Understudy MPs

The concept of MPs understudying senior MPs has its merits. Not many are born to be instant MPs or instant ministers. Of course there are exceptional talents that are born and instantly can become good MPs and good ministers without any need for tuition or under study. Training is unheard off and no need for retraining of any nature when one is born to be a knows all. Only has been PMETs need to go for retraining. Having agreed to this concept, I think there are needs for some modifications to the current electoral systems. Firstly, paying $14k or $15k to any rookie MP to understudy anyone may be a bit too much. Agree or not? Ok, it may be nothing compares to a peanut, but still a lot of money to pay to anyone to learn on the job. As an ex HR practitioner, I have never come across anyone being paid so much to understudy a job. What I would like to suggest is to have a secondary election for understudy MPs, for MPs that are not ready to do the real job of an MP. And those elected to as understudy MPs can be paid an allowance of say $3k. I think this will be more acceptable and palatable to those who are vehemently against the big sum of money being paid to a trainee MP. And when the trainee MP is ready, then he can stand for election for the real stuff. Or we can have a mandatory course for would be MPs to pass before they can stand for election. Anyone think this is a good idea? I am just floating it like flying a kite. If the objection is too great, just take it as a joke ok. Don’t get mad at me huh.


Wally Buffet said...

You forgot that this rookie MP who knows nuts about being an MP is also eligible for a life long pension after aged 55 for serving two consecutive terms by hiding behind the coattails as a newbie whose contribution to the constituency is at best unremarkable.

After holding more than 250 tea party interviews, it boggles the imagination why we are not only scrapping the bottom of the barrel but actually licking it dry as well.


If I were the king maker at the interviews, I would choose a noisy, articulate, seasoned, ex PMET, taxi driver as a candidate.

Now that's a PR coup as well as to blow away my party's elitist image.

Anonymous said...

Understudy MPs should be paid
$14k or $15k per annum since being MP is a part-time job.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Paid by who, the state, the MP or the party?

Wally Buffet said...

Understudy MPs should pay the state to learn the ropes.

After all, if you go to a university to learn something to embark on a profession, you pay them not they pay you to study.

Haha, that will scare away all the opportunistic, cliche mumbling MPs. Mouth Piece.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to add except that IF talent is defined by the paper qualification and connection to who You know, just too bad that many find them unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Understudy should only be given meal allowance, or akin to the apprenticeship of old, where you literally slaved away to learn a skill. That should be a true test of public office aspiration. Whatever about TPL, she is not even corporate head material, much less as an MP. for that matter, I have the same opinion about Lina Chiam, in fact, a lot worst.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The most effective way to learn is to be mentored by an experienced senior. Even the Mafia knows this.

If you are serious about a career in crime, it is indeed your good fortune if a senior, ranking gang member too you under his wing and 'schooled' you in the finer points of being a thug.

That being said, I fully support the idea of understudy MP. Most people are generally 'too nice' and 'to conciliatory' toward their fellow man. As a result, they form relationships based on mutual admiration, trust and good feelings. This becomes a set-back if one party decides that something needs to get done, but the other party is resistant – in a friendly 'agree to disagree' manner. It is difficult, it not impossible to force a friend to do something against their will.

Therefore one requires a position of 'power'. With power, you need not form relationships based on trust and good natured feelings. You can have automatic, compulsory associations (as opposed to voluntary relationships), asymmetrical mechanisms (one is more powerful than the other) and no discourse, reason or persuasion is necessary to get things done. All you have to do, if you have power, is to coerce people to do your bidding under threat of FORCE/ VIOLENCE.

As I said, most people are too nice to behave in this way. Therefore those with the 'talent' to behave this way must be identified and entered into 'programs' to develop their natural-born talents to a high degree.

Sure, we've all behave like arseholes – but it is usually when we are annoyed or something happens to 'trigger' our behaviour. That goes to show how 'untrained' in cuntiness we are. We are amateurs. We get mad, do or say mean things, then deeply regret our behaviour, and apologise because we feel like a huge piece of shit because we 'did unto others' something we won't like being done to us.

