Two pleasant developments over the weekend

The PAP unveiled its manifesto. The only big change actually was what Hsien Loong said. The govt is the servant of the people and not the master of the people. I know that many people must have fell off their chairs hearing this. I know that many would not believe a wee bit by what was said and what was real. It is still a major change, or at worst, an aspiration, and idealistic state that will never exist in realpolitik. How could rulers who have been behaving like masters change overnight to act like servants? ‘Peasants Sir, please tell us what you need or what you want, Sir. We are at your service and at your command, Sir.’ Some have been gloating how great were their policies and what a great job they have done despite the people spitting behind their back. Actually the people are spitting at them openly, in cyberspace. Then there are the deaf frogs who think they know best and will not listen to the peasants and will do what they think are best for the peasants. Then there are those that carry a cane around. Is the cane meant for the peasants to cane them or the other way? The only two servants have gone. They have been serving the people but never got the chance to be masters. They tried very hard in Potong Pasir and Hougang. Good bye servants. The other pleasant development came from the opposition camp. One by one they are withdrawing from 3 corner fights. Finally they have woken up from their silly ideas. What would the electorate think if they insist in 3 corner fights among themselves? A bunch of crazy, unthinking and conceited fools? Why would the electorate vote for lunatics who just want to stand for election, to fight among themselves and knowing very well that by doing so they will simply lose? It only shows how silly they are, and why would the electorate want to give the vote to them? Well, at least over the weekend they are standing up to tell the electorate that they are not that silly after all. And they will plan and coordinate their positions rationally, logically, objectively and not indulge in na├»ve adventurism. If they can do that, their chances will be much better. At least the people will have more confidence in them. I am crossing my fingers that this election is different and ethos has changed for the better. But the truth will only be seen when the battle begins.


Anonymous said...

My servant, why is the housing price so high huh?

My master Sir, the high price is good for you as your property price will go up and up. Then you can afford to pay my peanut salary, Sir.

Wally Buffet said...

We, the people are masters and they, the politicians are servants.

Come election time.

Watch closely when he said this. Deadpan.

My mother who stays in an HDB also thinks that the Town Council employees are servants and she, the master. Yet, when she complains about cleanliness issues, nothing gets done.

I hope they are serious about what they say this time.

I think the opposition has all along worked out their turfs and the initial jostling was just a pre election ploy.

Election day is near.

Very near.

I am stocking up on vintage red wine and hors d'oeuvre with caviar on toast.

History in the making and I don't want to miss.

Anonymous said...

A good product needs no sales talk.
A generous man does not sing praise of his own kindness
A good leadership does not clamour for credit.

Anonymous said...

He is right.....servants to the elite and powerful people. Servants to the big ang mo banks who come and suck up money from Singaporean in their toxic product.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a servant if I can get paid a few millions a year. And I be a very loyal and hardworking servant, all out to please.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why be a servant when you can be a visitor and a pampered guest?

Anonymous said...

Ask the servants why want to be servants.

The servants die die want to be servants. They will do everything to be invited to be servants.

Anonymous said...

A servant must be seen to be one and act like one, not professed to be one, when all other definitions failed miserably.

We know they became terribly humble before elections, by pronouncing "your most obedient and humble servant", as in the old British Empire days of civil servants' usual style of ending their letters. You can be sure there is nothing obedient or humble in their behaviour.

Please spare us the agony Mr. PM.

Anonymous said...

Since the PAP ministers say that they are the servants of the people , then on election day the people must really show these PAP hypocrites that they are the real masters and throw out every PAP candidate in the gutter. The people must demand that ministers and MPs pay must be decided by the people in an island wide referendum. No government and no ministers should be allowed a free hand to dig into the country's treasury or to enact legal robbery from the state's coffer. Election is near and the people must be wiser and not listen to the PAP's ministers hogwash

Anonymous said...

Think many people will be trying to recall quotes from the masters in the past to confirm this master servant relationship.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am just wondering, can lesser mortals be the masters of higher mortals?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, he is right lah!

They cannot find people wanting to become servants leh. So, they must pay servants very high salary lor. Otherwise, everyone surely wants to be the masters and nobody wants to become servants. So, nowadays hor, servants are paid higher than their masters.

Aiyoh, my servant is speaking the tooth lah!