Which oldies to go next?

Who's next among the biggies and oldies that will follow Boon Heng and Jayakumar? My guess, the only last two biggies will follow suit. Yes there will be a new team this time. No more oldies left other than Charles Chong. Even then, he too may be taking a break from Joo Chiat after the election. So I am seeing a younger party with Hsien Loong as the oldest left in the team. Just my take.


Anonymous said...

Better guess which oldie will not go. I am sure most people can guess correctly.

Anonymous said...

My bet, no more oldies. Fatten too much and too long. Staying on will be an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

They are well beyond embarrassment. They are deaf to pleas, blind to justice and shameless in propagating half truths.