The myth of an independent elected President

The issue in everyone’s mind is how independent would or should the elected President be. Or should this be an issue at all as everything seemed to work well with PAP sponsored Presidents in the past. Why should it then be an issue now? And conventional wisdom says it is ok, just like issues of conflict of interests in many quarters were brushed aside as ok, no issue. Would the issue of having a really independent President as opposed to a political party sponsored President be settled once and for all by the voters?

Several self serving explanations on the political and social system have been debunked and became outright matters of disgust overnight. If this issue of having an independent President is overwhelmingly endorsed by the voters, with a truly independent President voted into office, it will be a sign of independent thinking and maturity of the electorates. It will be a sign that they are thinking and know that what they have been told were not necessarily good or for their own interest.

The next institution that may be rubbished is the concept of a one party dominant political system. This has been propounded as an unique wisdom in paradise, that it is the best system for a small and complex nation. There is no need for strong alternative parties and alternative voices in parliament, only a strong one party rule system will serve the people best. And a strong one party system with the best talents on board, incorruptible, selfless and righteous, and always thinking of doing their best to serve the people, be the servants of the people, is the best system for the people.

More of such self serving reasonings and institutions will go down, one after another, when the people decide to put on their thinking caps and not allow other people to think for them. This must be good, or bad to some, depending on which side of the equation one belongs.


Anonymous said...

The assumption of a selfless political leadership is a myth. After a while it is wiser to assume they serve themselves especially in view of huge self rewards and credit. Need for transparency and accountability.

Anonymous said...

The issue for mankind as a whole has long been settled. History is repleat with the rise and fall of dynasties of all shade and sizes.

But, human civilization, and I mean it in the individual state/country sense, is such that every group has to find its own way to this ultimate 'truth'. You can't force it on them any more than you can dress an Australian aborigines in 'trendy' clothes and expect them to live 'modern' lives.

Asian, esp. Chinese or ethnic Chinese in our context, is still very feudalistic and it doesn't help when you have an ascendant China that still jail descendants and shoot people in the back of the heads as punishment. Ethnic Chinese leaders in SEA, including Singapore, take their signal from 'Mother China'.

The slow way to change is to let the ruling dynasty die out -literally and 'dilution' by the gradual forces of the progressive.

The faster and more impatient way is to do it as is happening in North Africa where the lids finally give way to the foment that has been brewing within for many years.

Singapore's way to enlightened is somewhere in between these two 'extremes' partly because of the Machiavellian style of the PAP, the lack of racial, religious and cultural homogeneity of the population, the immigration flux and the pragmatism of unhappy people seeking the easy and in many ways practical and realistic thinking of if they can't beat them (the ruling party) LEAVE them for more liberal shores overseas.

My feel is that if any popular destinations overseas like the US, UK, European countries, Aust, NZ were to have a welcoming open door immigration policy towards Singaporeans as long as they have enough means and qualification to live and not be state-dependent, at least half the local population would disappear overnight leaving the govt to knock their heads to find ways to handle 'new' Singaporeans and PR. They would be a handful for the local authorities being totally unfamiliar with the diverse and alien background these would hail from! That would be the ultimate revenge by true blue Singaporeans.

To turn LKY's phrase around - let the govt have a taste of 'bad' citizens for it to realize how good it has been enjoying with obedient and law abiding born and bred here Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...


I can only say that this tiny rock is unique in that in such a small little island there are many that become rich and powerful because they ONLY lack conscience BUT full of other attributes. The ability to scheme, manipulate, exploit and bully.

Anonymous said...

Nathan said he will decide in two weeks time whether he would stand for election the third time coming. He should know that the people have enough of him . No need to wait for two weeks. The people have decided that he should go graciously or be booted out dishonourably in the next election if he dares to take part. Nathan, just og on to enjoy your undream of millions.

Anonymous said...

Let him enjoy his ego trip.