What is a Singaporean?

"Even those who are anti-PAP, who are critical, when they travel they feel so proud of being Singaporeans... When they come home, the moment they get the SIA boarding pass, there's a flutter in their hearts...yes, I'm on my way home." George Yeo I fully agree with him on the flutter in the heart. I experienced it every time I came home. It feels so good just to be back on home soil. The sense of safety, security, belonging, and the feeling of home. I believe every true blue Singaporean will feel it the same way. I am just wondering, just wondering, would the new citizens feel the same way as we do. Or they will feel the flutter when they return to their former countries/homes? Maybe they have flutters here and there and everywhere, at both homes. That is really a bonus. We Singaporeans only got one flutter, nothing more, nothing less. To many Singaporeans, this is really home. Nothing is more precious than this. And they better make sure that they don’t lose this home to anyone who wants to claim it as theirs. Make noise if necessary. Kpkb when they see things are not right. The home is something worth defending and fighting for. Never end up one day when the home is gone. Our forefathers came here when they lost their homes. They have built this home for us and the future generations. It is our duty to keep it that way, not to be given away freely and easily. National Service is in vain if we lose our home or forfeit it by inaction or apathy.


Wally Buffet said...

All the more reasons why Georgie and his MIW should treasure true blue Sinkapooreans because, echoing Mr. Bean, that's how we feel when the nose wheel of the aircraft finally touches the runway.

All those opportunistic mercenaries here are just visitors even if you were to make them recite the citizen's pledge. When the chips are down, these motherfuckers will just as quickly pack their bags and make a beeline for the airport, seaport or even the causeway.

Make use of them. Work the shit out of them but DON'T EVER TRUST THEM because anyone not born here is just waiting for an excuse to hand in their red passports and DEMAND back their old ones.

Anyone who cannot sense this, cannot anticipate this, don't know this, is really unfit to lead.

Don't ask the clueless "politicians" in prams. They probably will tell you that the newly minted citizens are "here to stay and be counted" like someone who has never been through Pulau Tekong's BMT and yet talks as if he would lay down his life for the country. Yes, talk is cheap. We will only know when we know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have to be thankful that there are people in this world still willing to engage in discussions in attempting to reach a definitive, universal meaning to a label.

Asking the question What is a Singaporean? is little different from asking the question What is a motherfucking asshole? – there is no one answer, for many reasons, all of the based on the individual's subjective experience.

I don't know how George Yeo became omniscient to such a high degree that his 'radar' can detect cardiac murmurs caused apparently by the mere sight of SIA boarding passes. This is an amazing skill.

In fact, this can be used by the authorities to 'detect' true Singaporeans:

1 Show SIA boarding pass to suspect
2 Detect 'heart flutter'
3 No signal detected: illegal immigrant, immediately arrest and detain
4 Signal detected – pass, loyal, patriotic Singaporean, proved objectively

My physiological response when entering The Hotel is different – more visceral than a mere flutter of the heart like a schoolgirl at the sight of Justin Beiber. My first thought is the wonderful choice of duty free alcohol I'll be buying at Changi. Then I crave nasi padang, simultaneously thinking of the 'happy ending' massage shortly after.

Alcohol, food, carnal pleasures – in that order, as is to be expected when one checks into A Hotel.

'Flutter of the heart' indeed. It is so...innocent, cute... so darn 'family friendly'.

Me? I get a huge erection. Try and op that, George old boy!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That kind of task of reaching a definitive definition, leave it to the academics. Ordinary people where got time for such pursuit?

I don't think anyone is attempting to do that here or in real life. No need to argue until face turns from red to green and still cannot agree.