The Water Margin

Koh Choon Hwee wrote an article in Kent Ridge Common lamenting about the lack or dearth of comments from local political commentators and observers. In advertently the burden fell on the shoulder of Assoc Professor Eugene Tan of SMU. Any reporter who needs a view or comment will come knocking at the door of Eugene Tan. The fact that Eugene has a string of spectacular degrees and appointments helps too for the choice. Koh Choon Hwee was suggesting that perhaps more views should be sort from other political observers like Catherine Lim and some other luminaries. And he asked why not, why always from a few established names? The immediate thought that comes to mine is that there is a world of difference between seeking views by main stream reporters form officially safe personalities and those from the mountain of Liang Shan as in the novel Water Margin. Who needs the views of the outlaws? And outlaws too may not have a string of qualifications to carry the kind of weight that they wanted. Would they be comfortable with views from Wally, Patriot or Matilah? You guys, can you please attach your titles to your name when you post. Maybe they will come around looking for your view too. I am going to announce mine right here, Dr Redbean, political analyst, PhD from LSE. Oh, I have just bought my PhD from Lembaga School of Economics. Ok, I am waiting. I will check my email everyday for reporters seeking my views or comments on local issues. Incidentally my email is available at my CV. Hope they would not mind the association with the heroes of the Water Margin.


Anonymous said...

Tang ku ku.

Reporters will not ask lah. Lee-porters may come, in the middle of the night, to hurl you up to 'lim teh' if you talk wrongly or mention certain words that are out of bounds.

Wally Buffet said...

From one water margin lao heelo to another.

We can talk cock until the cocks come home and nothing is going to change.

Nobody heelos like us just blow hot balloons that fly up into the sky and nothing else.

Actually, they realised long long ago that we are harmless, not so bright commentators whose keyboards race faster than our brains.


Anonymous said...

Redbean's blog and his followers are just like the PMs office, with lots of retired old cocks just passing their time crowing, what else, but cock a doodle doo.

Of course they collect millions for crowing, while we just enjoy the pastime.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah...much ado about nothing. Any fool with a digital device and an internet connection can now be an 'ideas' hub.

As for 'titles' -- a dime a dozen lah -- if you look at the degree mills around. If you want to pay extra dimes for a 'legit' one, you also have that choice.

Older 'uncles' like myself are in a better position than many of the young 'uns. We have many decades of life experience of talking cock, so we do that extremely well.

Add to the fact that 'everything you read on the internet is true', and voila...instant gravitas.

I have a robust educational background myself having taken the PSLE many times.

Matilah Singapura, PSLE (Singapore)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just carry on and enjoy the rooster talk while it lasts.

By and by, they know it will have to end. Just like Talkingcock.com which is now a defunct website, all the cocks either castrated or died of old age.

Anonymous said...

Wow Comrade Redbean;

few days ago me almost wanted to post some episodes from The Water Margin, The Three Kingdoms, Shaolin, Beggar Sect and Triads of China, Indias' Bandit Queen, the Ninjas in Japan and Hang Tuah in Malaysia etc. The roles of all these characters and their influences on politics of their respective countries.

However, as it is likely going to be very long and thinking that modern Singaporeans are unlikely to want to know those legends, me did not proceed.

Fair enough for Commentaters here to see the oldies as extraneous folks and impotent to have the slightest effect should they kpkb about national issues. The Older Folks are not deemed to have much wisdom nowadays.

Nonetheless, the New Media has given us the opportunity for us to know like-minded people. Me must say that reading My Singapore News and meeting up with some people here have always been enjoyable.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Seriously, the PAP has toned down its high and mighty style and appearing to be willing to allow some freedom of expression that are negative. They are also more tolerant of having more opposition candidates in Parliament.

But people should use this little looseness creatively without making it too painful or the 100 flowers may bloom and then gloom.

George Yeo has made some conciliatory remarks about internet and suggested that everyone shall take it in their stride. Handle carefully, the role of internet can only grow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, but the news is that Temasek Review is closing down by July. That's a real sad day for the opposition.

Wonder what is the real reason?

Anonymous said...

Mah Poot Tan belittles Workers Party's intention of building cheaper flats for the poor Singaporeans. He wonders where can the Workers Party get the money to build cheaper flats. When the Workers Party become the government, the first thing it should do is to freeze the bank accounts of all ministers, MPs and senior civil servants . Then it should determine how much they had been overpaid for the last many decades. The Workers' Party will then collect the hefty sums of overpaid money to build the cheaper flats. Hopefully there may soon appear to have some form of hidden heroes of the Water Margin saga to take redemption action to help the poor.

Hope that Singaporeans will be wiser now to elect more opposition candidates to the parliament rather than being gullible to the ruling party's hot stuff.