Cannot anyhow give yourself big titles

Property agents will now not be allowed to give themselves big titles like specialists or experts. It is timely that such a regulation is imposed to prevent more frivolous titles from being created. If not, soon some agents may call themselves Emeritus Property Specialists. Now, that would not look good right?

Titles are important to important people. Low down tradesmen or agents need to be put in their place. Unlike the professionals and high positions, these people should be given nice nice titles that they deserved. In the past, a Chief Clerk was the top administrator or manager in on office. Today, even a clerk will frown on being called a clerk. Some then invented titles like Administrative Assistant or Clerical Officer to stop calling them as clerks. Companies advertising for clerks will have problems recruiting the better qualified job seekers. I wonder if they can use better titles like Administrative Specialists, or is this going to be banned? I remember in Australia they called rubbish collectors Sanitary Specialists or Environment Specialists, or something like that, and the job pays very well too.

Then in some industries, executives are now rebranded as managers. And managers are called Vice Presidents, and GMs become Presidents. I think this must be stopped as well. How can there be so many Presidents, and even Senior Presidents. Next time they may have Distinguished Presidents or Emeritus Presidents or Emeritus Chairman as well. But the crucial title and most confusing is the title of President.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the President of Singapore.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the President of Ah Kow Refuse Removal Company.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the President of Muthu Securities Agency.

It is high time more of such regulations be introduced to let the people know the do’s and don’t and what they can do and what they cannot do. And fine them if they anyhow abuse these titles. We need to erect more U Turn and No U Turn signs.

But one door must be closed quickly. The Registry of Birth Certificates must be informed to stop people who anyhow give names to their babies. No one can be named Specialist, Expert, Prince, President, Emeritus, Eminence, Highness, etc etc. Otherwise some may use this loophole to call their children Specialist Tan, Expert Lee, Prince Ahmad, President Sammy and nothing can be done to them.

Sure we don’t want to have people walking around in the streets and everyone yelling ‘Hi President, hi Prince, hi specialist, hi Eminence!’

We need more regulations before people become crazy with all kinds of grand titles.

Oh, I forgot, there is one title that the property agents or anyone can buy and wear, and put Dr in front of their names. How ah?


agongkia said...

hehe...I met my ex colleague after some years.He is now a Vice President.
I happen to know another position crazy chap.Coincidently also a Vice President.Both also from same Shitty Bank.
Shitty bank got the most presidents to me,I think.I am going to set up one firm and give myself a title of President.Can or not?Why you Jealous?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can I suggest you call yourself Senior President. I think that will put you higher than all the Presidents: )

And in case you forget, my title is Emperor of Cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago vice-presidents of banks were already a dime a dozen.

Decades ago, wearing a tie means someone of substance and calibre. Now, even security guards and sales assistants wear ties. I have even seen a hawker wearing a tie serving customers.

So, Emperor of Cyberspace or Emperor of Lijiang or Emeritus of Hougang is all acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys;
tat's part of upgrading oneself, las tine buss driver got assistant(ticketing man) to help him talk to him and assist him, but jus a bus driber.
Now the driber has to do everything himself bcos he/she promoted to captain leh.
So, wat's wrong with salesman call sales consultant, adviser, executive and specialist?
Do you know a lone security guard is also the security chief of the place he is guardinding?

Anonymous said...

During the era when the ang mohs were the administrators, school chiefs were called Headmasters or Headmistresses; after that, till now, they are designated as Principals. However, RI since becoming an independant school, has its Principal now addressed as Headmaster. Is RGS' head now the Headmistress? In the old days, we also had heads of subjects designated as Senior Maths Master, Senior Geography Master and so on, now, they are called Head of Department.

agongkia said...

A gentle leeminder.Please dun call them security guard anymore hor.
Last time jaga,watchman,screwrity...
You all neber show lespect.
They are now Protection Officer,Chief Protection Officer...Can surf net someone.Next time when you all see one,better address him as Chief.

(I must thanks Mr Bean for this title.hehe.)

Anonymous said...

More senior than that must be Emeritus Protection Officer?

Anyway, is the Emeritus title allowed for property agents, since it is immensely popular of late.

Blame the title race on the NTUC chief inventing titles such as landscaping specialist for gardeners, bus captains for bus drivers and all those swee swee titles for all those lagi swee jobs.

Anonymous said...

Protection Officer sounds like the gangsters of bygone days collecting protection money from hawkers and shopkeepers in their sphere of influence.

Anonymous said...

Whatever title one wants can have it on his/her own. The problem is that this red dot society worships titles and paper qualifications. For example, those with Dr title means they are very smart persons; those with president title means they are very senior and experienced managers; and so on. In China, many people want to have the title 'professor' or 'professor grade engineer' or 'professor grade medical doctor' but all these means ONLY titles. This is perhaps the current so-called 'Asian Value'.

The worst is perhaps those who buy or acquire some PhD paper and call themselves Dr so and so. Mind you some of them are in our highest education institute and some actually did not pass their proper PhD study. Who care if these people are related to some organisation that rules the people? In fact, PhD is just an advanced training in research skills that does not equal to how intelligent one is. Of course, a real low IQ person will have lower chance to get a PhD.

So much for title!

Anonymous said...

The vainglorious of a vain society.

BUT, it is normal in Sin, if You know that the President in Sin is just a decoration piece. However, in his/her case, the money! Whew! 'jiak buay liao' and 'kai buay wan' meaning his/her remuneration will last infinitely no matter how it is used.

Anonymous said...

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