Two fine young men leaving PAP

Sin Boon Ann and Ong Kian Min are probably two of the finest young men in the PAP team. It is a pity that they have to retired so early when their political careers have just started. Are they finding the political climate too stifling, or the route of advancement too slow given that senior ministers are chopping their seats and ‘pah si buay chow’ no matter how thankless the job is? The latter could be the reason why Chok Tong is flying the kite that future ministers may only stay for two terms. This position is quite conflicting given the official position that there is a dearth of talents. How could the party dispense with their precious talents after only two terms? Or is it that really, deep down, there are plenty of talents available to make renewal a non issue. What is probably more controversial is that in other countries, the limitation to two terms is often on the top job, the President or PM, to avoid a President or PM becoming too comfortable for the job. But Chok Tong’s kite is that the ministers should change every two terms while the top job can stay longer. Uniquely a Singapore phenomenon. Yet I digress. Could the leaving of two fine young men from the Tampines GRC be more than what is reported? Personally my feeling is that Tampines is the number one hot potato to fall. I could be grossly wrong as the reading is that housing is no longer a problem, fully solved and well. Heng Swee Kiat may find his ministerial dream taking a longer time should this happen. And he might have to move to another GRC in a future GE to enter Parliament.


Wally Buffet said...

They may be fine but are not young.

Have you lost your contact lenses?


Anonymous said...

You see, when opposition parties have disagreements internally, they wash their dirty linens in public. When the PAP has disagreements internally, they keep their dirty linens in the closet, until election time, then they let you guess.

Happy guessing!

Anonymous said...

Happened to have been approached by one of them during their walkabout. Me enquired if Minister Mah will be contesting in Tampines and Mr Sin replied in the positive in a very positive and happy mood.

Me told him that Minister Mah should stay in Tampines for the contest as he is very very popular in the Net and that he and his team should ride on the popularity. Unknown to me, the two more popular MPs were to quilt. Is there any crack within the PAP Tampines GRC Team?


Anonymous said...

The cracks are indeed showing with most of those in Woody's camp being told to go.

Lim Boon Heng is one big surprise and he himself was quite confident, days earlier, of carrying on. His quit reaction appears to have been sudden and I would say, reluctant.

If Woody's camp is the opposing force, his supporters must necessarily be removed before the old man goes. That is why he had chosen to hang on until now. Removing Woody earlier would have been too obvious. The old man knows that this is probably his last chance to clear the deck and purge those non conformist elements.

Just my one cent worth.

Anonymous said...

At one time, Mr. Ong Kian Min suggested in Parliament that the interest rate on CPF savings should be pegged higher as the CPF funds used by the govt's investement had generated higher returns of more that 10%. That he could have antogonised his bosses. Moreover he is very down-to-earth type of person and his opinions differ from the others. During the MPS, he had heard so much grouses from his constituents and he could have questioned MBT on the housing policies and also antogonised MBT. Feeling frustrated with the govt's policies so he decided to throwin his towels rather than be ridiculed by the singkies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Would Chok Tong also cry if he is asked to retire?

Anonymous said...

He will weep on the shoulders of his wife and then discuss with her when to quit Sin.
He is too wise to cry in public as he knows he is sure to be jeered and spited.