's problem.

Anonymous said...

That's my vote.

Anonymous said...

Swiss have referendums often to decide on important issues. Singapore is never a true democratic country and people have TOTALLY NO SAY on all policies that the government put up because the PAP has the majority in parliament and the fact that its MPs are NOT listening to the people. The consequence is a government without accountability and transparency. The outcome is lack of genuine debate on all policies passed in the single party dominant parliament. Daft Singaporeans is still dreaming of Swiss standard of living. Having many Benz Taxis on our road is not Swiss standard of living. In fact, it is a waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

On the nuclear energy case, Singapore must be mad to consider this option without serious study on other renewable energy options.

Germany has decided to totally abandon its nuclear plants in 11 years (by 2023). Many other first world countries have stopped building nuclear power plant. What is the logic that Singapore still considers this option given its tininess?

This is just like the SAT was adopted by our self-proclaimed world class highest education institution while the original SAT in USA was phasing out. So much for a self-proclaimed first world country.

Anonymous said...

I find it terribly amusing that the Straits Times used a photo of LHL with Merkel when saying that we have to look at the nuclear issue.

Funny because Germany is now beginning to phase out nuclear use..ha. Welcome to the new PAP, slow and terribly out of touch not only with Singaporeans but also the world.(I hope I dont get the reporter/editor into trouble because I think he is trying to say something with the photo)...ha

Pity the daft Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

We should definitely have a referendum on this. All of current problems is stemming from this unregulated tide of locusts. Not one inch of Singapore is untouched by this faulty policy!

But I guess everyone knows this is not going to happen. And the reason, PAP has a clear mandate from 60% of the population, 50% is no problem.

Well I hope that the 60% who voted for them lose their jobs to FTs, then have to sell their HDB and rent a smaller unit from the FTs, fall ill from worry and not get a C class hospital bed because it is taken by a FT, go to a B class and go bankrupt because B class wards are really for Middle Easterners, PRCs, Indonesians and Bruneians isnt it?

Pity the daft Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans cannot afford not to be interested in the affairs of the country. When things are well, it is ok to go to sleep.

When things are not going well, they must jump up from their sleep to keep it from going over the edge. Being complacent and thinking that things will be ok is no longer an option.

The oldies may be a bit difficult to educate, the young must keep themselves informed and keep abreast of developments here and overseas and where the country is heading. Our educated population must involved themselves with the making of a new Singapore and not letting it become just another hotel for the rich and famous.

Anonymous said...

Indeed there a many issues that should be decided by a referendum:
eliminate the useless $$$ wasting President's post; abolish pension for political appointtments; stop increasing CPF withdrawal age, CPF minimum sum,foreign population; etc, etc. Hold 1 referendum for all these hot issues.

By the way, anyone knows who was the civil servant scholar who came out with the formula for the minister's salary - he sure must have been bestowed a pingat.

Anonymous said...

I will buy 100 T-shirts if on sale:
"No to 900,000 more FT"

The said...

redbean, you may get your wish - that is, having a referendum. But it will be framed as such:

Option A - to increase foreign population by another 900,000 in one year.

Option B - to increase foreign population by another 900,000 in two years.

Option C - to increase foreign population by another 900,000 in three years.

Or, the referendum may be framed as such:

Option 1 - to increase foreign population by another 900,000 by 21 Dec 2012 (end of the world prediction).

Option 2 - no more increase in foreign population, but Singaporean female between 18 and 40 years old must produce at least 1 more child each.

Option 3 - no more increase in foreign population, but GST to increase from 7% to 10% with effect from the day after the referendum.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

During the days of merger with Malaya, I think 90% of the population were illiterate. Today 90% are literate, and more educated than the rulers.

There are things that the rulers should do and there are things that the ruled must over rule. We know what is best for ourselves and our children.

Why should a few individuals decide everything for the people when what is good for them may be bad for the people?

Anonymous said...

Well written and definitely a must have referendum.

Be at Hong Lim Park tomorrow (4/6/2011) Saturday before 5pm to join the true blue Singaporean on Employ Singaporean First Speeches.


Anonymous said...

Referendums are for DEMOCRATIC Countries.

Any Referendum must have yes or no as choices, BUT, if as Poster The had given as example on 3 June at 1:38, Referendum maybe cunningly drafted, then Referendum would not change things much.

Referendum must be by the people for the people and the State and NOT DICTATE BY THE RULER.