Forcing round pegs into square holes

Just a month after the GE and Singaporeans are greeted with some refreshing changes in the way some ministries are working. Boon Wan is throwing out a whole basket of waste policies in one go. Tuck Yew is going down to the ground to understand the problems of the people and to explore solutions that will make life more pleasant to the citizens.

In short, they are trying to change the holes so that all shapes and sizes of pegs can fit in. This is a big deviation from past attitude and policies when every peg must be shaped to fit the square holes. Those that could not fit in, just too bad, it is their fault.

The thinking or mindset then was that I am calling the shot, I decide what is good for the people, and the people must fit into my criteria to benefit from my policies. A glaring example is how housing policies were shafted down the people’s throat. Singles, single mothers, under achievers, over achievers, people who messed up their lives for good or bad reasons, not my problem, you created your own problems. Singles go and get married, single mothers, go and get married, under achievers, downgrade to your station in life, over achievers, go to the private market. Ha, ha, ha. There is no need to sweat the little thing to worry about the people’s concern and their angst.

And it was a case of, I only build at my own convenience, at my terms, at my pleasure. You wait, ok? And you know how my policies worked, you plan your life and finances to suit my policies. Don’t muck around with me. What I am doing is the best you can ever get, with affordably priced housing that you can afford, to pay and to wait. Yes, you can afford, I say so. You can wait, I say so.

The way MND works and how it treated the people is about the best example of what it was like then. Now they are trying to listen to the people, wanting to know how to serve the people better. At least it is a big step forward, a departure from the high and mighty and arrogant style of the past.


Anonymous said...


It's good policy to slap the driver to wake him up.

MND has been on auto-pilot for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Nope. It was never on auto pilot. It was driven by a drunk autocrat.

Anonymous said...

there is plenty of new hopes after the Election.
Hope that moving the leopards from the wild to the safari and zoo will make them better leopards even if their spots remain unchanged.
Hope that old brooms sweeping new areas will make the areas cleaner and more tidy.
Hope that the paternalistic and commanding behaviours of the leaders will be more sincere and caring.
Hope that the elitist talents in the Leadership will become more conscientious and reasonable.
Hope that the greeds and power crazes of the leaders will end and that they become magnanimous.
Alas, one can hope and hope and....