The professional thug-arsehole however is able to maintain a high-level of cuntiness at all times. This stunning example of the human species has to be able to scoff at The Golden Rule, and life according to the politcal maxim of 'doing unto others what needs to be done to achieve the objective' – aka behave amorally in typical Machiavellian style.

This is where mentoring for MPs comes in. Being a ruthless cunt fueled by ego and incentivised with Big Bucks requires training and diligence – as well as fostering and nurturing by MP/ minister mentors themselves.

Anonymous said...

what's the point!...the money in the end still comes from the people of singapore.

Bleeding Blood suckers with no conscience who didn't work up an honest sweat yet still paid in the blood monies and life blood of honest working folks of singapore.

Anonymous said...

The concept of an "understudy MP" is fundamentally flawed.

I expect a MP to be experienced, seasoned, ready to serve and can hit the ground running once elected.

If one is not ready to be an MP, then don't be one - just stay in the background and learn from the "old birds".

Anonymous said...

Are we just creating more opportunities for the PAP to exploit, and in the process screw us up in more ways than one.

What is there to prevent the PAP from changing the rules, slowly and quietly, to demand that any aspiring MP, PAP or opposition, must go through the understudy period, devised and run by the PAP, before they can qualify for standing in an election? All aspiring opposition candidates will finally be disqualified for all kinds of stupid reasons they will manufacture and try to sell.

Have we not learned our lessons from the farce Presidential election, where candidates have to go through the presidential council first, apart from a long list of conditions that almost always disqualify any would be challenger aspiring to run against the candidate selected by the ruling party?

I dislike the idea.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 123

I think you are misunderstanding the nature of S'poreans. The SM in all his Celestial Wisdom frequently hints that s'poreans are not capable in organising themselves socially: they will bicker and fight, and chit-chat or be prone to violence and rioting on the streets.

So far, SM Lee Kuan Yew (Praise be unto Him) has not been proven 'incorrect', and therefore the truism: If you can't organise yourself, someone will step in and organise you applies.

Singaporeans have proven however, that they require 'strong leadership' aka a Strong Man to not govern, but instead rule over them -- slapping them down when they step out of line, and using them as 'proof' of govt effectiveness if these individuals succeed.

The govt (peace be unto them) is very clever at co-opting individual successes and turning into a 'success' for the govt and its policies. Having control over the media definitely aids this cause. Please don't take my words at face value, but instead check the historical record for proof that will satisfy you.

The next thing to do is to grab these 'talents' and bring them into the Elite Ruling Class by promising them power and wealth.

So far, this has worked splendidly.

To sum up SM Lee's world-view: the people are not fit to govern themselves. The PAP-is The-Government-is-The PAP.

So far, there has not been any empirical proof to falsify SM Lee's (hallowed be His name)...

..which proves another truism:

The People Get The Government They Deserve -- and the stupider the people in their large groups, the more despotic the government.

So the political question is not 'which party should govern' but who is the Strong Man that is to replace Lee Kuan Yew (glory unto His name) is giving Singaporeans the constant whipping and whacking they need to keep them in line.

In order to 'succeed' Singaporeans need to be 'energised' into being harder striving and harder driving.

Without understudy MP's Singapre might end up a Turd Whirled Cuntry again. These new despots-in-waiting need to be heavily trained in the art of 'tekaning people' -- for the good of Singapore.

How I marvel at their patriotism.

May Heaven bestow its divine blessings on your masters.

Gee, how I love being apart from this and writing bullshit from my comfortable enclave, 3000km away from that wonderful Hotel Singapore!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Come to think of it this is an awfully dangerous idea. Once institutionalised like the criteria set for the President it is harrowing.

Wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui. This is perhaps what an understudy may have to learn in lesson one.

Wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui : ) Bloggers must have some sense of humour huh. Don't take things too seriously.

Anonymous said...

Gee Matilah, SM Lee is now officially MM Lee, promoted, I believe, since SM Goh stepped down from his PM's post.

