How to control a foreign country

The US is an expert in controlling, manipulating and putting pressure on foreign countries and running them like their colonies without them knowing. All they need to do is to set up watchlists and ranking countries according to its own list of criteria and morality. It then sends a list of questions to these unknowing colonies to reply. And the ‘colonies’ though independent countries, obediently do so. And if they are not on the good books of the US, the US could exert pressure on them by pushing them down the ranking, to embarrass and pressurize them.

Among the great American watch lists are the Trafficking in Persons or TIP Report, the Human Rights Reports and the Press Freedom Reports. Singapore is the latest victim of the TIP Report, with the US branding it as a culprit in human trafficking. After obediently submitting its reports to the Empire, it is now furiously defending its rights against the wrongful accusations by the US. And after hitting back at the atrocious human trafficking records, the US sheepishly acknowledged that its own house was also in a mess. But it still graded itself as the purest of the lot and ranked the best. It also admitted that the reports were flawed and carelessly compiled placing rogue countries as better than innocent countries. Bloody Americans!

The US has usurped the role of the UN and other legitimate bodies by issuing such watch lists and rankings to abuse its enemies and to serve its political agenda. Actually countries of the world need not bother with the wolves in sheep skin. Let them report whatever they want. Just simply ignore them. Countries like China should just show the US the middle finger. But countries that want to be on the good book of the US, especially the semi colonies, better take such reports seriously, or else.

A better response by the victims of these outrageous American reports is for these countries to organize themselves, pool their resources, and set up their own reports and watch lists. Then send the questionnaires to all the countries, including the US, and demand that they fill the forms and reply. If they don’t, just rank them at the bottom of the list, for non compliance and an admission of guilt. That is the only way to embarrass the Americans and turn the table on them. It is another way to control the Empire instead of being controlled by the Empire.

Of course the Empire can ignore the reports, and the western media may not report on them or try to rubbish the reports. But there are many other media that will report on them. And the reports and watch lists can be tabled at the UN as an annual event in the UN’s agenda for dirty laundry washing. Why should it be just one way like it is now?

I think Singapore should take the lead, and lead the bullied countries against the Empire, and be a leader, a shining light to the world, to hit above its weight.


agongkia said...

Those who trespass with criminal intend or for soliciting purposes can now turn themselves into a victim instead of being taken to task when caught.

You people like it,because many want to be like angmo.Speak angmo,behave like angmo...

Gubert Ang,Jonson Lee...where to go for breakfast?
Melorner,their first choice.

Who to blame?

Anonymous said...

For so long as the Yanks are powerful, or believe they are so, they will go on intruding into others' business, or instigating one against the other.
Time for backlash against them will not be long in coming. But they choose to be oblivious to it, or they are too daft to see what is coming to them. They seem to be wanting very much to get themselves engaged in the South China Sea hot potato and they could well land themselves in some very hot, spicy, soup that will be served on them.

Anonymous said...

Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Libya War, South China Sea War?

A country that makes war a way of life.

The said...

Grenada, Cuba, Somalia.....

Anonymous said...

What do you think the UN, IMF, World Bank, etc are set up for? Who do you think these bodies are set up to serve? Did the IMF and World Bank forced the US to take the same bitter medicine during the 2008 financial crisis that were dished out to many Asian countries earlier during the Asian financial crisis?

If you understand the 'why', you do not need to ask the 'how'.

Same reason for the US helping their so called allies. They desire to set up bases primarily to keep an eye on China and Russia, while talking about giving protection if asked. In the end those countries end up under US control, lock stock and barrel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sin can rein in the US by being a pain in Its'

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Asean can work together and put up reports on War Crimes, Human Rights abuses, Interference in other country's domestic affairs, Reports on Civilians killed and by which county, that will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

er... not the whole of the US of A. Just the republicans (GOP) and the super wealthy...military, energy and related industrialist. These super wealth holders control the US gov. and amazing (or sadly) a great portion of its citizens (Tea Party) goes along with it ! We must be discerning when "condemning" America, just like - only the terrorist (who happen to be muslims) are terrorist, it does not mean ALL muslim are one ! We, as citizens of the global community must stand up against these wealthy self-interest driven war mongers and support people's power and keep democracy alive. Democracy is not a western word. Democracy is not a dirty word. 民主 belongs to all common man.