It was a common mistake

The Johore Immigration Director Nasri Ishak has clarified that making detainees to do squatting was not a normal procedure. But making them strip was necessary in case the detainees were hiding weapons in their bodies. He was referring to the two Singaporean women who went through a wrong immigration lane by mistake and returned to inform the immigration officers of their error.

In this case the officers were dealing with two innocent visitors who came to them to rectify a mistake. They were not someone picked up for suspicious activities or criminals. Why can’t the officers treat the case as an innocent mistake which happened very often, but treated them like dangerous criminals, stripping them, slapping them, checking for weapons, and putting them in detention?

Now we can see that the officers themselves have made an innocent mistake by making the two innocent women doing squats that were not proper procedure. In fact the whole matter of the two women reporting to them need not become such a big issue. They were not illegal immigrants that were caught sneaking into the country, but motorists who went into a wrong lane. Didn’t the officers have any commonsense to deal with the case as it is?

So, should the public demand that the officers be investigated, put under detention, be stripped, slapped, etc etc? Why can’t simple mistakes be handled simply and resolved expeditiously to avoid any unpleasantness? There were no indications that the two women were out to do mischief. They went back to the immigration officer to correct a mistake and what followed was a nightmare. The emotional and psychological stress and pressure imposed on them were unnecessary and uncalled for if Malaysia wants to be regarded as a first world and civilized country. They were not illegal immigrants in all counts even if the officers wanted to throw the book at them.

Come on Malaysia, when are you going to treat your visitors with some graciousness, respect and dignity?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia should train their law enforcers to be more professional and competent and hence becoming more respectable themselves.
If they are good in doing their duties, more visitors will go to their country and the Nation will benefit from tourism.

Anonymous said...

a foul smell of racism. only non bumi MPs spoke out against such racist acts. bumi MPs are quietly enjoying the belittling of non bumis. this came just after the branding of PRC callgirls in Penang.

they really feel great without knowing they looked really stupid and tribal.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should let these jokers know that they cannot do such things to our fellow citizens, once too often. One effective way is to stop making visits over there.

Anonymous said...


Stop making visits there?

We have been thinking of that for centuries.

One word to describe Singaporeans is that they have no pride.

They keep getting hurt, yet they keep on asking for more. Does that sound familiar even at home?

agongkia said...

I dun think its a good idea to suggest not to visit north just because of this isolated incident.
Look at the beautiful side,these are human mistakes which can happen to any country.We should not be so petty.
Making detainee squat is not a normal procedure,but that does not mean that the arresting officer cannot demand that the detainee squat.Lucky they did not ask them to do star jump like that jack style S$3.90 plain water girl.

We should not talk as if our country got no one suffering from injustice.There are many who suffer in silence.

But I really salute and admire those local women who have the courage to visit JB middle of the night just for supper without guys around.

Any special good food that can only be found in the night?Recommend leh.Peking duck or wat?

But I do feel bad for the 2 innocent ladies.Hope that they can forgive and forget.

Anonymous said...

Two female going to JB in a new car.Even if nothing happen at the custom who knows what dangers ahead of them if they have proceeded with their trip.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If they think they are Angelina Jolie and out for some adventure and risk taking, I will say, go and have fun. But go with eyes wide open.

If they go without knowing the danger and think it is home, it is the most stupid thing to do. Any thinking person will not do such a thing. When man is afraid, the braves and fools rush in.

Anonymous said...

They did all that to thumb their noses at us. How often do they have opportunity to get back at us? Remember, we were the ones making them look like grinning village idiots at the World Court when we took the White Rock Isle from them? And also the exchange of some land parcels (without telling them about development charge?) with railway land and reselling piped water back to them?

Anonymous said...

Well if U singas hav batter places to go, pergi lah. Our petrol, tobacco, barber shops, massage and club club and makans are what u come for, u don come to give charity.