Rest assured Senior Lee will be promoted again when his son steps down, but in what position and designation, no one knows.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 218

Don't worry about the designation -- a label is only a label -- like those 'executive marketing consultant' titles you find the business cards of $1500 per month corporate shit-kickers, whose sense of self-importance way exceeds their ability.

The question is WHO will be the Strong Man to ultimately have total control? He must possess the cuntiness unparalleled and unmatched in all the territory. In other words : The Biggest Dispassionate and Ruthless Arsehole In Singapore.

Very soon Gadaffi will be out of a job. Maybe Singapore should get him ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Annexe -- for reference

In order to better illustrate the level of 'ability' required by a wannabe controller of people (n this case understudy MPs), here is an index which will give some (relative) context on the level of human 'talent' required to not just do the job, but to improve and attain upward mobility. (improve career prospects)

Matilah's Cuntiness Index (MCI) (10 = maximum level of cuntiness)

10. All gods and goddesses, and 'super natural authority'.

9. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and all sovereign tyrants.

8. All religious leaders – Pope, Dalai Lama, Immans, Bishops, High Priests.

7. Senior level political and religious 'enforcers' – clergy, party heavyweights, main stream media, 'intellectuals' (ball suckers of the power class)

6. Lay-people of political and religious ideologies – aka 'Sheeple' – aimless wanderers with no purpose and thus need 'control' and 'direction' from authority.

5. Laid back fuckheads too lazy to commit to anything and thus sit on the fence.

4. Teenagers and youths – people who think they have all the answers and that anyone over 30 is an idiot (and often they are right in that assumption).

3. Children – spoilt brats who have developed their cuntiness by emulating adults and authority figures. Easy to deal with – a tight slap and curtailment of privileges works wonders. For extreme incorrigible cases: sell the little shits, preferably into slavery.

2. Relatives and extended family – there'll always be a few trouble makers in any group, regardless of how small. Easy to deal with by boycott or a tight slap, or commitment to a mental institution.

1. You and I – the most reasonale, amicable, and rational examples of the species. We have the milk of humanity's collective goodness mixed with our blood.

Wally Buffet said...



With your Aussie dollar, you must now be laughing all the way to the bank. Just look at today's exchange rates.

Come to the Hotel Singapura and buy us a drink.

Cheap, cheap with your Aussie dollar.


Kaffein said...

Heh... Exact thoughts. Why don't the understudy MPs pay for the on job training. Then vote again to see if they are competent enough.

Hack why don't employ me to be understudy MP. I only ask for 10k per month part-time. Wow who doesn't want such cushy well-paid job? After two terms have pension.

Vote me, Kaffein

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

wally, if things keep going as they are, I will be not only buying drinks, but I'll throw in the juicy young karaoke gals as well.

China's #4 just started his Aust tour in Perth, and given his committment to more goodies for us Western Aussies, provided of course China gets its FTA deal.

Our Premier Barnett did an excellent job sucking the Chinese guys dick, but of course there are alot those monkeys in Canberra (who are hell bent on keeping th ASX-SGX dead in the water) who are showing their 'protectionist' colours.

Unlike Canberra, WA is pro-business and pro-immigration, and 2 million of us 'swa tengs' we run more than a third of the Aust economy -- the socialist mooching bum morons in the east can fuck off, actually. We pay tax and have to 'beg' for revenue -- and tax revenue is apportioned by total population, which means we've been ripped off for more than 100 years.

However, the drinks and the girls may not happen. The Federal Govt is run by the most incompetant team since Bush II in the USA. They are borrowing huge amounts of money, spending like drunk and horny sailors, making ball-crushing legislation and fighting with each other like bitches in a cathouse.

Canberra is going to fuck us all up...so I guess I'd better make a trip soon to 'belanjar' you all ;-)

Note to S'poreans infected with 'election fever': look current Aust politics. It is a mess. Look at the money being wasted and all the shit legislation that is emerging. That's democracy for you -- the people get the govt they deserve...and BTW, I spoilt my vote. Voting is compulsory, casting a valid vote is not!

Be careful what you wish for!!