Black Saturday at Hong Lim Park

Gilbert Goh and his friends are making Hong Lim Speakers Corner as their home for Saturday evening picnic. Yesterday, 25 Jun, about 200 people in black were there to listen to their airing of the unhappiness over CPF minimum withdrawal and the employment of Singaporean first policy over foreigners.

The mood was quite calm and peaceful as the issues were discussed over a portable sound system that did not have the ballast to jolt the ground. I was there for a short while to take a few shots of the picnic and to feel the mood of the spectators. I missed the key speakers which include Tan Kin Lian, Tony Tan and Nicole Seah.


Wally Buffet said...

I especially like the second picture.

How apt!

How about:

"Smallest so called First World Country.

With the most foreign trash, back door, questionable PRs and pseudo citizens.

And the most unhappy disenfranchised native born citizens."

I know, I know, it doesn't rhyme so well or is of poetic quality.

But what the hell, I've made my point.

Last Saturday may be a black one in Hong Lim Park but today, a Happy and bright Sunday to all the brothers here.


agongkia said...

I can only read one of those that reads something like WuLiangChian Sarng,CheeYaPaiSing.

Just wonder whether there are businessmen without conscience around nowadays who can put pressure on citizen or take advantages over them .He need to change the first four words.Need to forget about his past bad experiences with his employers.Its employee's world now.Where to find WuLiangChianSarng?

But I agree on his unhappiness on the CPF issue.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

Unscrupulous businessmen, exploiting the people. It is all relative and a matter of degree. What can be really bad, is to exploit the people at all cost just for profit. Have we reach such a state?

In some areas it is very close. There are many criminals in business suits.

Anonymous said...

'WuLiangChianSarng'(impropriate businesses/businesspeople) can have their ways only when they are in corrupted places and or in places where rules are not practiced or impotent. It is very heartening to know that bloggers are actively doing their voluntary social duties without any less fervour after the Election. Especially so when the Organizer Gilbert Goh was an election candidate who lost narrowly in Tampines GRC.
The supports shown to him by the various Bloggers give much comfort and encouragement to netizens. Because everyone perceives no change/difference in the way citizens are being treated before and after the election, tough there were promise and apology by the pm days before it(election).
There is the usual daily good news in the media in the economic front and the many parliamentarians saying all the positive about the state of good governance. There are more lip services and propaganda now than ever!
The policy of the past is relentlessly pursued, rise in cost of living, prices of housing and consumables are up and the people are not having it easier at getting employment nor have their salary being improved.
Singaporeans can support each others by gathering at HongLim Park when Gilbert Goh is holding his labour related activity there.
Exploitation of the people by the unscrupulous is to be expected, it is the widespread practice in a tiny rock that is scary. Can Singaporeans unite against the malpractices?

Anonymous said...

Rogue businessmen and regimes are everywhere throughout history. Human happens to be the only species capable of such sin that no other animal can.

agongkia said...

I thought these words refer to the ancient times,where merchants conspire with one another,control the market and taking advantage of the situation on the people,maybe with support from the official.

Businessmen nowadays doesn't seem to have such capability.How to CheeYaPaiSing?Many are victim themselves .A little profit for them to keep their business going is fair.Cannot say they exploit.

I still feel that the first four words need to be amended accordingly.
I want to learn proper Mandarin.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How about businessmen and govt conspired to maximise profit at the expense of the consumers?

Anonymous said...

They are always in cahoot and invariably so!

Anonymous said...

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