The $24m race is on

If not for the silly exclusion clause that disqualified the majority of the population, I will also throw in my hat for the race. This clause must be deleted in time to come as it is the most discriminating clause against all citizens in the name of justice and equality. Reminds me of the Animal Farm where some are more equal than others. Who is to say who is more equal and has more right to be qualified as candidate for the Presidency except the people?

For the time being, only a select group of people who are rich and powerful are eligible to contest for this position. If not I would like to suggest that the Presidency be rotated on a monthly basis with each candidate selected from a pool of qualified senior citizens, excluding the unreasonable clause of being in high offices and running an organization of $100m. This will provide 12 high paying jobs of $400k per monthly term a year, or 72 happy presidents every 6 years.

The daft citizens will have to contend with the few candidates available today. Just be wise in casting the vote. Like Lim Boon Heng said, some are too close to political parties and may not be suitable. I fully agree with this kind of concern. The people must be guarded against incestuous relationship, and the elected President must be one that is not related to any political party.

Let’s hope there will be enough of neutral and decently qualified candidate to choose from. For those who are eligible under the present restrictive clause, they must know that there are very few around, they must stand up to contest as a service to the people and country. The people are hungry for an alternative choice.


Wally Buffet said...

I read somewhere that there are about 1000 possible candidates who will satisfy the obnoxious criteria set for the candidacy of the president. Out of this 1000, half are probably crooks, that is how they got to where they are in the first place. About three hundred are as Georgie says, "not temperamentally suited for the job and having a free spirit." One hundred are so well heeled that the president's pay is peanuts and not worth the bother. 80 is salivating for the job but their better half says "No Way! You want our lives to be turned topsy turvy issit?" 17 are so simple simon that they will make our incumbent seem like a super clone of OTC. That leaves three. My hero, Georgie, the good doctor Tan Cheng Bok. And the ever indefatigable Ngiam Tong Dow.

So guys, there you have it. The three choices for President.

Would be more exciting if the incumbent stands as well to add excitement to the contest.

Viva Georgie for President!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Superb reasoning and logical deduction. Only 3 wise men left standing.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Lim is the new Oracle. She foretold that George Yeo will stand for the Presidency.

But she did not confirm if he got the post.

Anonymous said...

why don't we just abolish the office of the president? its a huge waste of money and he does practically next to nothing. frankly, how many of us can say that the president has made any difference to our lives?

Free Buffet for President said...

"That leaves three. My hero, Georgie, the good doctor Tan Cheng Bok. And the ever indefatigable Ngiam Tong Dow." -- Wally Buffet.

"Superb reasoning and logical deduction. Only 3 wise men left standing. " -- Redbean

"Only three stooges left for the daft, stupid, idiotic suffering lot." -- Free Buffet for President.

Anonymous said...

Just abolish the Presidency. It is a waste of money, for show only. It is the most expensive key holder and hand waver in the whole universe.

You people believe that Georgie, Dr Tan or Ngiam will be able to do what Ong Teng Cheong did? Stop dreaming!

The incumbent will never stand if there is real competition. He will not be elected if he did. His track record speaks for itself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the people start to think, when they have a voice, all the straw men will not withstand the wind of scepticism.

All the funny logics will be thrashed around as jokes. Before this renaissance, every stupid logic or reasoning was held in high esteem, unquestionable truth and wisdom. Everyone pretended to listen intently, mouth gaping widely marvelling at the wisdom.

Today, even the school kids are laughing themselves silly.

The said...

The presidential election will be similar to the referendum on whether Singapore should join Malaysia. Instead of real choices (that is, to join or not to join), the referendum was framed as:
A) to join with set A conditions
B) to join with set B conditions
c) to join with set C conditions

A real Hobson's choice.

Likewise, in this coming presidential election, the choices will be:
A) PAP-backed candidate A
B) PAP-backed candidate B
C) PAP-backed candidate C.

Anonymous said...


I concur with 'The'. If given the three choices mentioned, I will let the ballpoint pen drop from a height of a foot, and whichever name it landed on, I will vote for that one. It is becoming meaningless and a joke!

How did a serious business of electing a President of a country slowly turning into a farce? And who created the conditions that turns the whole exercise into one big unbelievable farce?