Whorehouse for sale

Someone told me the story of a prostitute who wanted to go big time. Her plan was to marry someone big time. And her method was simple, just pay a big dowry. But who would want to marry a prostitute just for the money? The prostitute was not worried, as long as she put the money on the table, someone would come along. She tried very hard. But it was obvious that no decent fella would want to marry a prostitute. Then someone suggested to the prostitute to sell the whorehouse since business was still good. The better price, without having to pay a ransom for dowry, would mean that the owners could get a bigger return and may be happier, at least, instead of being sold out for the interest of the prostitute. I think it makes good business sense. A prostitute is in for the money. So why not just sell the whole whorehouse if the owners cannot object? And I am sure the prostitute will still get the lion’s share. As for the owners of the whorehouse, that is all they got. What’s next is their problem. They can never acquire another whorehouse with the pittance they will be getting. So what? It makes business sense, right? And the whorehouse can continue operating under different owners and making money as usual.


Wally Buffet said...

What a fabulously funny fable!

Compared to the glitzy bordello next door, this whorehouse is getting decrepit and its owners should sell out before it crumbles to dust and become a has been with the dwindling business due to the lack of good hookers who are only out to get your money without giving anything of value back. Some of the hookers even take your wallet while you're in the shower getting ready for a good time. They should in the first place stop using PRC hookers, whose looks may sway but it's only money on their minds and not pleasure giving.

So, in the final analysis, I too say sell the whorehouse to the Bordello instead of borrowing money from loan sharks to buy over the Bordello.

But what are we going to do with the thousands of little pimps who may be out of a job because the Bordello may just insists they use their own as a condition of purchase.

Ah, I know.

The pimps would have to join the legion of ex PMETs who are now taxi drivers and making hell for us good and law abiding motorists on our roads.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Trust redbean to write a whorehouse story and only concentrate on money, and neglect the other side of the story: fucking – which is the core 'value adding' mechanism of the business.

Without a reputation for good sex, the whorehouse cannot continue its enterprise.

And also redbean neglects the role of The Sovereign Customer, as he focuses solely on the management and ownership.

The Sovereign Customers doesn't give a shit – he is there to get his wanton animal desires satiated, and thus is indifferent to the 'politics' of the whorehouse.

If he decides that the whorehouse offers little in the way of 'bang for the buck' (in both the literal and figurative senses), he simply moves onto another whorehouse.

The Customer is King. His money does the talking. And money is the barometer of meritocracy. If the whorehouse is excellent – they make money, form their Sovereign Customers, if not the customer moves elsewhere to 'reward' a more worthy operator.

Whorehouse, or Hotel: both similar in nature when it comes to 'serving the customer'. That's the only way you get paid in the meritocracy-based private sector.

Anonymous said...

Wow, three old men
each with indisputable
wisdoms. Now got to
see which one is more
wise amongst them.
Be it the prostitute,
the pimps or the
whorehouse, they're
all only for the Bangla,
Cheena and some local
cheapskate ahpeks and
vagabonds to satisfy
their few minutes of
animal needs.
Where can one find
a loaded bugger in the

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gentlemen, I believe we have a troll.

He's a cheeky bugger too: he suggests that our 'animal needs' require but 'a few minutes' for their satisfaction thus implying that we are hopeless lovers.

He is obviously unaware of, or is ignorant himself of man's 'romantic' nature which is coupled with his lust, which then leads to fantasy and role-play, and thus an air of 'class' and 'experience' -- at least on my part.

Carry on anon 1139!

Wally Buffet said...

No worries lah bro.

Everyone can contribute their two cents even if it's trolling. Adds spice to the kopi session mate.

Ok anon 1139 pull up a chair and join in the talk cock session.

Anonymous said...

I think redbean is writing a satire. Are we missing the meat?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow. A fucking genius! Outstanding observation, sir!

Maybe S'pore has a chance at winning the Nobel Prize someday..